How To Rank Your Restaurant In Google Maps

ranking restaurants in google maps


Have you ever wondered why some restaurants show up in the three maps results for Google searches and maybe yours does not?  Ranking your restaurant in that three pack is a sure way to generate a lot more customers for your business.

There is a secret recipe to rank higher in the maps.

1. Claim and Optimize Your Google Business Page

The Google Maps engine is based of the Google My Business (GMB) directory/pages. Make sure to claim or create your listing and your listing is complete and accurate, including:

  • Contact information and website. Include all possible contact information including your address, telephone number, and website so that Google can provide as much information as possible.
  • Business hours. Google Maps tells users if a business is open or closed and if it’s opening or closing soon.
  • No duplicate or inaccurate information. Google will discredit businesses with multiple phone numbers or locations listed for one actual business.
  • Add photos to the listing. Everyone, including Google, likes food photos and to see your interior, so add them to this page.

Here is a quick video on how to claim your Google Business page:

2. Properly Categorize Your Business

When you first create a Google Maps listing, you have the option of adding a primary ibusiness category, or “keyword” to describe your business.

What many business owners don’t know is that you can additional categories. You should make use of all five of these. Your primary category should be the main classification for your place (ex: bar, restaurant), while the remaining five categories should incorporate local SEO keywords that act as additional descriptors (ex: sports bar, italian restaurant, brunch restaurant, event venue).


3. Add Your GMB Name, Address, Phone Number to Your Website

Google needs to match the name, address and phone number (NAP) in your Google Business page to the NAP on your website. Most restaurant miss this key ingredient. Some just add the NAP to the contact page of the website. We recommend adding it there AND in the footer of your website, so it displays on every page.

Just remember matching is exact match. There is a difference between using the word Street and abbreviating ST. I would literally copy and paste the address from GMB and directly add that to your site, rather than retyping. Most web designers care less about optimizing your website for successful seo and maps ranking, so don’t think they did this for you already.


4. Citations

What are citations? They are your Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP) listed on a national or local business directory. Google searches these directories and matches your address in their listings to your GMB page and your website.  To rank your restaurant in google maps, you need citations.

This builds authority and shows that your restaurant is probably the best choice to show first for a restaurant in the area your are located. Citation directories include Yellow Pages, City Search and dozens more.


5. Reviews

We believe and have tested with results, reviews matter. Make sure you stay on top of reputation management and respond with public comments to both positive and negative reviews to your page. Also encourage customers to leave you a google review.


6. Other Secret Ingredients

We gave you the basics above, but if you want a few secret recipe ingredients to ensure Google Maps domination, sign up for our marketing course and you will learn.  Not only do we teach you how to set everything up with step by step videos, we also give you the list of citation websites to add you business info to.  Over 100 citation directories hand delivered in a spreadsheet.

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Written by Brian Nagele

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