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25 Most Popular Portuguese Desserts To Try

Learn about some delicious Portuguese desserts you have to try once in your life.

Portugal lies on the Western edge of Europe, diving into the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. This small country packs in a ton of culture into its borders, with everything from its historic big waves, thrilling dances, and dozens of delicious Portuguese desserts.

Egg tart, traditional Portuguese dessert

When it’s time to end a terrific dinner of bountiful Portuguese seafood or filling rice dishes, these Portuguese desserts will finish the meal on a high note.

Many of these desserts are rich and decadent, overflowing with creamy flavors.

Explore this list of 25 best Portuguese desserts for your next tea time, snack attack, or after-dinner treat.

Final Thoughts

Portuguese desserts feature many delicious recipes.

Custard tarts, fruity trifles, and egg puddings provide the perfect finishing touch to everyday desserts and special occasions.

Some of these recipes involve specialized ingredients or advanced techniques, but many of these recipes bring a bit of Portuguese flair to everyday meals.

Check out other delicious desserts from around the world, from classic fall desserts to Australian desserts you should try!

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