11 Best Indian Restaurants in Sacramento

Are you visiting Sacramento, California, after watching the movie Ladybird and falling in love with the region?

indian restaurants in sacramento serves chana masala

If you liked what you saw in the movie, you’ll adore the many attractions in Sacramento.

Here, you can enjoy the California State Railroad Museum, the Crocker Museum of Art, Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park, and other fun Sacramento attractions.

Once you’ve roamed around the city, you’ve probably gotten hungry.

Luckily, you can grab delicious food from the best Indian restaurants in Sacramento.

You will love trying the many different lamb or chicken curries, samosas, and tasty naan bread.

Are you ready to find out more?

Check out my list of the best Indian restaurants in Sacramento below!

Curry Club

1401 O St, Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-446-7261
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Curry Club
Source: Curry Club

I found the Curry Club restaurant on the corner of O Street and 14th Street here in Sacramento.

It sits a few blocks from John C Fremont Park, which holds farmers’ markets regularly.

You can also check out the Fremont Community Garden nearby.

The restaurant serves numerous delicious dishes of fresh and authentic Indian cuisine.

My favorite dishes at the Curry Club eatery include the yummy vegetable samosa as an appetizer and the amazing lamb curry with its flavors of tomatoes, ginger, garlic, and onions.

Another great option is the chicken vindaloo, which comes in a spicy sauce with soft potatoes.

You’ll surely love the Indian cuisine here.

Bombay Bar & Grill

1315 21st Street, Sacramento, CA 95811
Phone: 916-441-7100
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Bombay Bar & Grill
Source: Bombay Bar & Grill

You can find the Bombay Bar & Grill on the corner of 21st Street and Matsui Alley.

The trendy restaurant is right in the middle of the Sacramento restaurant scene, with tons of eateries and bars surrounding it.

The customers rave about the delicious food, and you won’t regret checking out the colorful place.

My favorite dishes here include the garlic basil naan, the flavorful and roasted chicken tikka masala, and the soft and creamy vegetable samosas.

The Indian dishes are often served in a creamy and savory sauce.

The food is cooked in clay pots and filled with herbs and spices.

Tandoori Grill

7208 Florin Mall Dr, Sacramento, CA 95823
Phone: 916-538-6812
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Bombay Bar & Grill
Source: Bombay Bar & Grill

The Tandoori Grill stands a few streets away from Hampton Park and is close to Eskaton Jefferson Manor.

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The Light Christian Church is also only a few blocks away.

It’s an interesting area to roam around. And when you’re hungry, you can grab some tasty Indian food.

The cooks here are true gourmet experts.

The restaurant staff even caters to all sorts of special occasions, including weddings.

My favorite appetizer from Tandoori Grill was the chicken pakora, which came with tasty chutney.

I also enjoyed the lamb biryani, which included savory, marinated lamb and buttery basmati rice.

The garlic naan also makes a great side dish.


1407 Howe Ave, Sacramento, CA 95825
Phone: 916-891-5688
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Source: AL-Maidah

If you like the idea of a laidback and trendy Indian restaurant, grab some food at the AL-Maidah eatery.

I saw the restaurant right in the middle of a suburban neighborhood with various fast food places nearby, including Taco Bell and Denny’s.

The eatery serves both Indian and Pakistani cuisine and has been a mainstay of the community for years.

They provide the most authentic, fresh, and delicious food you’ll enjoy all night.

My favorite dishes here included the chicken korma curry, the lamb biryani, and the butter chicken.

The flavors are spicy and delicious.

Chaat Kafe

2721 Del Paso Rd #100, Sacramento, CA 95835
Phone: 916-419-9200
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Chaat Kafe
Source: Chaat Kafe

The Chaat Kafe restaurant sits right by the North Natomas Regional Park, which has an aquatic complex.

You can also check out Kokomo Park and the Sprouts Farmers Market if you need some healthy veggies and treats.

The laidback and casual atmosphere is perfect if you’re looking for a relaxing dinner.

My favorite dishes at Chaat Kafe include the samosa chaat for an appetizer and the Tandoori chicken plate.

You should also try out the Punjabi house curry with fish.

I liked the flavors of the garbanzo beans, chutney, onions, and other spices.

Delhi Oven

3150 Macon Dr, Sacramento, CA 95835
Phone: 916-333-4292
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Delhi Oven
Source: Delhi Oven

Delhi Oven stands right on the corner of Macon Drive and East Commerce Way.

