15 Best Brunch Restaurants in Rochester

Get ready to embark on a culinary adventure as we unveil the best brunch restaurants in Rochester. Whether you’re a dedicated brunch enthusiast or simply looking for a delightful way to start your day, this guide has you covered. A wide range of dishes, from ageless favorites like fluffy pancakes and perfectly poached eggs to creative creations that blur the boundaries between breakfast and lunch, can be found in Rochester’s morning dining scene. Allow us to lead you to charming bistros, charming cafes, and chic restaurants where you can savor delicious meals, sip morning coffee, and take in the warm atmosphere that epitomizes Rochester’s morning dining culture.

Brown Hound Downtown

500 University Ave, Rochester, NY 14607
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Brown Hound Downtown Rochester
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Brown Hound Downtown is one of my favorite places to get brunch in Rochester. Located inside the Memorial Art Gallery, Brown Hound is the perfect place to fuel up before a day of museum-hopping. Their weekend brunch menu is one of the best in Rochester. Not only do I always love their daily specials (the Soup Du Jour, the Fresh Picked Frittata, and the Carnivore Frittata), but the rest of their brunch slate is full of scrumptious breakfast and lunch favorites, like Chicken and Waffles with strawberry sauce (I was skeptical too, but it’s a must-try combo). In short, Brown Hound Downtown always serves up some of the best brunches Rochester has to offer. 

The Revelry

1290 University Ave, Rochester, NY 14607
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The Revelry Rochester
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Another Neighborhood of the Arts favorite, The Revelry, has been serving up tasty brunch in Rochester since 2013. Plus, their cocktail menu is simply awe-inspiring. You have to try The Rev Bloody Mary, trust me. Want to channel your inner pirate? Manifesting a Caribbean vacation? One of my favorite Revelry pairings is the Peel and Eat Shrimp with the Port Royal rum cocktail. You’ll immediately be transported to the realm of the tropical. Don’t skip the Nashville Hot Chicken. The Revelry’s fresh take on chicken and waffles—err, chicken and French toast—with fermented strawberries and local maple syrup will send you reeling and keep you coming back. 


145 Culver Rd, Rochester, NY 14620
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Trata Rochester
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Burgers for breakfast? Why not? Trata’s menu is packed with American favorites, and their brunch offerings are outstanding. Beef lovers must try the Trata Burger (mmm, that Special Sauce…) or spring for the buttery, tender Wagyu Burger. I love their cocktail menu, and since each of their signature cocktails is only $10 each, order a few for the table to share sips with your friends. My favorite “cocktail flight” for a party of four includes the Lavender Collins, the Kentucky Tea, the Strawberry Spritz (always a crowd-pleaser), and the Mexican Artillery. As far as pairing goes, you can’t go wrong with a single food and drink combo on Trata’s menu. 

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50 Rochester Public Market, Rochester, NY 14609
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Cure Rochester
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Sunday brunch at Cure is one of the best eatery experiences you can find in Rochester. Since 2012, Cure has been serving up French dishes inspired by the farm-to-table movement. Located inside Rochester Public Market, brunch-seekers can fill up on french favorites and killer cocktails before exploring the charming market. For light eaters, the Petit Dejeuner is the perfect get-up-and-go breakfast treat. Pair it with the Pimlet cocktail for an indulgent morning pick-me-up. But, my absolute favorite combo is the Buckwheat Crepes with a Community Coffee, which always leaves me full and energized for the #SundayFunday ahead. 

The Cub Room

739 S Clinton Ave, Rochester, NY 14620
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The Cub Room Rochester
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Nestled in the South Wedge Area, this Rochester brunch joint offers seasonal American fare that doesn’t shy away from innovation. The Cub Room is some of the best brunches Rochester has to offer, and their breakfast food is one of a kind. The Cubby Board charcuterie will make you want to eat cured meats and cheese for breakfast every morning. The Heirloom Tomato Carpaccio is a work of art, and whoever said putting tomatoes in a fruit salad was unwise has clearly never been to The Cub Room. Most importantly, don’t ship the Cubby Burger with gruyere cheese and a fried duck egg. This bonafide hangover breakfast will change your life. 

Jines Restaurant

658 Park Ave, Rochester, NY 14607
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Jines Restaurant Rochester
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Jines Restaurant introduced me to one of my favorite brunch cocktails: the Apple Cider Mimosa. Perfect for any season (but especially fall), it’s like a grown-up juice box in a glass. Jines shows an unmatched mastery of the poached egg. Both the Housemade Hash and Eggs and the Housemade Hash Benedict are simply perfect dishes, and they offer the perfect compromise to an age-old brunch malady: “Eggs Benedict or corned beef hash?” But, their Poutine really shines. Beer-battered French fries elevate this Canadian favorite to a whole new echelon of deliciousness. Paired with the simple delight of their Mochaccino, you’ll be full until dinnertime. 

Blu Wolf Bistro

657 Park Ave, Rochester, NY 14607
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Blu Wolf Bistro Rochester
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I love that the Blu Wolf Bistro is inspired by a generations-old family legend. “If the little children in the family did not finish their dinner, the ‘Blu Wolf was going to come out of the woods and get them.” And their amazing brunch menu will make you want to finish every last bite. If you’ve been to Blu Wolf before, you have to go back to try out some of their enhancements to already-scrumptious dishes. You can sub any burger for a quinoa patty, and meatless vittles have never tasted so good. And, if you’ve never tried duck bacon, you’ll be a through-and-through convert by the time you’re done scarfing it down. Plus, finishing off your meal with a Blu Cheesecake Milkshake is always highly, highly recommended. 

