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Sacramento Breweries Guide: Where to Drink Craft Beer Around the City

Our favorite spots to enjoy craft beer in the city.

The next time you visit California’s capital city, don’t forget to check out my list of the best breweries in Sacramento.

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The craft beer trend continues to evolve after a decade of amazing growth.

Today, hundreds of craft breweries appear in small towns and cities around America, including the historic downtown district of Old Sacramento.

There’s no doubt you’ll discover a new favorite IPA, sour beer, or pilsner at one of these best breweries in Sacramento.

These breweries offer signature brews and unbeatable ambiance.

Read on to discover the specialties of each location and beer menu.

Alaro Craft Brewery

2004 Capitol Ave, Sacramento, CA 95811
Phone: 916-436-7711
Visit Website

This Spanish-style establishment offers tapas, the famous shareable small plates dining style of Spain.

Some familiar bar food items appear at Alaro, a name borrowed from the brewery founder’s Spanish heritage.

You can try the Spanish classic, patatas bravas, get the Mexican snack elotes, or even sample frickles with a side of caper aioli.

There are larger plates that you can stack together for a full meal, and there are bites you can have as some snacking finger food while you enjoy a beer or wine.

Unlike other breweries touting juicy, hazy, and sour versions of beers with creative ingredients, Alaro prefers a minimalistic style.

Alaro prioritizes fine ingredients and no added sugar or flavorings within its beers, like the Castillo Classic IPA and La Boheme Czech-style pilsner.

Urban Roots Brewery & Smokehouse

1322 V St, Sacramento, CA 95818
Phone: 916-706-3741
Visit Website

Come and kick back at Urban Roots Brewery & Smokehouse, located just off of Interstate 80 in Sacramento.

In addition to an extensive beer menu, this location boasts a full menu of BBQ favorites.

The idea behind the restaurant is to be a place where anyone can come and relax and have a good time.

You can enjoy brisket, burnt ends, and pulled pork.

Try one of Urban Roots’ burgers, salads, and other bar food favorites.

The beer menu at Urban Roots features unfiltered IPAs and pale ales, in addition to such varied beer styles as a Hefeweizen, sour beers, and even a bourbon barrel-aged speltwine.

Visit Urban Roots’ welcoming beer garden or homey dining room for good food, drinks, and vibes.

Device Brewing Company

Multiple locations
Visit Website

Founded by a home brewing enthusiast native to North California, Device Brewing Company celebrates California with beers like the Made in Sac West Coast IPA.

I prefer lighter beers, so the Kid Casual Blonde Ale is usually my go-to.

You may not be able to get a meal with your beer, but you don’t need one.

This brewery deserves a visit with your friends or as a fun and relaxed date night.

Try one of the several locations of Device Brewing Company dotted throughout Sacramento.

This brewery delivers seasonal beers like Oktoberfest and true West Coast beer flavors within their year-round beer selection.

Track 7 Brewing Company

Multiple locations
Visit Website

Track 7 Brewing Company also supports three locations throughout Sacramento.

The original Curtis Park taproom provides an intimate setting to enjoy a beer, located near Sac City College.

The Natomas location provides a utilitarian atmosphere, as this is the brewery’s main production facility.

Visit the East Sacramento Taproom for a full menu and a wide selection of housemade beers.

The other taprooms host food trucks almost daily to provide delicious food and beer pairings.

They try to have a different food truck each day, so you can come back and get something new every night.

The Blood Transfusion IPA with Blood Orange provides a beer deliciously balanced between bitter and fruity.

The Bee Line Blonde Ale is a delightful thirst quencher for those long Sacramento summer days.

Bike Dog Brewing Company

2568 Industrial Blvd #110, West Sacramento, CA 95691
Phone: 916-572-0788
Visit Website

This West Sacramento brewery offers an industrial atmosphere with a down-home spirit.

I love this brewery’s tasty and fun “dog” menu, featuring hot dogs with all of the delicious fixings.

My personal favorite is the Beyond Dog with the pretzel bun and a bag of chips, specifically on Trvia night.

The Broadway location delivers a wider menu, including wood-fired pizzas.

Try a Cherry Bender fruited kettle sour or an Hourglass Tilt Imperial IPA.

There is something for every palate, and all dogs are welcome at Bike Dog Brewing Company.

Moksa Brewing Co

5860 Pacific St, Rocklin, CA 95677
Phone: 916-824-1366
Visit Website

This brewery takes its name from the word Moksa, which means liberation, release, and freedom within Hindu philosophy.

Moksa Brewing Co. prioritizes a trailblazing point of view and pushes the boundaries of beer styles.

Take note, that this Rocklin brewery is located about 20 miles away from Sacramento.

They feature different food trucks, so be sure to check their website for the upcoming schedule, so you can pair your favorite beer with your favorite eats!

The labels for these beers are filled with whimsical names and lists of interesting ingredients.

Discover Summerberries, an Imperial Sour Ale with blueberries, cherries, strawberries, blackberries, and vanilla within one beer.

The Marvelous Miss Hazel delivers an Italian-style pilsner, featuring floral, spicy, and citrus notes.

New Glory Craft Brewery

8251 Alpine Ave, Sacramento, CA 95826
Phone: 916-451-9355
Visit Website

Unlike many of the breweries on this list, New Glory Craft Brewery prefers to produce a select number of beers perfectly.

