13 Pittsburgh Indian Restaurants to Try

India is a massive country with several distinct regional cuisines that have become popular worldwide, including right here in the United States.

delicious paneer tikka at pittsburgh indian restaurants

And seeing as there are over 14,000 Indian Americans in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, it’s no surprise that there are several incredible Indian restaurants in the “Steel City.”

With so many options, where should you go to eat? I’ve listed my favorite Indian spots across town and described them in detail so that you’ll know which restaurant best suits your vibe and tastes. Here are our favorite Indian restaurants in Pittsburgh.

Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant

7795 McKnight Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Phone: 412-364-1760
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The Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant
Source: Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant

Taj Mahal is an Indian restaurant in the Ross Township area of Pittsburgh, named after the renowned Taj Mahal, a famous white marble mausoleum in Agra, India. This restaurant is my favorite spot to go to if I’m very hungry and want to eat my heart out at a lunch buffet. They provide various classic and westernized Indian dishes, such as chicken tikka masala, palak paneer, chana masala, biryani, and Hakka noodles. They also have lovely appetizers and bites, such as spring rolls, Kashmiri kulcha, and gulab jamun. If you still have room left in your belly, I recommend grabbing some mango pudding for the finishing touch.

Tamarind Flavor of India

257 N Craig St, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-605-0500
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The Tamarind Flavor of India
Source: Tamarind Flavor of India

Located in North Oakland near Carnegie Museum of Art is Tamarind Flavor of India, a popular, spacious branch of a chain restaurant.

You might hear the word “chain” and think cold, dry, or overly manufactured, but this restaurant is set in a two-story house, so the atmosphere is as homey as it can get!

I love the South Indian dishes they serve, from tandoori chicken to veggie kofta and beyond.

I recommend getting your hands on the Mysore masala dosa.

As it’s probably the best South Indian-style dosa you’ll find in the whole city.

The chicken gobi is another favorite of mine, as it’s so well-spiced and flavorful.

All India Restaurant

315 N Craig St, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-681-6600
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The All India Restaurant
Source: All India Restaurant

Another North Oakland spot is called All India.

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All India Restaurant is appropriately-named, as this restaurant offers dishes from various regions across the North and South of India.

I enjoy dining here due to the intentionally artful settings and airy, high ceilings.

I also appreciate that they play Bollywood music videos, just as they did in many of the restaurants I went to when I traveled around India!

Plus, they have an extensive list of dietary-specific menu items, such as gluten-free and vegan dishes.

Go for a lunch buffet if you want plenty of options or dinner if you want an irresistible entree, but whatever you do, make sure to try their goat curry.

Bengal Kabab House & Restaurant

320 Atwood St, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-605-0521
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The Bengal Kabab House & Restaurant
Source: Bengal Kabab House & Restaurant

Bengal Kabab House & Restaurant is in South Oakland, near the Oakland Square Historic District.

This modest, traditional Indian restaurant sticks with the basics and doesn’t try to get too creative or innovative, which I appreciate sometimes.

If you want traditional Indian and Bengali fare that tastes just as good as it looks, if not better, Bengal Kabab is a reliable spot.

I love several items on their menu, including but not limited to fish curry, tandoori chicken, samosa chaat, and so much more.

Bengal Kabab House is also one of the few places to get high-quality duck curry, so I highly recommend adding it to your order if you go!


6114 Centre Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Phone: 412-503-7797
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The Choolaah
Source: Choolaah

Choolaah is a narrow but bright and airy counter-serve Indian spot, best known for its delicious tandoor-fried chicken, beef, and lamb.

They also have incredible salmon, which I didn’t expect the first time I visited.

Many people compare this fast-casual restaurant — located between Shadyside and East Liberty — to Chipotle because you can create a bowl with whatever tasty ingredients you choose.

I don’t want to tell you what to put in your bowl, but I recommend adding the black lentil daal because it amplifies all other ingredients.

Their Mango Lassi is the perfect drink if you opt for a spicy dish.

Mintt Indian Cuisine

3033 Banksville Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15216
Phone: 412-306-1831
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The Mintt Indian Cuisine
Source: Mintt Indian Cuisine

Mintt Indian Cuisine is located in Banksville near Dormont Park and is notable for being one of the only places in Pittsburgh to get Andhra Pradesh-style cuisine.

This region is in the southeast of India and is known for its hot, spicy dishes.

Of the Andhra Pradesh dishes on the menu, the Chicken 65 is my favorite.

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It’s a dry dish made with chicken marinated in spices, yogurt, and lemon juice, then deep-fried to perfection.

They also serve Indo-Chinese fare, such as their tasty chili chicken dish.

Mintt is small but mighty, as it offers a casual, lengthy buffet and allows you to bring your own bottles.

Prince of India Restaurant

3614 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-687-0888
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The Prince of India Restaurant
Source: Prince of India Restaurant

Prince of India is another small yet comprehensive Indian eatery with a buffet-style setup and several indoor tables and booths.

