10 Greek Restaurants to Try in Pittsburgh

Check out these popular Greek restaurants in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh has a rich history and ranks highly on many domestic and international lists as one of the most livable cities.

deliciously cooked stifado at pittsburgh greek restaurants

The city features more than 400 bridges due to its location at the combination of the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers where they form the Ohio River.

Visitors won’t lack things to do thanks to the many Pittsburgh professional sports teams, diverse cultural theaters and music venues, and of course, plenty of places to eat.

People came to The Steel City from all over the world for work and brought food from their homelands that we are now lucky enough to enjoy.

Best Greek Restaurants in Pittsburgh

Check out the list below to see some of the best Greek restaurants in Pittsburgh.

Mike & Tony’s Gyros

Multiple locations
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Mike and Tony’s Gyros has five locations spread across Pittsburgh, but I’m going to focus on their Downtown location.

The restaurant is within the city’s Cultural District, home to a variety of theaters, and music halls, and is just minutes from the picturesque Allegheny River.

Mike and Tony’s is a family owned and operated business. They have a dash of the hole-in-the-wall vibe that lets you know you’re about to eat some good food. Next year, they will proudly celebrate being in business for 50 years!

I know it sounds on the nose, but I recommend ordering the gyro.

The gyro meat is deliciously seasoned, they don’t skimp when piling it on the pita, and the gyro sauce ties everything together perfectly.

Make sure to order a piece of baklava for a sweet treat.

The Simple Greek

431 Market St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Phone: 412-261-4976
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The Simple Greek is located in Pittsburgh’s Market Square.

The area is a beautiful small pocket of green featuring a variety of farmers’ markets, bars, restaurants, and food trucks.

It’s a great place to grab some food and a drink before heading out to walk to nearby Point State Park for hiking and site seeing.

This Greek eatery allows you to walk up to the counter and build your own pita or bowl.

Choose your protein, sauce, and toppings to create a perfectly tailored to your tasty meal.

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I recommend ordering some Greek fries on the side.

They come with feta, oregano, garlic salt, and red wine vinegar.

Papa Duke’s

Multiple locations
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The Papas family opened the first Papa Duke’s location in 1983, about an hour outside of Pittsburgh in Aliquippa.

The restaurant became an area go-to, which led the family to open concession stands in Acrisure Stadium, formerly known as Heinz Field and home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and PNC Park.

Keeping it simple is the way to go in this no-frills establishment.

I recommend ordering the gyro sizzler with tzatziki sauce and feta with a side of Greek fries.

I wouldn’t shy away from ordering A Twisted Tale if you’re feeling ravenous. Papa Duke’s combo of spicy beer cheese and deep-fried pretzels is worth the drive by itself.

Both stadium locations serve traditional gyros, chicken gyros, and drinks.

Salonika Imports

3509 Smallman St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201
Phone: 800-794-2256

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Salonika Imports is off the beaten path in one of Pittsburgh’s industrial neighborhoods, but it’s worth the trip.

The location is due to Salonika’s primary business as a retailer of imported Mediterranean culinary products.

They offer a delicious lunch menu that will have you asking for the recipe and buying the ingredients when you’ve finished eating.

I recommend going simple and ordering the hummus wrap.

They wrap Kalamata olives, feta, roasted red peppers, and onions inside warm pita bread.

I enjoyed this meal because it is easy to recreate at home, and you know you’re getting authentic ingredients when purchasing from Salonika’s market.

Amel’s Restaurant

435 McNeilly Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15226
Phone: 412-563-3466
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Amel’s Restaurant is located in a residential neighborhood about 20 minutes outside of Downtown Pittsburgh.

The restaurant has a strong early 90s vibe with low lighting, carpets, and white tablecloths.

It kind of feels like the community spot that hasn’t changed since it opened decades ago – because it hasn’t.

The feel has stayed the same throughout the years, but so has the food and service quality.

There is a reason this is the go-to spot for locals wanting delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

Kabob lovers will feel at home at Amel’s.

You’ll have no trouble finding something to your liking between options of lamb, Egyptian-spiced chicken, shrimp, and more.

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They also have tasty burgers if you’re in the mood for Mediterranean food but are going out with someone who isn’t a fan.

BFG Café

5335 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224
Phone: 412-661-2345
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BFG Café is the passion project of John Edgos, who wanted to provide affordable and quality Mediterranean and Greek cuisine in the up-and-coming Garfield neighborhood.

He opened the restaurant in 2010, and it’s now a staple in the community as the go-to place for a quick and delicious meal.

I recommend trying one of BFG Café’s vegetarian dishes.

Mediterranean cuisine does amazing things with vegetables, and this restaurant knows how to prepare them to perfection.

You can’t go wrong with the moussaka, a dish featuring eggplant, sweet potatoes, onion, lentil, roasted red pepper, and chickpeas, and topped with a creamy Bechamel sauce.

Apollo Cafe

429 Forbes Ave #100, Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone: 412-471-3033
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Apollo Café began serving delicious no-fuss Greek food in Downtown Pittsburgh in 1988.

The family-owned restaurant is only open Monday-Friday for breakfast and lunch, making it a staple for the local business crowd.

Variety is a key feature of Apollo’s menu.

They serve everything from American-style burgers to Greek salads with fresh, authentic feta, but soup has made the restaurant famous.

You can enjoy different homemade soups each day of the week, from minestrone and chicken barley on Monday to seafood bisque and chicken noodle on Friday.

They offer vegetarian chili, tomato basil, and broccoli cheddar daily.

Alihan’s Mediterranean Cuisine

124 6th St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Phone: 412-888-0630
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Alihan’s Mediterranean Cuisine is conveniently-located under a parking garage just across the Allegheny River from PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

You’d be wrong if you pictured a restaurant under a parking garage to be gritty, Alihan’s is a fine dining experience that somehow still feels comfortable.

You’ll find a variety of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options on the menu, and all meat is locally sourced and halal.

I recommend ordering the chicken Adana kebab.

This kebab features chicken breasts traditionally prepared in the style of Adana, Turkey.

They also serve ayran, a traditional Turkish yogurt drink that pairs deliciously with your kebab.

Knossos Gyros

1439 Potomac Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15216
Phone: 412-341-3435

Knossos Gyros is old school.

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From the countertops that are probably original to when the restaurant opened in 1979 to the backlit black lettered menu, everything about this place takes you back in time.

The neighborhood, complete with quiet laid back cobblestone streets and a plethora of local businesses helps with the time travel feeling.

Typically, I’d recommend ordering a gyro from a place with gyro in the name, and you can’t go wrong doing so, but don’t sleep on the Polish menu offerings you won’t usually find side-by-side with Greek staples.

So don’t choose between the two.

Embrace the pocket foods and order Greek grape leaves and Polish pierogis. Stuff yourself and take the leftovers home to enjoy later.

Lindos Restaurant

947 Western Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15233
Phone: 412-231-0110
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Lindos is a great place to enjoy breakfast or lunch during a day of exploring with the family in Pittsburgh’s Northside.

The Greek restaurant is minutes from PNC Park, Carnegie Science Center, and the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.

This community staple has been serving Green cuisine in its neighborhood since 1980.

Lindos is known for its no-frills Greek comfort food that hits the spot.

I recommend going during breakfast and ordering one of their delicious omelets.

And by one of their omelets, I mean the Fat Greek.

Gyro meat and feta combined with onions and green peppers make an omelet experience breakfast lovers should not pass up.


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