8 Best Pizza Hut Vegan Menu Items

Learn how to order as a vegan at Pizza Hut.

As a vegan, it can be tough to find pizza places that offer decent vegan menu items. Luckily Pizza Hut is a massive chain of pizza restaurants that you can find in every state in America, and they have vegan options. 

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I know that not every vegan pizza is a slam dunk, but Pizza Hut keeps all of its doughs free of animal by-products. So everyone can enjoy their pizza without substitutions or special requests.

In 2021, Pizza Hut offered Beyond Meat Sausage on their pizzas, but it was only available for a limited time. Some Canadian Pizza Hut locations still may offer Beyond toppings for vegan pizza fans, but at the moment the chain has officially discontinued Beyond vegan toppings, to the disappointment of many plant based eaters.

It should be noted that they make no promises when it comes to cross-contamination of animal products.

Pizza Hut Vegan Options

Nevertheless, there are some incredible Pizza Hut vegan options to choose from. And I’ve tried them all, from classic pizza and their dipping sauces to their delicious desserts.

Check out my top picks so you know what to order from the Hut!

Original Pan Pizza Crust

If you’re like me, the best part of a pizza is a super thick, doughy crust. When I ate the original pan pizza crust from Pizza Hut, which is vegan, I died and went to heaven.

It was so thick and soft that every bite was warm and comforting. I loaded this pizza with vegetables, including jalapenos and pineapples, so I guess fruit too!

While many pizza crusts feature animal by-products, Pizza Hut does not use any animal by-products in their doughs, so vegans can enjoy their pizza too!

If you love a slice of cold pizza in the morning, this super dense but fluffy crust is one of the best breakfasts, in my opinion. 

Thin N Crispy Crust

If a thick, doughy pizza isn’t your thing, don’t worry! Pizza hut also has a vegan Thin N Crispy Curst that has the perfect amount of crunch without being too hard.

Although I love a soft, thick crust, this thin and crispy crust is well-seasoned and delicious. 

For me, this crust works best with a simple pizza. Because the dough is much thinner, try not to overload the pizza with toppings.

I ordered this crust with just buffalo sauce and some caramelized onions for a delectable but subtle flavor. I’d like to say the leftovers were great, but I ate the whole thing in one sitting. 

Hand Tossed Crust

The hand-tossed crust from Pizza Hut is the gold standard for pizza dough. It falls right between their pan crust and the thin n crispy crust.

If you love a traditional pizza, you can’t go wrong with their hand-tossed dough. It has a buttery flavor with just the right amount of crunch with some chewiness. 

The crust is sturdy, so you can pile it high with all the toppings you can dream of and not worry about it sagging or falling apart.

I always get it with the buttery blended crust flavor. Despite the name, there is no butter in it. So it’s completely vegan, but you get the splendid taste anyway. 

Classic Marinara Sauce

Most marinara sauces are vegan, and Pizza Hut is no different.

If you want a classic pizza sans cheese, you can opt for their classic marinara sauce on one of the three fabulous pizza crust options. 

I ordered their hand-tossed crust with the classic marinara and topped it with black olives and fresh mushrooms for a hardy and decadent pizza.

The marinara sauce has some girth to it, so it isn’t watery or too chunky. I hate a pizza sauce that has the texture of salsa! The flavor is zesty and warm with a nice note of garlic and onion. 

Buffalo Pizza Sauce

If you don’t love Buffalo sauce, I don’t know what to tell you other than you’re missing out. Most buffalo sauces are not vegan, unfortunately.

They usually contain a decent amount of butter. But shout out to Pizza Hut for making their Buffalo pizza sauce sans butter so we vegans can go nuts!

The Buffalo sauce is the perfect midway point between boring and mild and super hot and spicy.

It has a kick that will clear your sinuses a bit but won’t have you begging for a glass of milk.

I had it on the thin n crispy dough topped with red onions and mushrooms, which blend perfectly with the bold flavor. 

Veggie Toppings

Alright, my fellow vegans, hold on to your chairs because Pizza Hut offers an awesome variety of veggie toppings for their pizzas.

They have red onion, sliced jalapeno peppers, sliced banana peppers, sweet pineapple chunks, Mediterranean black olives, mushrooms, green bell peppers, and diced Roma tomatoes. 

My favorite toppings include the mushrooms, which they are generous with, and the jalapeno peppers because I’m a fan of spice!

I wish they also had red bell peppers, but we can’t always get everything we want. I highly recommend combining the peppers and onions with the pineapple for an explosion of sweetness and savory on your pizza. 


It’s hard not to fall in love with Pizza Hut’s French fries. They have the kind of fries that look like they’ve been fried twice.

The exterior is super crispy with plenty of fried surface area for a pleasing crunch. But the interior is well-cooked. The potato on the inside is soft and fluffy and melts in your mouth. 

I always order their fries with their Buffalo sauce because it can be hard to find a vegan buffalo sauce, and Pizza Hut knocks theirs out of the park.

I only wish they had a vegan ranch to go with it! Of course, you can dip them in marinara sauce, but I don’t find that super appealing. I wish their barbecue sauce was vegan, but sadly it contains honey. 

Cinnamon Sticks

That’s right, the cinnamon sticks at Pizza Hut are vegan! The icing that comes with them is not, so order them sans the icing dipping cup, and you’ll be in the clear.

But trust me, you aren’t missing out on much. I always found icing to be overly sweet, and the cinnamon sticks don’t need any help in that department.

The cinnamon sticks come stuck together, so they stay warm and sticky.

You can pull them apart and eat them with your fingers, like me, or you can eat them with a fork and knife, like the civilized human you are.

But I warn you, the box usually comes with ten, and it’s practically impossible to stop eating them once you’ve started. 

Pizza Hut Vegan Options

  1. Original Pan Pizza Crust
  2. Thin N Crispy Crust
  3. Hand Tossed Crust
  4. Classic Marinara Sauce
  5. Buffalo Pizza Sauce
  6. Veggie Toppings
  7. Fries
  8. Cinnamon Sticks

Final Thoughts

All in all, Pizza Hut has some tasty vegan options that I highly recommend all vegans try. I have struggled to find decent pizza places where I can get food, and Pizza Hut is a convenient and easy option when I crave a slice. 

Hopefully, their partnership with Beyond Meat rekindles so that it’s eventually available at all locations. Those who got to try Pizza Hut’s specialty pies with Beyond toppings had positive reviews!

My official favorites are the pan crust with buffalo sauce and whatever toppings suit your fancy, plus an order of the enticing cinnamon sticks that will knock your socks off!

If you’re not vegan but you’re looking for something healthier, check out Pizza Hut’s healthiest menu items or their gluten-free options!

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