Private Party Lead System

There is no better way to increase restaurant revenue than booking private parties and groups, but how do you create a steady funnel of leads?

There is a recipe to increase leads


One of our main focus point in restaurant marketing is groups and private party leads.  Why?  They are measurable and tracked leads from our marketing efforts and it is a high priced sale.


Groups and private parties can range from $1000 to tens of thousands for one booking.  The average is $1500-$2500 for most restaurants with a private room or large section for groups.


Typically, most restaurants create a web page for private parties and hope that people will find it to request a booking.  That’s great, if they are specifically going to your website to book with you.  What about the people just searching for private party rooms or private dining in a certain geographic area?  Are they finding your website in the searches?  Most of the time, no.


We have developed and tested a proven system for generating private party requests over the last 10 years.  Every year new tactics are developed and we test them as well.  The system we have found to work the best is a combination of SEO, Pay per Click (Adwords) and optimizing the restaurant’s website for conversions.


Most of the time, the website or landing page is poorly designed and people abandon the site without calling or fill out a request form.  We have found ways, through testing many pages, to maximize lead conversions.


We typically see incoming lead increases of 200-500%.  In some cases up to 800% increases in leads for private events.


If you are serious about increasing your restaurant’s revenue, this is one place which will make a big difference.

Real Lead Analytics From Our Clients

Large Venue In Center City Philadelphia

We started with search engine optimization and adwords, each month we optimize the leads get better and the cost stays the same.  Some of these leads have budgets of over $10,000.  The venue holds 500+ so each potential event, could be worth five digits in revenue.  At the time of this post, we still have a week remaining in Spet 2017 for additional leads.

philadlephia venue private party leads
bucks county restaurant private dining leads

Restaurant & Bar in Bucks County PA

We started working with this restaurant in April of 2017.  In one month, our lead system took them from six requests to over twenty leads for private events and groups.  Their initial challenge was how to handle the sudden influx of leads.  We suggested a CRM and process to manage the leads without having them fall through the cracks.

Example Private Party Leads

$8000 private party lead

Example Private Party Leads

corporate reception

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