San Antonio Sushi Spots Serving Up Amazing Rolls

Ah, beautiful San Antonio, known for the Alamo, with its rich colonial history and astonishing art galleries. Located in the southern part of Texas, it’s definitely a place worth traveling to if you have the opportunity. 

delicious serving of sushi roll at a restaurant in San Antonio

Aside from visiting historic sites and enjoying the San Antonio Riverwalk, the city gets widely recognized for having excellent sushi, nigiri, sashimi, and other forms of Asian fusion delicacies. If you’re having trouble picking which restaurant to visit, let me be of assistance! Sushi is one of my favorite dishes, specifically the California Roll, but when I haven’t had the cuisine in a while, I go for the Yellowfin Tuna Sashimi with a side of Sake. You can’t go wrong! If you’re in San Antonio and want to get sushi, I’ve got you covered. Check out my list of the best sushi in San Antonio below!


1810 NW Military Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78213
Phone: (210) 340-7808
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Located near the Holocaust memorial museum, the Sushihana Japanese Restaurant serves elegant modern Asian Fusion and traditional Japanese cuisine. With a friendly staff and a building layout which features a patio, the restaurant has a warm and inviting ambiance. You’re sure to satisfy your craving for sushi with Sushihana’s exotic sashimi and nigirizushi. Moreover, they have red snapper, mackerel, escolar, striped bass, and more. This sushi restaurant even serves a signature dessert, the tempura banana split. You can count on excellent service and professionalism.

Sushishima Japanese Restaurant

1205 N Loop 1604 W #230, San Antonio, TX 78258
Phone:  (210) 492-2338
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If you ever find yourself in San Antonio near the Inverarte art gallery and have a hankering for sushi, stop by the Sushishima Japanese restaurant, which is not too far away.The staff welcomes you with open arms, and you’ll instantly pick up on the cozy vibes. If you want a family-friendly restaurant where fresh seafood is abundant, this is the place for you. Be sure to stop by so that you can sink your teeth into cuisine such as the Big Easy roll, which consists of tuna, salmon & yellowtail, topped with sesame seeds & scallions. 

Godai Sushi Bar

11203 West Ave, San Antonio, TX 78213
Phone: (210) 348-6781
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The Godai sushi bar is an award-winning Japanese eatery that happens to be conveniently located next to hotel accommodations and plenty of shops that you can frequent. This sushi bar has a beautiful seating layout as well as an optional outdoor sitting area. And if you’re on the go, Godai even has take out and delivery as options to choose from. The atmosphere is upbeat and casual. Try Mark’s Special, which is an avocado salad surrounded with salmon and yellowtail, drizzled with spicy sauces, or the Seared or Peppered Tuna Appetizer with garlic sauce and capers.

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Yellowfish Sushi

Multiple Locations
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Yellowfish Sushi is not just any ordinary sushi bar, Yellowfish serves innovative Mexican-inspired sushi, which is always made with fresh ingredients. You can find this restaurant in many different locations; however, they all have indoor and outdoor seating coupled with a quaint, comfortable, and modern atmosphere. The staff and the servers are all polite and professional. If you’re ever near the Yellowfish Sushi restaurant, stop by and try the El Dorado roll, Juma roll, or the El Magico roll with one of their many fantastic sauces.

Wild Goji Sushi Bar

7115 Blanco Rd #110, San Antonio, TX 78216
Phone: (210) 277-0638
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When it comes to Asian street food, nobody does it quite like the Wild Goji sushi bar. The interior of the restaurant features a modern and surprisingly spacious dining room area. You can expect to get all of the dishes you’d expect with Asian street food, including exceptional ramen, sushi rolls, and more! Additionally, they serve complimentary waters with Goji berries. Wild Goji sushi bar offers a unique restaurant experience. So if you’re ever in the area, treat yourself to the sushi sashimi lunch, classic maki roll, or even their signature miso soup!

Sukeban Sushi & Champagne Bar

1420 S Alamo St Ste 101, San Antonio, TX 78210
Phone: (210) 562-3231
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The Sukeban Sushi and Champagne Bar rests near the King William historic district. The interior of the restaurant is very stylish, and the quaint restaurant is often frequented by hipsters and travelers from all over looking for a great bite to eat. This bar serves cooked entrees such as ramen, soups, small plates, and appetizers.  They also serve some of the best champagne, wine, beer, and sake. The staff are warm and inviting and if you don’t know what to choose, have a seat at the omakase counter! With excellent portion sizes and a balanced selection, you are sure to enjoy yourself at the Sukeban Sushi and Champagne Bar.