The eatery is right between Magnolia Park and Dogwood Park.

You will find the Indian restaurant in a suburban neighborhood.

I loved the fresh, tasty, and authentic food found here when I came with my friends.

For instance, some of my favorite foods at Delhi Oven include the chicken breast tikka sizzler as an hors d’oeuvres and the savory chicken curry with white rice.

For dessert, you can try the Rasmalai, which are creamy dumplings made with sweet milk.

A mango lassi makes a great drink to go along with any of these dishes.

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Haveli Grill And Banquet

1910 Canterbury Rd, Sacramento, CA 95815
Phone: 916-333-1186
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Haveli Grill And Banquet
Source: Haveli Grill And Banquet

If you’re looking for a trendy and casual restaurant to hang out and enjoy some Indian cuisine, the Haveli Grill and Banquet eatery makes a perfect choice.

The eatery sits right between Canterbury Road and Media Place.

It’s also next door to the Sacramento True Buddha Temple.

The authentic restaurant serves savory and creamy foods like butter chicken and chicken breast tandoori.

The chefs here make both Pakistani and Indian foods.

My favorites here include the crispy, spicy vegetable samosa appetizer as well as the creamy and hot chicken tikka masala.

India Palace

8865 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95826
Phone: 916-226-9188
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India Palace
Source: India Palace

The casual and laidback India Palace eatery sits near the corner of Folsom Boulevard and Watt Avenue.

While the restaurant is in a plaza with various stores, the neighborhood has numerous residences and a suburban feel.

The India Palace restaurant serves delicious and fresh Indian cuisine ranging from curries and crispy naan bread to vegetarian dishes and biryanis.

My absolute fave dishes included the unique dal lentil soup, the creamy lamb tikka masala, and the sweet kheer rice for dessert.

Check the place out whenever you want a tasty and relaxing lunch or dinner.

Kaveri Madras Cuisine

1148 Fulton Ave suite a, Sacramento, CA 95825
Phone: 916-481-9970

Kaveri Madras Cuisine
Source: Kaveri Madras Cuisine

If you’re looking for a bit of an upscale but relaxing atmosphere, the Kaveri Madras Cuisine eatery has tons of great food and a rather calm, warm, and welcoming environment.

The friendly staff serves a variety of foods, from vegetarian dishes and soups to curry and tandoori plates.

My favorite dishes here were the tangy and savory chicken tikka masala with white rice.

The butter chicken with naan is also a popular order at Kaveri Madras Cuisine.

I also enjoyed the rice pudding for dessert.

It’s a nice place to grab some lunch or dinner after a day out sightseeing in Sacramento.

Lit Delhi

1129 11th St, Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-420-5449
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Lit Delhi
Source: Lit Delhi

When visiting Sacramento, spend the day at the California State Capitol Museum and roam around the California State Capitol Park.

Then, you can walk a few blocks over to the Lit Delhi restaurant to have a delicious dinner of Indian cuisine.

The family-owned restaurant provides traditional Indian food with a trendy and modern twist.

You can munch on a naan pizza or a Punjabi burrito.

Some things I enjoyed here include the samosa chana and the butter chicken, along with the mango lassi drink.

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You’ll love the food at Lit Delhi!

Preethi’s Indian Cuisine

1905 Capitol Ave, Sacramento, CA 95811
Phone: 916-573-3052
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Preethi's Indian Cuisine
Source Preethi’s Indian Cuisine

The Preethi’s Indian Cuisine restaurant sits near the corner of 19th Street and Capitol Avenue.

The eatery sits in the middle of a restaurant scene with multiple bars and ethnic restaurants nearby.

The laidback and casual eatery, with its colorful walls and fun decorations, serves authentic and tasty Indian cuisine.

Some of the best dishes here include the delicious shrimp curry with white rice and the sweet Gulab Jamun fruits with rich milk for dessert.

You won’t regret checking out the tasty options at Preethi’s Indian Cuisine.

Don’t miss out on visiting the California Museum and the Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park when vacationing in Sacramento.

Most importantly, enjoy the tasty curry dishes in any of the awesome Indian eateries throughout Sacramento.

Have you already visited the best Indian restaurants in Sacramento?

If you’re interested in the Mexican food around Sacramento, check out this list we put together of our favorite places to go!

Which one is your favorite, or is there a great Indian restaurant I left off the list?

Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll check it out!

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