Where to Grab a Delicious Breakfast in Seattle

How does the saying go? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Whether you agree with that or not, you have to agree that enjoying breakfast before starting your day can improve it.

waffles and drink at seattle breakfast restaurant

With so much to explore in Seattle, starting your day with a hearty or light breakfast is a must to keep your energy up.

This vast city isn’t short on great breakfast joints, and below, you’ll see restaurants for the best breakfast in Seattle.

Portage Bay Cafe

Multiple locations
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There are several Portage Bay Cafes in Seattle and the surrounding areas, but if you’re staying downtown, the easiest one to get to is in South Lake Union on Terry Avenue.

This quaint cafe is spacious, meaning you probably won’t have to wait for a table when the morning hunger hits.

Portage Bay Cafe is known for its eggs benedict, but they have breakfast sandwiches, bowls, biscuits and gravy, and more.

Of course, since they’re famous for their eggs benedict, I had to try at least some of their recipes. My favorites were the carnitas eggs benedict and Dungeness crab benedict.

Biscuit Bitch

Multiple locations
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You’ll find Biscuit Bitch in Belltown and near Pike Place Market. Both locations allow you to order your perfect breakfast at the counter before sitting at a table.

If you’re not a fan of curse words, this probably isn’t the restaurant for you, but if you don’t mind, then be prepared for some excellent breakfast.

If you couldn’t guess by the name, Biscuit Bitch is the place to get biscuits. You can get a variety of biscuits and gravy, sandwiches with biscuits, and more.

I highly recommend their bitchwich combo deal with whatever sandwich you want, a side of garlic grits, and a beverage. My favorite sandwich is their egg, sausage, and cheese.

Geraldine’s Counter Restaurant

4872 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118
Phone: 206-723-2080
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East of Beacon Hill on Rainier Avenue South is Geraldine’s Counter Restaurant. This all-day diner is the perfect place for breakfast food any time of the day.

It has a modern diner atmosphere and is the ideal laid-back breakfast restaurant. Geraldine’s has everything you could want in a breakfast place.

But they’re famous for their French toast. If you’re not in the mood for French toast, you can’t go wrong with their pesto scramble, corned beef hash, and chicken fried steak and eggs.

You can’t miss trying a side of their hash browns, either.


1621 E Olive Way, Seattle, WA 98102
Phone: 206-324-2577
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You’ll find Glo’s in Capitol Hill, on East Olive Way. The restaurant’s exterior is modern and features neon lights in the windows to let you know they’re open.

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Inside, the decor is simple, allowing the food and friendly service to speak for themselves. When I looked at the menu at Glo’s, I was overwhelmed with all the delicious options.

The omelets were abundant, so that’s where my eyes immediately went to. The Spanish omelet has sausage, peppers, onions, and cheddar cheese and is topped with salsa, sour cream, and avocado.

When you pair it with a fresh fruit bowl, it’s the perfect meal.

Seattle Biscuit Company

4001 Leary Way NW, Seattle, WA 98107
Phone: 206-739-5800
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Up in the Fremont neighborhood is the Seattle Biscuit Company. This small breakfast joint is easy to spot, despite its size.

It’s a bright white building with royal blue accents. Inside features minimal seating with modern wood paneling everywhere. It’s perfect for a quick and quiet breakfast.

One of my favorite things about the Seattle Biscuit Company is the time and care they put into everything they make.

They work with local farmers to get the freshest and best ingredients possible. Two of their most popular menu items are their Big Al, their biscuits with an over-easy egg and sausage gravy, and their fried chicken and gravy sandwich.

The Fat Hen

1418 NW 70th St, Seattle, WA 98117
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Amongst the excellent craft breweries of Ballard is The Fat Hen. This breakfast joint is on northwest 70th street in an adorable brick building.

The Fat Hen has a rustic feel, despite being in one of the most populated cities on the west coast. The menu at The Fat Hen changes seasonally, which allows them to get creative with their menu items.

They have several eggs benedict recipes, salads, breakfast sandwiches, and coffee drinks to choose from.

My favorite things here are their salmon toast and a classic chorizo breakfast sandwich. Their smashed potatoes make the perfect side dish.

b~side foods

421 E Thomas St, Seattle, WA 98102
Phone: 206-390-7670
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If you need a great meal to start your day in Capitol Hill, b~side foods is conveniently located on East Thomas Street.

It’s a small restaurant with few tables, but if you’re lucky enough to grab one, you have to eat here. It has a homey and classic breakfast restaurant feel.

B~side foods feature a small selection of breakfast food and lunch dishes, but I recommend stopping in for breakfast.

I’m partial to their egg sandwich, which includes an egg crepe with green onions, Beecher’s flagship cheese, pickles, and onion aioli.

You can add mushrooms, country ham, or stick with a simple egg and cheese sandwich.

Bacco Cafe

86 Pine St, Seattle, WA 98101
Phone: 206-355-8887
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Bacco Cafe is among the other delicious restaurants near or in Pike Place Market. It’s on Pine Street, near Cafe Champagne.