Koi Kawa

4051 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78209
Phone: (210) 805-8111
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Koi Kawa is a relaxing Japanese eatery near the San Antonio Botanical Garden and the Witte Museum. They serve sushi, sashimi, nigiri, and hot dishes as well, in a bright and welcoming atmosphere. There’s also a beautiful riverfront view that makes the experience even better. Guests have commented on how fresh the ingredients are and how the portions are very generous. The locals say that the servers treat you like family; they’ll patiently answer your questions, and they provide consistently great service. Some of the most requested dishes are the Matchup Cheesecake, Chicken Katsu, Beef Teriyaki, and the Yakisoba noodles. Bring friends so that you can share dishes!

Sushi Zushi

Multiple Locations
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Located along the San Antonio Riverwalk, Sushi Zushi is the perfect place to stop by after a relaxing day enjoying the cityscape. You could describe the sushi rolls as a nice balance of traditional Japanese flavors, along with a little Latin American influence. It makes for a unique dining experience. First-time sushi eaters say it was the best experience they’d ever had at a restaurant. The food is prepared to order, always fresh, and presented beautifully. The menu isn’t overwhelming, but they have a nice variety to suit everyone’s tastes. If I were going, I’d try the Shrimp tempura, which has avocado, cream cheese, and cucumber. It comes with a chopped snow crab salad. You also get to choose between four sauces: the Sriracha, Honey Wasabi, Eel, and Las Vegas. 

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9921 I-10, San Antonio, TX 78230
Phone: (210) 877-2300
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The Wasabi Sushi Bistro is the perfect place to hang out with friends and family in a relaxed and casual environment. The decor is classic, beautiful, and very clean and well put together. This contemporary eatery is known for its hot sake during happy hour and its sushi, of course. They have a variety of Asian-inspired dishes with Chinese and Korean influence. Some of the highest praises are for the kimchi, omakase, and spicy crab spring roll. Visitors have said that the servers are always friendly and attentive. 

Sapporo Sushi

5638 W Hausman Rd, San Antonio, TX 78249
Phone: (210) 314-4423
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If you’re anywhere near the University of Texas, San Antonio campus, you must stop by Sapporo Sushi! They have creative sushi rolls and other Asian fusion delicacies. You can dine-in, or you can get your food to go. They also have traditional Korean cuisine, including stir fry dishes and ramen. They always have tasty lunch specials like their popular Bento Boxes. Their drink menu is extensive, with both domestic and improved beer, wine, and different types of sake bombs. The spicy tuna roll is a fan favorite, as well as the nigiri platter. You can’t go wrong with any of the sauces either, all specially crafted to complement each type of sushi. 

Piranha Izakaya

260 E Basse Rd, San Antonio, TX 78209
Phone: (210) 822-1088
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Piranha Izakaya is located in a great neighborhood with plenty of shops lined along the road. This Japanese-style sushi and ramen restaurant has an upbeat atmosphere, elegant decor, and helpful staff with impeccable customer service skills. That’s always a plus! When you try sushi, it can be intimidating if you don’t know what to pick or what some of the ingredients are. The chefs or servers are happy to make recommendations. Omakase! The Rainbow Sushi Roll is great for first-timers; it has cucumber, crab, tuna, avocado, salmon, Hamachi, and Escolar. If you’re feeling adventurous, go for the Super Eel Roll; there’s eel, salmon skin, cucumber, sweet soy sauce, and avocado.

Sake Cafe

19179 Blanco Rd #101, San Antonio, TX 78258
Phone: (210) 408-6388
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The Sake Cafe is one of the most popular sushi restaurants in San Antonio. The presentation of the sushi rolls is absolutely beautiful, and they have a nice selection of hot dishes and small plates as well. Of course, the sake comes hot, cold; however you like, and you can get it during happy hour for 20 percent off the regular price. There are always meal specials during happy hour as well. The Ahi Tuna Sashimi seems to be one of their signature dishes, and they make sure to let you know that you can kick back and enjoy yourself like family while you’re there.

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