There is a large menu and an all-you-can-eat buffet, so I never go there if I’m not starving.

But when I am hungrier than normal, it’s one of the first places I think of!

What I love the most about Prince of India is how delectable their naan is.

The plain, butter, and garlic naan are all scrumptious, although I usually go for the garlic naan.

It just makes every dish and sauce taste that much better.

Prince of India also has yummy chicken samosas, notable chicken cherries, and memorable tandoori shrimp.

Tamarind Savoring India Pittsburgh

Towne Center, 2101 Greentree Road, Suite B-116 Scott, Pittsburgh, PA 15220
Phone: 412-278-4848
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The Tamarind Savoring India Pittsburgh
Source: Tamarind Savoring India Pittsburgh

First and foremost, I love the name of Tamarind Savoring India Pittsburgh.

When I saw the word “savoring,” I could resist visiting.

This restaurant is in the Scott Town Shopping Center, which I don’t usually go to, as it’s a bit out of the way from downtown Pittsburgh.

But if you’re ever there, I recommend stopping by this casual spot, especially for their buffet.

Get there early because they don’t refill items as often as other Indian buffets in town.

However, if you get there in time, you can have first dibs on some delicious masala, tandoori chicken, and veggie biryani.

If you want to sit down for a meal, I would order their thali, as it tastes very authentic.

Coriander India Grill

2201 Murray Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217
Phone: 412-904-3654
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The Coriander India Grill
Source: Coriander India Grill

Coriander India Grill is a casual Indian restaurant with a colorful wall and a good amount of booth seating.

It’s located west of Frick Park, so it’s relatively convenient to get to from downtown.

It’s another spot with a sizable buffet, but I enjoy their entree dinners more.

Coriander’s veggie curry, crab fritter, veggie jalfrezi, and Khama stuffed with lamb were all scrumptious and satisfying.

They don’t always have the quickest service, but if you’re in the mood for good, authentic Indian food, this is your spot.

Kabab and Curry Restaurant – Indian and Pakistani Cuisine

2890 Banksville Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15216
Phone: 412-502-2540
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Kabab and Curry Restaurant – Indian and Pakistani Cuisine
Source: Kabab and Curry Restaurant – Indian and Pakistani Cuisine

Kabab and Curry Restaurant is a spacious restaurant serving both Indian and Pakistani fare in Banksville, near Dormant Park.

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I haven’t had a lot of Pakistani food in my life, but I have to say that the chicken karahi here was outstanding.

It’s a Pakistani dish made with chicken, ginger, garlic, tomatoes, and many spices.

The chicken was cooked perfectly, and the spices were just right, not too overwhelming.

I also really enjoyed their vegetable samosas and aloo gobi, a dish made with potato, cauliflower, and spices.

If you’re looking for a new Indian or Pakistani restaurant to try, don’t hesitate to visit Kebab and Curry.

Masala House Indian Bistro

5102 Baum Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15224
Phone: 412-586-7655
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The Masala House Indian Bistro
Source: Masala House Indian Bistro

Masala House Indian Bistro is a small and cozy Indian restaurant located on Baum Boulevard in the Bloomfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

It is undoubtedly one of the best Indian restaurants in Pittsburgh.

This spot is fantastic for both meat-eaters and vegetarians, as they have a wide variety of menu options.

I am a big fan of meat dishes such as chicken biryani and goat curry, but I must say, their veggie items are stiff competition.

I tend to go with my partner and split a big veggie thali, which always feels like a private mini buffet on our table.

People’s Indian Restaurant

5147 Penn Ave #1, Pittsburgh, PA 15224
Phone: 412-661-3160
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People’s Indian Restaurant
Source: People’s Indian Restaurant

People’s Indian Restaurant is a relaxed Indian restaurant serving lunch and dinner in a relatively spacious dining area.

The restaurant is between Garfield and Bloomfield, next to Boom Concepts.

I love going here with a hearty appetite because I always plan on getting appetizers, entrees, and desserts.

Otherwise, I’m going for their lunch buffet!

I’m a huge fan of their vindaloo, and I can’t choose between the lamb and the goat for which one is better, so I recommend trying both.

If you want something a bit out of the box for an Indian restaurant, their chicken tikka masala pizza is quite good!

Spice Affair

8 Brilliant Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15215
Phone: 412-847-7423
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The Spice Affair
Source: Spice Affair

Spice Affair might sound like a restaurant serving exceptionally spicy food, but while they can and will make your food spicy if you want it, that is not necessarily the case. In reality, I think they named themselves Spice Affair because all of their food is well-spiced, thus exceptionally flavorful. Both a BYOB restaurant and restaurant with an outdoor patio, Spice Affair is another fun spot to hang out with a few friends. I recommend ordering chicken curry, chicken saag, and palak paneer, then enjoying all three of those items with their naan sampler.

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