7 Best Seafood Restaurants in Sacramento

Sacramento sits inland of California’s Pacific coast, but thanks to a few rivers, the city isn’t totally void of waterways.

spicy chili prawn shrimps at sacramento seafood restaurants

The proximity to the water inspires some incredible seafood restaurants that fish lovers will surely enjoy!

You’re not limited to fine dining seafood, although that’s an option.

You’ll find delicious cajun fare, Italian-inspired seafood, and even Vietnamese-style seafood options, all within a few minutes drive from downtown.

Fresh seafood, local ingredients, and a focus on quality customer service.

That’s what makes these seven locations the best seafood spots in Sacramento.

Check out my list of the best seafood restaurants in Sacramento, California, below!

The Boiling Crab

Multiple locations
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Source: The Boiling Crab

The Boiling Crab might be the most well-known seafood restaurant in Sacramento.

It has locations worldwide, including two in Sacramento—one on 65th and one on K-Street downtown.

The restaurant was first opened in 2004 by chef and fisherman Yo’Daddy.

After meeting the love of his life, Yo’Mama, the two moved to central California and opened The Boiling Crab.

The Boiling Crab is famous for its “Today’s Catch,” which allows patrons to choose a “catch” from options that include blue crab, lobster, and mussels.

Then, delicious sauces like Rajun Cajun or Sha-Bang!

Followed by the perfect heat level, make it a must-try.

Plus, don’t miss out on the sizeable fried selection that includes catfish and calamari!

Scott’s Seafood on the River

4800 Riverside Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95822
Phone: 916-379-5959
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Scott’s Seafood on the River
Source: Scott’s Seafood on the River

Scott’s Seafood on the River overlooks the Sacramento River, and the waterfront venue is perfect for weddings.

The gorgeous views aren’t reserved for special events as Scott’s has heated patios for patrons to enjoy the scenery year-round.

The restaurant opened in 2008 and has been serving the freshest seafood since.  

Diners have menus for every time of day, including brunch on the weekends.

The dinner menu provides the widest variety of seafood, including a must-try Ahi Poke Tacos.

Patrons also enjoy the extravagant seafood tower that includes both cooked and raw oysters.

To really get a taste of all the offerings, you won’t want to skip the Roasted North Atlantic Lobster Tail.

Allora – Italian Restaurant

5215 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95819
Phone: 916-538-6434
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Allora - Italian Restaurant
Source: Allora – Italian Restaurant

Although Sacramento isn’t right next to the ocean, the relatively close proximity to the sea provides Allora an opportunity to use fresh, local ingredients.

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Allora has a dedicated culinary team and a fine dining venue that offers hosting for private events.

It’s located on the corner of Folsom and Rodeo in a great location near East Lawn Memorial Park.

A professional sommelier, and part owner, master crafted a winelist that pairs with every dish on the menu.

The fine-dining Italian restaurant does an excellent job preparing seafood, and you’ll want to try the Tajarin Nero, a squid ink pasta with smoked clams, mussels, and sofrito.

It’s savory and delicious.

Other great options include the sea scallops with oyster mushrooms, Brentwood corn, pole bean, and salsa verde.

Top it all off with the Torta Al Cioccolato! 

Ocean Fish & Chips.

2558 Cottage Way, Sacramento, CA 95825
Phone: 916-483-3730
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Ocean Fish & Chips.
Source: Ocean Fish & Chips.

Ocean Fish & Chips isn’t your typical fine-dining seafood restaurant.

Instead, it’s an intimate, hole-in-the-wall restaurant with less than 20 tables.

It is located on Cottage and Fulton near Howe Community Park and has served fresh seafood since 1999.

You’ll find a warm staff and generous portions, all in a matter of minutes at Ocean Fish & Chips.

The Ocean Fish & Chips menu doesn’t have a robust selection, focusing instead on simple, high-quality food prepared in a short amount of time.

Popular dishes include the fish combination meals that include your choice of seafood. Seafood baskets are also quite popular, as are the ocean family meals.

Fried options like the Clam and Calamari Stirps are delectable and a great way to start the meal!

Firehouse Crawfish | Cajun Seafood Restaurant

6519 Savings Pl, Sacramento, CA 95828
Phone: 916-429-9034
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Firehouse Crawfish | Cajun Seafood Restaurant
Source: Firehouse Crawfish | Cajun Seafood Restaurant

With a name like Firehouse Crawfish, you would expect there to be a firefighter-related story behind it.

In fact, Firehouse Crawfish Cajun Seafood Restaurant has the reputation it does because of the co-owner’s former firefighter experience.

You can find this firehouse-themed restaurant at one of four locations around Sacramento and Rancho Cordova, California.

A highlight of the Firehouse Crawfish Cajun Seafood Restaurant is the seafood sales at market price.

Start out with a fantastic clam chowder with cajun fries.

You won’t be disappointed by the friend, raw, or baked oysters.

The main dish is the seafood by the pound with the seafood of your choice, followed by a signature sauce and various heat levels to kick the flavor up a notch!

Fish Face Poke Bar

1104 R St Suite #100, Sacramento, CA 95811
Phone: 916-706-0605
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Fish Face Poke Bar
Source: Fish Face Poke Bar

In the heart of downtown Sacramento at the corner of R Street and 11th street, is Fish Face Poke Bar.

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Fish Face is a counter-service restaurant with a focus on the Hawaiian classic, Poke.

Although Poke is the star, Fish Face also specializes in hand rolls and sushi rolls, donburi, and udon.

Poke bowls are really where Fish Face shines.

The build your own option is the best as you select several fresh seafood types, including tuna, salmon, albacore, octopus, scallops, or sturgeon.

Patrons also enjoy the Standard Hawaiian raw bowl with fresh ahi tuna or the Yuzu albacore, which is a consummate crowd pleaser!

Seafood House Quan Oc

6471 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95828
Phone: 916-399-4918
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Seafood House Quan Oc
Source: Seafood House Quan Oc

A mother and son team from Vietnam operates the Seafood House Quan Oc.

Seafood House Quan OC sits just off Stockton Blvd, adjacent to Morrison Creek.

The owners commit to selecting the freshest seafood daily, and the duo ensures that guests are satisfied with every visit.

Patrons can even book VIP Karaoke rooms to let the wild side out, along with some fantastic seafood.

Don’t miss out on some incredible appetizers like the baby clams with rice crackers or the grilled shrimp.

Fried calamari is another popular appetizer that’s sure to please even the pickiest eaters.

Main entrees include stir-fried whelk and steamed stuffed Oc Buu.

Another excellent main dish is the seafood hotpot, the oysters, or a wide selection of crabs, lobsters, and shrimp!

Great seafood is hard to come by.

Usually, restaurants receive packaged products with overly fishy flavors, odd textures, and a general lack of quality.

These restaurants in Sacramento prove that high-grade seafood doesn’t only come from coastal wharves.

You can find fine-dining, cajun-inspired, or Asian-styled seafood with little effort.

You won’t be disappointed with any of these great seafood restaurants!  

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Did we leave a restaurant out of this list? Make sure you leave us a comment, and we’ll check it out!

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