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This is a bustling breakfast spot because of the food, great location, and atmosphere. I love their patio and their heaters on when it’s cold out.

Bacco Cafe is an excellent choice if you’re heading out for a later breakfast or brunch because you can order from their breakfast and lunch menu whenever you want.

You’ll get to choose from omelets, benedicts, cereals, sweeter options, etc. The lox and bagel is a great choice, and you need to check out their famous juice bar.

Bakery Nouveau

Multiple locations
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There are three Bakery Nouveau locations, but for those staying closer to downtown, the one on 15th Avenue East is the closest one.

This French bakery has more than just breakfast items and is a beautiful, white, and light wood-colored bakery.

You can order at the counter and then go about your day or eat at one of the small tables they have.

Even if you’re heading to Bakery Nouveau for breakfast, you can’t pass on grabbing a cookie or another sweet pastry to enjoy later.

It’s hard to choose which pastry to go with for breakfast because they offer sweet and savory options. I recommend the cream cheese danish, ham and cheese croissant, or the blueberry and ginger scone.

Citizen Cafe

706 Taylor Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109
Phone: 206-284-1015
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Citizen Cafe is just north of the Space Needle on Taylor Avenue. This brick-walled breakfast joint is popular with tourists and locals because the atmosphere is friendly, and the food is to die for.

Most of the seating is upstairs, which feels warm and comfortable. Something unique about this breakfast restaurant is that many of its items have a Mexican twist.

You’ll see classic breakfast items like biscuits and gravy, savory waffles, and more on the menu, and while they’re delicious, you should try something different.

Their breakfast tacos are my favorite, and you can choose the protein you prefer.

Jimmy’s on Broadway

1100 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122
Phone: 206-204-1188
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Jimmy’s on Broadway is in the Pike/Pine neighborhood on, you guessed it, Broadway. You’ll enter the Silver Cloud Hotel to get to the restaurant and bar.

It’s a more upscale breakfast joint, but it doesn’t have a pretentious attitude like some upscale restaurants.

Jimmy’s features a contemporary design and elevated breakfast food. You can order any type of food first thing in the morning here.

So if you’re craving a burger for breakfast, no one will stop you. Their all-day brunch menu is what I go to when I want breakfast.

It’s a smaller selection, but it has all the makings of a classic breakfast menu. You can get a traditional bagel and cream cheese, but I love the pork chorizo breakfast wrap.


2000 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121
Phone: 206-441-1430
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You’ll find Lola between Belltown and Pike Place Market. While it’s mostly known for its Greek cuisine, they have a great breakfast menu that is worth checking out.

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The restaurant is contemporary, lively, and casual. I love that it’s larger than traditional breakfast spots, with plenty of tables, so you hardly ever have to wait for long.

Lola’s breakfast and brunch menu are two of my favorites in the city. They’re pretty much the same, but brunch offers tasty mimosas you can pair with whatever you order.

The Lola’s breakfast is a popular choice with two eggs, garlic fried potatoes, toast, and sausage or bacon. If you want something sweet too, they have made-to-order doughnuts.


5000 University Way NE suite d, Seattle, WA 98105
Phone: 206-268-0154
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Up in the University District is Morsel. This popular breakfast restaurant is one of my favorites in the city because while the food is excellent, the atmosphere is why I’ll regularly return.

You’ll see tables to eat at, couches, and other comfortable seating. They even have board games and cards you can borrow.

What I like about Morsel’s menu is how simple it is. They break it down into three sections: biscuits, sammys, and fixins.

I’m partial to biscuits, and their cheesy one is divine, but other popular items are their prosciutto and manchego cheese breakfast sandwich and their cheddar chive biscuits.

Their fixins are all made in-house and are delicious on anything.

Skillet Capitol Hill

1400 E Union St, Seattle, WA 98122
Phone: 206-512-2001
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You’ll find Skillet Capitol Hill on East Union Street. It’s only a five-minute walk from Seattle University, so it’s a popular spot with college students and professionals in the area.

The space is modern, with steel and light wood accents throughout. I love that there are plenty of booths and ample bar seating.

At Skillet Capitol Hill, you’ll get a lot of breakfast burrito and sandwich options. Most of their breakfast items are savory, so if you’re looking for something sweet in the morning, this might not be the place.

You can’t go wrong with their avocado burrito, fried chicken burrito, or bacon and brie breakfast sandwich.

Storyville Coffee

Multiple locations
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Storyville Coffee has two locations. There’s one near Pike Place Market and one on 1st Avenue.

While you can get coffee at every breakfast spot in town, this is where you go when you want a fantastic cup of coffee and maybe something to eat.

The entire interior features dark paint and wood accents, creating a calming ambiance. You can’t go to Storyville and not order coffee. Their espresso and cold brew latte are two of my favorite options.

To pair with your morning pick-me-up, you can go with their frosted cinnamon rolls, pesto and goat cheese breakfast sandwich, oatmeal, or some of their fantastic granola. Either way, it’s a great way to start your day in Seattle.

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