Seattle Indian Restaurants You Need to Try

Are you looking for the best Indian restaurants in Seattle? I’ve compiled a list of my favorite eateries in the area, from traditional Indian buffets to contemporary lunch cafes, and each restaurant is guaranteed to be delicious.

indian restaurants in seattle serves tandoori chicken

Head to the iconic Pike Place Market and sample marinated kebabs, go to the Cascade area for Indian breakfast food or try pesto naan in the University District.

My friends and I like the creative Indian drinks, like mango lassis, spiced chai, and cocktails. Try authentic Baba Ghanouj with pita and Aloo Tikki potato cakes before leaving Seattle.

From appetizers to curries, Seattle has an Indian dish for you. Check out my list of the best Indian restaurants in Seattle below!

Saffron Grill

2132 N Northgate Way, Seattle, WA 98133
Phone: 206-417-0707
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Try Indian-Mediterranean fusion cuisine at Saffron Grill, a cozy eatery with fast service, vegetarian plates, and pickup options. It’s an upscale restaurant in Northgate.

The restaurant is near the historic St Nicholas Cemetery, and Mohammed Bhatti, a chef with decades of experience in refined Indian cuisine, presides over the kitchen.

I like to start with Baba Ghannoj, an eggplant dip with pita bread, and order a juicy tandoori chicken for dinner. Also, try the tofu pineapple curry.

Enjoy special deals on drinks during afternoon happy hours, or go at night and sip an East India Cocktail in the lively atmosphere.

Taste of India

5517 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105
Phone: 206-528-1575
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Taste of India is one of the top restaurants in the city, and I love grabbing a curry when I visit Seattle. It’s near the I-5 Express in the Ravenna district, on N 56th and Roosevelt Way, and it has a casual vibe.

My favorite feature of the restaurant is the bottomless chai tea. It’s a traditional spiced drink, and I always go back for refills.

Try the fish tikka kebabs with fresh cod, cilantro, and chutney, or sample a tandoori chicken breast.

I like the channa masala bowl with chickpeas, tomatoes, and spices, but don’t forget the coconut ice cream!

Cedars in University District

4759 Brooklyn Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105
Phone: 206-527-4000
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Cedars in University District is just a few streets over from University Playground Park, and it’s an Indian restaurant with a cozy vibe.

You’ll feel right at home in the relaxing atmosphere, and you can enjoy homestyle Indian comfort food.

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The tea selection at Cedars is extensive, and the menu focuses on Mediterranean and Indian classics. I like the creative naan bread, and the pesto naan is my favorite.

Try a stuffed vegetable naan with herbs and veggies paired with an okra masala with chicken or lamb. The jalfrezi is one of my top dishes, and it’s a spicy brown curry.

India Bistro

Multiple locations
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Stop by for lunch specials at India Bistro, a cozy restaurant with a traditional Indian buffet. The Northern Indian cuisine is spicy, flavorful, and has many vegetarian options.

The restaurant has two locations, including Roosevelt and West Woodland, and both spots have great deals on wine.

The Lasooni Tiger Prawns are my favorite, and they have a juicy marinade with garlic, chili, and spices.

The restaurant’s rice is one of the best parts of every meal, and it’s succulent and pairs well with a tender lamb dish or lentil fried chicken. I also recommend trying the creamy mango pineapple lassi.


106 Occidental Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: 206-683-9701
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Nirmal Monteiro runs the kitchen at this top Indian restaurant in Pioneer Square.

It’s a community-oriented space with fresh, local ingredients and traditional cuisine with a modern spin, and the restaurant is across from the iconic Smith Tower in downtown Seattle.

Visit for the Indian seafood, tropical ice cream, and extensive wine and rum selection.

I recommend the crab curry, a dish with a whole Alaskan crab, spicy curry, and coconut flavors.

The goat curry is also excellent, and it has yogurt, onions, and slow-roasted goat meat. Try one of the traditional desserts, like fried sugar dumplings or Chikoo ice cream.

Bengal Tiger Cuisine Of India

6509 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115
Phone: 206-985-0041
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Bengal Tiger has a rewards system that will keep you coming back every time you’re in Seattle.

They also have lunch specials for less frequent visitors, so come by the restaurant and pick up a spicy tandoori dish.

It’s in the Roosevelt neighborhood, near Cowan Park, and it has a lunch buffet with traditional cuisine. Order a vegetable, lamb, or chicken dish with fresh rice and homestyle naan bread.

I recommend the Baingan Curry with Indian eggplant, but the Lamb Pasanda is another favorite dish.

Try a side of mango chutney or spiced cabbage with your meal, and don’t forget the rice pudding for dessert.

Chili’s South Indian Cuisine

4220 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105
Phone: 206-633-1458
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Chili’s South Indian Cuisine is an excellent middle-of-the-road choice.

It’s a cozy eatery that specializes in delectable South Indian foods like Vegi-Thali and Idiappam with Egg Curry. However, the standout items on the menu are definitely the dosas (rice crepes).

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Sadly, the restaurant is closed from June 25 to September 15, 2022. So, you’ll have to wait until then before you can give it a whirl.

Daawat Indian Grill & Bar

820 Pike St, Seattle, WA 98101
Phone: 206-467-7272
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Daawat Grill is an upscale restaurant on Pike St with Indian bar and grill cuisine. Call ahead, reserve a table, and head down to the Pike-Pine Retail Core area.

