8 Best Pizza Restaurants in Rochester

Rochester Pizzerias That Will Blow You Away

Get ready to embark on a delicious journey through the culinary landscape of Rochester, New York, as we uncover the city’s best pizza restaurants. Rochester has a thriving culinary scene, and its wide range of restaurants demonstrates a skill in producing delicious, filling meals. These restaurants have mastered the art of serving flavors that satisfy a diverse palate, from the classic thin crust made in the New York style to creative artisanal creations. Whether you’re a traditionalist who prefers a classic Margherita or an adventurous eater in search of unique flavor combinations, you’ll find something to love in this diverse selection of pizzerias. Join us as we explore the crispy, cheesy, and savory delights that make Rochester’s pizza scene truly exceptional.

Pizza Stop

Multiple locations
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Pizza Stop Rochester
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The first place on my list I recommend for trying the best pizza Rochester offers is Pizza Stop. You can find this pizzeria on State Street in the Downtown area and on Monroe Avenue in the Pittsford Neighborhood. This eatery serves authentic New York-style pizzas in a casual, family-friendly vibe suitable for anyone looking for a quick bite to eat. If you’re in the mood for a specialty pizza, I recommend their Chicken Parmesan, Chicken Spinoccoli, Choke N Goat, or Mega Meat pies. They also have Sicilian pies, calzones, and pizza turnovers. If you go for the thin crust or stuffed pizza, add your favorite toppings to match your pizza needs.

Create A Pizza

766 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY 14607
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Create A Pizza Rochester
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You can find Create A Pizza on Monroe Avenue, near Cobb’s Hill Park and Village Gate Square. This family-owned pizzeria has a casual, family-friendly atmosphere, emphasized with a friendly staff eager to craft the best pizza in Rochester based on what you love. They cook their pizza within three to five minutes, giving you more time to enjoy your meal and less time waiting. I recommend ordering their Veggie Delight, BBQ Hawaiian, Sweet & Saucy, or Vegan Supreme specialty pizza. They also offer plain cheese or gluten-free pies if you prefer something simple. Don’t forget to try their cheesy garlic bread or dessert pizza if you want to make your night out memorable.

Nino’s Pizzeria

1328 Culver Rd, Rochester, NY 14609
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Nino's Pizzeria Rochester
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Are you having trouble finding pizzerias offering more crust options? If so, Nino’s Pizzeria, located on Culver Road, might be the best option for you. Since 1973, the Cardella family has created tasty pizza using house-made dough and sauces. This restaurant has a small and casual atmosphere for anyone passing through Rochester’s neighborhoods. They’re also open seven days a week. I like ordering my pizza with ricotta, prosciutto, eggplant, and a Sicilian crust, but I also recommend their Sicilian Meat Lovers or Pizza Rustica specialty pies. Be sure to stop by throughout the week for their weekly special: an extra-large cheese pizza with or without ten jumbo wings.

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Carbone’s Pizzeria

2841 Dewey Ave, Rochester, NY 14616
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Carbone's Pizzeria Rochester
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You can find Carbone’s Pizzeria on Dewey Avenue, minutes away from Pappas Park in Rochester’s Greece neighborhood. If you’re looking for quality large or medium brick oven pizza, this is the best place for you. It has a casual and low-key atmosphere that lets you immerse yourself as you take a slice. Every Monday through Saturday, Carbone’s offers a two-slice special between 11 AM and 3 PM for people interested in getting an affordable lunch deal. I recommend the best toppings for your red or white pizza: onions, extra cheese, and pepperoni. They also offer boneless wings and hot, cold, or oven-baked subs if you prefer eating something else during your visit.

Pizza Wizard

760 S Clinton Ave, Rochester, NY 14620
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Pizza Wizard Rochester
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Blocks away from 490 Farmers Community Garden lies Pizza Wizard on South Clinton Avenue. If you find yourself walking through the Southwedge neighborhood, you can expect to find the best pizza in Rochester after coming across this minimalist and casual restaurant. Although they offer fewer menu options than the previous entries on this list, they’re still rich in flavor. If you love square pizza, try their sausage, pepperoni, or plain slices. You can also ask for a Daiya vegan cheese substitute for your pizza or their limited customizable Nickel Thick Pizza. Don’t forget to order their one-pound wings or kitchen sink salad if you’re in the mood for more.

Linda’s New York Pizzeria

1219 Lyell Ave, Rochester, NY 14606
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Linda's New York Pizzeria Rochester
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Another restaurant I recommend offering the best pizza in Rochester is Linda’s New York Pizzeria. Located on the corner of Lyell Avenue and Wetmore Park, it’s just a short drive away from Skate Luvers Roller Palace. This lively restaurant is a great option for enjoying new twists of classic New York-style pizza, from medium pies to sheet pies for private events. Their signature breakfast pizza is my favorite go-to specialty pie because of its blend of cheese, eggs, and additional toppings. So, if you want to add bacon and pineapple to it, go for it! They also offer other Italian favorites, including calzones, stuffed shells, and strombolis, for anyone looking for variety.

Pudgie’s Pizzeria

1753 N Goodman St, Rochester, NY 14609
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Pudgie's Pizzeria Rochester
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Nestled off the corner of North Goodman Street and Norton Street, Pudgie’s Pizzeria is another destination for avid pizza lovers. It has a casual ambiance for sampling regular or specialty pies, wings, and other dishes. Pudgie’s also offers catering services for any celebration or gathering. Their four-slice personal pizzas are an excellent option for mixing and matching your favorite toppings. Their Carne Suprema and Sweet & Sour Steak pizzas are their most popular order for visitors near and far. They also offer a wide selection of pasta, wings, subs, and wings. Don’t forget to try their New York-style cheesecake for dessert!

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Amico’s Pizza

859 East Ridge Road, Rochester, NY 14621
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Amico's Pizza Rochester
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Last but not least is Amico’s Pizza, located on East Ridge Road near the Walmart Supercenter and Tops Friendly Markets. Since 1962, this family-owned restaurant has served quality pizzas for everyone to enjoy. It has a rustic yet cozy environment, perfect for staying for lunch or dinner. In my opinion, you should order their pizza with bacon, broccoli, onion, and chicken toppings. I also recommend their eggplant parm or buffalo chicken specialty pies with mozzarella sticks on the side. They also offer wings with a sauce of your choice. They also offer a cauliflower crust pizza for anyone who wants to order a gluten-free pizza for enjoying at home.

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