New Year’s Eve Events & Parties in Salt Lake City

Celebrate New Years Eve at these events in Salt Lake City

The year may be coming to an end, but the fun is only just beginning here in Salt Lake City. One thing this city knows how to do is party, especially on New Year’s Eve. If you’re planning a trip to Salt Lake City for the holidays, or even if you already live here in The Crossroads of the West, you may be wondering where to go on New Year’s Eve for a good time, and I think I can help with that.

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Come December 31st, there’s going to be a party pretty much on every corner of the city and it’s almost impossible to stop by every single one in a night. That’s why it’s important to have a game plan and find the best New Year’s Eve parties in the city ahead of time, and I can help with that. 

I spent a lot of time recently scouring the city for things to do on New Year’s Eve in Salt Lake City, and I certainly did not come back empty-handed. Down below, you’ll find a list I’ve put together containing all the most fun and exciting events and parties across the city. If you’re not sure where to start your night of debauchery on New Year’s Eve, then you need to keep on reading and you’ll know exactly where to go for the best NYE parties in Salt Lake City.

Best Salt Lake City NYE Events

  1. RESET 2022
  2. New Year’s Eve Masquerade Ball @ AREA 51

RESET 2022

Source: Eventbrite

Time to RESET the year with all your best friends.

Unlike the past few years we have secured a venue for our New Years Celebrations. We’re so excited for what we have to show. That being said, entry will be $25 per person to cover expenses. Tickets will be required to attend as we have limited capacity.


  • Come with purchased entry
  • Bring your flow toys (gloves, hoops, etc.)
  • Bring your Kandi/creations
  • Bring an uplifting spirit
  • Practice PLUR
  • Drink responsibly and secure a DD


  • Show up without entry
  • Bring weapons of ANY kind
  • Drink and drive (have a plan beforehand!!)
  • Put others down or hinder someone else from enjoying their experience

We love you all and look forward to kicking off a knew year with you!

This event is 18+ and takes place at Rev19. Doors open at 6PM and the party goes until 2AM in the New Year!

New Year’s Eve Masquerade Ball @ AREA 51

Celebrate the New Year at AREA 51! Count down & balloon drop at midnight. Champagne toast. Free masks & party favors., drinks & dancing. 3 rooms, 3 bars, 3 patios.


Will parking be available?

Depending on the venue, yes. Some places even offer a valet service!

Is there a dress code?

Some restaurants and bars require pants or a jacket, but it’s best to check ahead with any establishment you plan to visit. 

Will there be hotel accommodations? 

Yes! Several hotels around the city will be hosting events for the holiday.

Will there be food at the NYE parties?

Depending on the venue, yes. Many restaurants and bars will be offering limited NYE menus. 

Do I need a ticket?

Many events will require a pre-purchased ticket, but some are free to the public. 

Are there Fireworks in Salt Lake City?

Many cities will have fireworks to celebrate the New Year. Check your local area to see where and when the fireworks will be. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, New Year’s Eve in a city like Salt Lake City is on a whole other level. There are so many places to party and watch fireworks around the city that it’s almost impossible to have a bad time on NYE in Salt Lake City, especially if you head to any of the venues I listed above. 

Just remember to stay safe and drink responsibly! Cheers to a New Year!

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