The Restaurant Marketing Course

Don’t you wish there was a blueprint and step by step guide for marketing a restaurant? Now there is…


After years of doing the marketing for restaurants and bars, we have learned that some restaurant owners and managers just want to have their team do it themselves.  The problem is staying ahead of the latest marketing trends, knowing the tricks and being able to beat your competition.


This course is a step by step guide with dozens of video tutorials on the exact process we have created to service our agency clients.  Now you can learn it for yourself or send your employees through the training.

reataurant marketing course

What will you find in our Restaurant Marketing Training?

1. Instructional video guides

Instructional video guides on marketing for new and existing restaurants. This is not theory, it is actual tutorials on what to do.

2. Guide To Setting Up A Successful Marketing Strategy

A step by step guide to setting up a successful marketing strategy for your restaurant business and the action items to delegate to your team.

3. Social Media Follower Growth

How to get thousands of relevant followers!

4. Social Media Posting

How to post, how often, how to get ROI from it without wasting time.

5. Private Party Lead Generation

Private party lead generation system for booking groups and events Increase your leads and book more groups. Increase your leads and book more groups!

6. SEO Guide

A how to guide for ranking your website in Google search.

7. Google Maps

Rank your business in the maps results.

8. Outsourcing vs. In-house Marketing

What you should outsource and what you should keep in-house for marketing.

9. Website Design

How much to pay and the right platform. Most people pay way to much. WordPress is a must!

10. Guide To Setting Up All Social Media & Web 2.0 Accounts

How to set up ALL your social media and web 2.0 accounts (not just the big three FB, IG and TW), there are dozens and can all be connected to push out your content.

11. Promotions

Leveraging online marketing to boost promos and drive people into your restaurant.

12. PR Companies

How to get the most out of them and hold them accountable for results.

13. Email Marketing

How to generate thousands of email subscribers and market to them properly.

14. Facebook Ads

Learn the secrets to targeting the right customers and logging their profile info to retarget them later when you need it.

15. Content Syndication

Use your website as a content hub and automate your posts to all channels.

16. Direct mail

Crush the local area with your brand and targeted to the neighborhoods of your choosing (for really low cost).

17. Foodie Blogs

How to find and leverage local foodie bloggers to increase your reach.

18. Video

Do it for less and reap the rewards! Take your promotion to another level with video and cheap facebook/instagram/youtube video ads.

19. Branding

The essential needs from logo design, signage, business cards to menus

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Social Media Engagements


Event Requests Each Month


Increases in Google Rank

We have helped open, owned and operated dozens of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in the last decade.  We always wished there was a reliable and repeatable marketing plan blueprint to open a restaurant and not miss any important steps or details.  Unfortunately, there was not.


It’s so important to prepare your online and offline marketing before and after opening the doors.  There is a long checklist of details which need to be followed in order to have all the elements of a successfully marketed restaurant.


Most restaurant owners get ripped off by web designers, PR companies and the hordes of snake oil salesmen trying to take your money.  We’ve been there and want to help you avoid the snakes, save money and put your marketing on the next level!


So we decided to create this restaurant marketing course so you can now have access to years of learning.  This training is the result of expensive mistakes and plenty of successes over the years.


We are restaurant industry veterans, not just a few marketing or tech nerds looking to sell services to restaurant owners.  We have been in your shoes and know both the marketing side as well as the operational side of the industry.


We have been involved with many successful places and a few disasters.  What we learned from both types of experiences is now captured in this training.