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Roam Cafe

260 Park Ave, Rochester, NY 14607
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Roam Cafe Rochester
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One of the coziest joints in Rochester, Roam Cafe offers a killer Sunday Brunch. Not only are all of their brunch offerings downright delicious, but their Champagne Brunch Special is one of the best brunch deals in Flower City. Roam Cafe is perfect for families recovering from the Saturday sports schedule. I love that their menu is so affordable and that they never skimp on quality or portions. For twenty-somethings, the Hangover Breakfast Pizza is the perfect party antidote. When I’m feeling indulgent, I order the Carafe of Mimosas and the Zucchini Cakes and Homefries. And yes, it’s all for me. 

Joe Bean Coffee Roasters

565 Blossom Rd e1, Rochester, NY 14610
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Joe Bean Coffee Roasters Rochester
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Joe Bean Coffee Roasters is a personal favorite coffee joint in Rochester. I stop by every time I’m out running errands, even if it’s out of my way. I love that they serve some of the best coffee in the city while making the world a better place. Joe Bean Coffee Roasters pairs with community partners both locally and around the world to give back to the indigenous communities that have shaped Rochester’s coffee culture. As if their downright amazing coffee wasn’t enough, I love that even buying a cup of coffee or a bag of beans makes a difference in the fight against inequality. 

Locals Only

311 Alexander St, Rochester, NY 14604
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Locals Only Rochester
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Locals Only is one of the most hip brunch places in Rochester. I love that they offer a chef’s choice, and as someone who’s ordered it multiple times, I can confirm that you should, in fact, trust them. It’s transcendent. The Bruschetta is a perfect shareable, and their Gucci Egg Sandwich is to die for. When I just need some comfort food with a #treatyoself attitude, the Tot Flight is my go-to. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention their stunning cocktail menu. The Persephone is one of my favorite mimosa-inspired bubbly bevies in Rochester, and those Breakfast Shots are always so tempting. 

The Mad Hatter Restaurant & Bakery

176 S Goodman St, Rochester, NY 14607
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The Mad Hatter Restaurant & Bakery Rochester
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Mad Hatter is the perfect name for this quirky brunch joint. Their Fruity Crunch Hot Cakes are my son’s favorite breakfast meal (he begs for them every Saturday), but I usually opt for the King’s Benedict, which takes steak and eggs to a whole new level. And trust me (and my son): You have to add a topper to your roasted potatoes. While they’re perfectly scrumptious on their own, the Rabbit’s Way topper is my go-to, but all of them are fantastic. 

The Frog Pond

652 Park Ave, Rochester, NY 14607
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The Frog Pond Rochester
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Check out The Frog Pond for a Rochester brunch menu packed with deliciousness. I’ve never met a Frog Pond Omelette that I didn’t like, and their sweet potato fries simply make everything better. Their Crab Cake benedict is downright amazing, and it’s what I recommend to any Frog Pond freshmen. If you’ve been saving room for brunch all weekend, don’t sleep on the Pond Plate. Pair it with a Sake Bloody Mary (I know, right?) for a salty, indulgent brunch of a lifetime. 

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Winfield Grill

647 Winton Rd N, Rochester, NY 14609
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Winfield Grill Rochester
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This Browncroft staple showcases some of the best brunches Rochester has to offer. I love their atmosphere, but their cocktail menu is one of my favorites in the city. When I’m trying to save room for dessert (or if Winfield is my first stop of the day on a crunch-hopping tour), I order the Soup of the Day (they’re always amazing) and a basket of Truffle Fries, which I’m terrible at sharing. Don’t order one for the table: Order four for the table. Their Rochester Reuben is a classic. As a long-time Reuben-lover, this one is simply scrumptious. If Winfield’s big menu is intimidating, you can’t go wrong with this perfect sandwich.

The Gate House

274 N Goodman St, Rochester, NY 14607
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The Gate House Rochester
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The Gate House, one of Rochester’s favorite burger and pizza joints, serves up an outstanding brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. The Chilaquiles is always my favorite way to start my Saturday, and paired with their famous Bloody Mary, I’m always ready to start a weekend adventure as soon as I walk out the door. If you’re bored with traditional comfort food, the GateHouse Chicken and Biscuits will reignite your love for all things carb-related. Their sage sausage gravy is a Rochester delicacy, and I’m always tempted to order a vat of it to-go after my meal. 


628 Winton Rd N, Rochester, NY 14609
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Lucky's Rochester
Source: Instagram

Saturday and Sunday brunch at Lucky’s is always the answer when visitors ask me where to each brunch in Rochester. Stop in for light fares like their gorgeous parfait or FCB Croissant, or get ready for a Ricotta Pancakes-induced food coma. But, when I’m wracked with brunch indecision, the Breakfast Sammy and The Escalator cocktail always treat me right. And trust me, the bruleed grapefruit is a must-order at Lucky’s. You won’t regret it.

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