Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

Social media marketing needs to have purpose.  That purpose is building an audience of followers who enjoy your content and engage with it.


We have discovered if you are not posting 10+ times per day on Facebook, you are doing it wrong.  The best performing restaurants on Facebook and Instagram post dozens of times per day and have the engagement numbers to prove it works.


Are your facebook post getting hundreds of likes,comments and shares?  Do your Instagram photos consistently have hundreds of likes on each post?  If not, your engagement is weak.


In our training, we show you step by step how you can power up your social posting with hundreds of posts and only spend 2 hours per week doing it.


Social Media is based on building a following of people who are interested in the content you have to offer. Growing your audience is time consuming and needs persistence.


As you build a following, engagement will keep their attention. Engagement comes with putting out great content and sparking conversations with your audience.


Influence on Social Media is the result of growing an engaged following who now trust your content and story. They will trust your suggestions and respond to your offers.