It’s a few streets from the world-famous Pike Place Market, so you can get some shopping before sitting down at this classy restaurant.

I recommend the creamy butter masala. It’s delicious with tofu or prawns, and the sauce has hints of garlic and ginger.

I also like the Royal Biryani dish, a traditional dish with Basmati rice, raisins, saffron, and cashews. Order a mango lemonade or rosewater lassi on the side.

Annapurna Cafe

1833 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122
Phone: 206-320-7770
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Annapurna Cafe is in Pike-Pine, near the Capitol Hill bus station.

It serves Indian, Tibetan, and Nepalese cuisine, and you can try everything from tikka bowls to momo dumplings.

The vibe is casual, and the menu has vegetarian, halal, and healthy options. I like to order the traditional Indian Chana Masala with chickpeas, onions, and garlic.

Change up typical Indian cuisine and try a seafood plate, like Goan Style Mussels, Lasun Shrimp, or Tiger Shrimp Korma with saffron and cashews.

Try the Kathmandu Noodle Soup, a Nepalese dish with veggies, rice and egg noodles, and the traditional Indian lychee juice.

Jewel of India – Lunch Buffet (Friday-Sunday) – Seattle

4735 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105
Phone: 206-523-5275
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If you like Indian lunch buffets, visit Jewel of India in the U-District. The cuisine has a diverse selection of North Indian eats, and the buffet includes vegetables, chicken, curry, and daal.

This family-friendly spot has a casual atmosphere, and you can relax while enjoying the authentic cuisine.

Start with an appetizer plate of Aloo Tikki, traditional potato cakes with sauce and spices. I also like to order Baba Gannouj with pita to share with my group.

Order seafood and go for a mango curry with cod, or try the vegan eggplant tandoor with ginger. Pair it with a strawberry shake.

Karachi Cowboys

1517 12th Ave #100, Seattle, WA 98122
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Eat Seattle soul food, Indian and Pakistani style, at Karachi Cowboys. It’s in Pike-Pine at E Pine and 12th Ave, and it’s casual with welcoming vibes.

Karachi Cowboys is one of my favorite spots for contemporary Indian soul food, and it’s in The Riveter building.

Order snacks to share, like the Fruit Sasam with pineapple, apples, grapes, and citrus, or the freshly popped curry popcorn.

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My favorite curry at Karachi Cowboys is the red lentil, and the chefs simmer it with freshly ground spices. Treat yourself to a mango custard for dessert. It has a twist of mint-infused olive oil.

Kastoori Grill

94 Stewart St, Seattle, WA 98101
Phone: 206-441-5456
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Kastoori Grill has Indian and Tibetan-fusion cuisine, and it’s a lunch buffet restaurant near the waterfront at Pike Place Market.

The ambiance is lively, and you can fill up on Indian comfort food at the buffet. I like the grill specials, from the yogurt chicken to the marinated lamb kebabs.

Or, try a shrimp coconut plate with cream and cilantro. If you prefer spicy dishes, up the heat with an extra-hot fish mango curry, or try a hot garlic Biryani.

Pair your meal with an imported beer, guava juice, or salty lassi, and indulge in a mango custard or mousse.

Kathakali, An Indian Eatery

11451 98th Ave NE, Kirkland, WA 98033
Phone: 425-821-8188
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Kathakali has a unique cuisine and a laidback atmosphere. It’s in an intimate, dimly lit setting with traditional Indian decor, and it’s the perfect location for a romantic evening.

The restaurant has Kerala Indian cuisine, which features Dosa dishes and vegetarian favorites. Head to South Juanita by the bay and enjoy this modern eatery.

I recommend the Chakka Potato Stew with green jackfruit and baby tomatoes. It has a blend of Kerala spices, coconut milk, and potatoes.

Try the Bullet Naan, cooked in the kitchen’s clay oven, with green chili and butter. Top it off with Chakka ice cream with jackfruit and cashews.

Lassi & Spice

1651 N 34th St, Seattle, WA 98103
Phone: 206-486-1037
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If you’re in the Cascade area, stop by Lassi & Spice near the Museum of History and Industry.

Lassi & Spice is a modern restaurant with Indian-style breakfast and lunch cuisine, and the menu has plenty of vegan options.

The eatery offers an updated flair to traditional Indian recipes and is the perfect place to go for a contemporary atmosphere.

I love the updated Indian drinks, especially the almond lassi with cinnamon and the blueberry cardamom lassi.

Try a Misal Pav, a coconut curry plate with crunchy rolls from western India, or a Pav Bhaji, a spicy veggie street food from Mumbai.

Maharaja Cuisine of India

4542 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116
Phone: 206-935-9443
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Maharaja Cuisine of India is in the Junction district of western Seattle and has traditional Indian cuisine.

The restaurant is perfect for busy travelers or families and has an informal vibe and fast service. I like to visit for a homemade meal or casual drink at the end of the day.

Relax in the laidback dining rooms and order fresh mushroom masala with gravy, or try a lamb rack from the clay oven.

Eat your fill of hearty curries, from spicy coconut shrimp to English yellow curry, and get a round of drinks, like the house cocktails or Mangoritas with tequila.

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