Their website features only four year-round beers, three IPAs, and one pale ale.

Seasonal beers add charisma and variety to the beer list, with beer styles like the Talk Tiki to Me Imperial Kettle Sour and Granddaddy Burps West Coast Double IPA.

New Glory offers two locations, a pick-up-only taproom in Sacramento and a larger Granite Bay brewery and restaurant.

Located almost 30 miles away, the Granite Bay location’s menu features classic bar food, pizzas, and large salads.

Personally, I prefer the bacon and bleu burger with a side of garlic parmesan fries.

It pairs well with the Gummy Worms pale ale.

Touchstone Brewing Company

116 N 16th St Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95811
Visit Website

Touchstone Brewing Company comes from an entrepreneurial couple already responsible for several West Coast rock climbing gyms.

The relatively new brewery offers a wide array of different beers, from hoppy IPAs to creative, tangy sours.

Some beer names offer a nod to their climbing roots, like the Off Belay Low Alcohol Pale Ale.

The It Gose Boys Lemon Cherry Gose provides a tart, fruity beer while the Project Party Black Lager tastes rich and chocolatey.

Soon, you’ll be able to enjoy your beer of choice outside in a beer garden while getting some pub grub at the same time!

At Ease Brewing Company

1825 I St, Sacramento, CA 95811
Phone: 916-431-7940
Visit Website

This military-themed brewery is conveniently located in midtown Sacramento.

Visit At Ease Brewing Company for a straightforward beer list of 12 rotating taps.

Try a fruity and bold U-2 Farmhouse Ale or the Toa IPA with New Zealand hops.

The 40 40 Mike Mike delivers a deep-roasted, cocoa flavor in this bitter Imperial Stout.

Or enjoy a bright pink Gum Shoe Cream Ale with refreshing prickly pear.

Big Sexy Brewing Company

5861 88th St #800, Sacramento, CA 95828
Phone: 833-310-4777
Visit Website

A true celebration of Sacramento, Big Sexy Brewing Company offers a variety of house beers and other favorite brews.

Enjoy a wide selection of beers on tap within this warm and welcoming taproom.

Or take some of your favorite West Coast IPAs, Imperial Red Ales, and lagers to go.

This location features top local musical talent every Friday at Big Sexy Brewing Company.

As it is a taproom, expect a vast, industrial space with the active work of brewing to be happening all around you.

King Cong Brewing Company

1709 Del Paso Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95815
Phone: 916-514-8041
Visit Website

Located in bustling uptown Sacramento, King Cong Brewing Company slings beers every day of the week.

This brewery offers forward-thinking flavor combinations within both traditional and trendy beer styles.

A hallmark of the craft beer movement, King Cong collaborates with other members of this best breweries in Sacramento list, like Alaro.

Explore the refreshing Glorious Grapefruits Fruity Blonde Ale for a light summer beer.

The Our Offering Molé Porter delivers something truly unique with this deep, spicy beer.

The Prague at Night Czech Lager tastes just like the sweet, dark beers popular in Europe.

Fieldwork Brewing Company – Sacramento

1805 Capitol Ave, Sacramento, CA 95811
Phone: 916-329-8367
Visit Website

Before it stretched into gorgeous locations like Monterey, Fieldwork Brewing Company’s Sacramento location held midtown Sacramento in the eclectic Handle District.

Unlike many breweries on this list, Fieldwork also produces its own signature wines.

Try their petite syrah or zinfandel if you need a break from IPAs.

The light Rice and Easy Japanese rice lager are fresh and tasty on a hot summer day.

Tower Brewing

1210 66th St B, Sacramento, CA 95819
Phone: 916-272-4472
Visit Website

Sac locals know the significance of “Tower” within the city, from Tower Records to Tower Theater and the Tower Bridge.

Tower Brewing adds to the legacy of Sacramento with its 16 rotating taps available at its East Sacramento location.

Monkey Knife Fight is the flagship beer of this brand, offering this beer name in a pale ale and IPA varieties.

Try the Murder of Prose barrel-aged porter or the La Tour saison.

Don’t forget to check out the dynamic labels Tower Brewing places on every can.

There’s always something happening at Tower Brewing!

Take a look at this brewery’s active event calendar, featuring musicians, open mic nights, and comedy nights.

Final Thoughts

Locals understand the vibrant craft beer scene in their city, but if you’re visiting Sacramento you could drink a different, fascinating local beer every day of your stay!

Sacramento is known for its agriculture and fresh produce.

That must be why Sacramento breweries boast fine ingredients and a welcoming atmosphere.

Be sure to experiment with all of these best breweries in Sacramento to explore the dynamic beer culture of California’s capital city.

Be sure to stop by our favorite Thai spots around Sacramento as well for some authentic cuisine!

Did I skip one of your favorite breweries in Sacramento?

Let me know in the comments below!

Best Breweries in Sacramento

  1. Alaro Craft Brewery
  2. Urban Roots Brewery & Smokehouse
  3. Device Brewing Company
  4. Track 7 Brewing Company
  5. Bike Dog Brewing Company
  6. Moksa Brewing Co
  7. New Glory Craft Brewery
  8. Touchstone Brewing Company
  9. At Ease Brewing Company
  10. Big Sexy Brewing Company
  11. King Cong Brewing Company
  12. Fieldwork Brewing Company – Sacramento
  13. Tower Brewing

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