You’re Posting on Social Media All Wrong

When it comes to social media marketing for restaurants, how can you tell if you are doing it right or not?

We analyzed dozens of restaurants to see why some are killing it with social media and others are struggling.  All the data points to a few key differences in how they organize the process plus the content.  It is actually a lot easier than you might think.

We want to show you an example of a promo we ran with two restaurant / bars in Philadelphia area.  We set up a promotion to give away a vintage Philadelphia Eagles stadium T-Shirt.  We used the same copy and images and the same call to action.  Each place claimed to be amazing at social media and we put it to the test.

The promotion was run through a Facebook post to each of their pages with no more than a $10 boost.  We wanted this to be mostly organic and see the results.

The results had such a huge difference, we were shocked and had to dig deeper.  Here are the two promotions side by side.  Steam Pub had over 700+ reactions, shares and comments.  Flying Fish Crafthouse had only 7!  Not only that but, Steam had over 16,000 people in organic reach!

How is Steam crushing it on social media and Flying Fish was not?


This really got our attention.  It was such a big difference and we wanted to investigate why.  So we interviewed the people handling the social media at each place.  Here is what we learned.

Flying Fish Crafthouse mostly had their day time bartender handling all their social media posting while she was on shift and not busy.  They post maybe once per day, usually every other day.

Steam’s social media is handled by one of the owners and he posts an amazing 10-15 times per day!  Yes, that says 10-15 posts PER DAY.

How is this possible?  Who has time to post that much and especially a bar owner who is also managing the floor five nights a week and doesn’t wake up until 2pm every day?

No restaurants are doing this and we can see it every day how most are missing the mark completely with social media postings.

We interviewed Paul (Tubby) from Steam and learned his secrets.  One of which he only spends two hours each week to posts over 100 times!

The info Paul gave us was so good, we added it to our restaurant marketing course videos with a step by step guide from Paul himself on the way he dominates social media marketing.

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