Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants To Try in Phoenix

Phoenix is a unique city in Arizona known for the hot weather and southwest dining. The Desert Botanical Garden, the Phoenix Zoo, and the Musical Instrument Museum are points of interest for locals and visitors. What you may not know is that Phoenix has a variety of vegan and vegetarian restaurants. As a person that still consumes meat, I wasn’t sure what to expect when my friend suggested I try their favorite vegan eateries.

friends enjoying healthy vegan dishes at a restaurant in phoenix

I was pleasantly surprised by how much flavor the food had, how fresh everything was, and how the restaurants were welcoming. There were more options than I thought would be available for strictly plant-based cuisines, but it was a wonderful experience. Cauliflower tacos are now my fav! Check out my list of the best vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Phoenix!

Green New American Vegetarian

2022 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85006
Phone: 602-258-1870
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Green New American Vegetarian restaurant is in Midtown Phoenix between the Phoenix Art Museum and the Heard Museum. It is a modestly decorated establishment that offers American comfort foods, vegan-style. They also have an excellent selection of wine, beer, and fresh drinks like tea and lemonade. Influenced by a variety of cultures and cooking methods, there’s something for everyone at Green.

Suppose you’re unsure about the menu because you’re not entirely vegan. No worries. This restaurant has a friendly staff that will help you pick dishes they think you’ll enjoy. Green NAV strives to use organic ingredients whenever possible, and everything is entirely plant-based. The vegan cheeses, mock meats, and organic desserts are genuinely delicious. I recommend the Spicy Buffalo wings, Crab Puffs, Eggless Rolls, and the East Coast Fries!

Veggie Village

1255 E Northern Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85020
Phone: 602-944-1088
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The Veggie Village is near the Palo Verde Animal Hospital, not too far from the Arizona Canal. This chic eatery has a counter-serve style, and the setting is relaxed and inviting to all, vegan/vegetarian or not. The cuisine is Asian fusion, and they seek to help people understand the versatility of vegetarian foods and the depth of flavors that you can still achieve.

Locals rave about the freshness of the food, the plate presentation, and the quality service you receive. The menu is extensive, and the portion sizes at Veggie Village make it an excellent choice for those that want to sample different things and share with friends and family. Some of the most popular items include Miso Soup, Kung Pao Chicken, Pad Thai, and Orange Chicken.

Desert Roots Kitchen

414 S Mill Ave #111, Tempe, AZ 85281
Phone: 480-382-0228
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The Desert Roots Kitchen is in Courtyard Shops, which is a shopping mall in Tempe, AZ. You’ll have to walk around through a short courtyard to reach the restaurant, as it is tucked away in a back corner. This trendy vegetarian cafe boasts a globally-inspired menu, uses all local ingredients, and the menu changes each day. They also offer outdoor seating on the patio.

The atmosphere is laid-back, and the servers are happy to have you. The staff assures you an entirely vegan menu, with almost no gluten included in the dishes. They also offer special discounts and deals that you can inquire about at the counter.

You can tell that the food gets prepared with love and care. The flavors are surprisingly intense, in a good way. If you’re ever in the area, try the Nachos Mac and Cheese, the Cheesy Pasta Kale Salad, the Mango Slaw Bean Salad, Air-Fried Plantains, or a Super Smoothie, if they have it that day. They also serve breakfast!


5555 N 7th St STE 108, Phoenix, AZ 85014
Phone: 602-283-5168
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On my trip to Phoenix, I came across Verdura, located in the Cinema Park Village Shopping Center, next to Bashas Supermarket. It is without a doubt one of the best vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Phoenix. They have good music, great food, outdoor seating, friendly service, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you want quality vegan food at affordable prices, this is the place to come.

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The menu has a lot of chicken substitutes, and the space is airy and bright, great for kids as well! You get excellent portion sizes with anything you order, and I can’t comment enough on the tasty Carne Asada Nachos. Their vegetarian-friendly menu also has General Pow Cauliflower, which came cooked perfectly. Don’t pass up this hidden gem in the heart of Phoenix.

Earth Plant Based Cuisine

1325 Grand Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: 480-465-2110
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If you follow a vegan diet, live in Phoenix, and haven’t tried Earth Plant Based Cuisine, you’re missing out! It’s in the Desert Sun Plaza, with a variety of other shops. They also have outdoor seating available. It’s a Mexican-style restaurant known for its vegan burritos, tacos, flautas, and incredible soy and gluten-free options. The space is open, and the vibes are upbeat.

They also believe in conserving and protecting the planet. Many of the furnishings in their restaurant come from repurposed and recycled materials. Their homemade dishes are flavorful, and the chefs use organic foods as much as possible. This vegan-friendly restaurant met all my expectations when it came to making me believe that vegetarian food could be delicious. I highly recommend the Chorizo Fries, Shrimp Tacos, and the Churro Ice Cream!

The Coronado

2245 N 12th St, Phoenix, AZ 85006
Phone: 602-767-8133
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The Coronado is a vegan restaurant, bar, and coffee shop situated in the historic and cozy Coronado neighborhood. The service at this place is phenomenal, and the atmosphere is genuinely welcoming. Out of all the vegetarian dishes that I’ve tried, I’ve never had better Cauliflower tacos! The eatery is surprisingly stylish, with a lot of outdoor space on the patio and an open layout inside.

They offer freshly baked pastries every day, and they have a seasonal menu to ensure the ingredients are fresh consistently.

Coronado also has happy hour daily and brunch specials every weekend featuring vegan-friendly dishes that’ll shock your taste buds. The plate presentation is spectacular, and the food is just as good as it looks. Try their famous biscuits and gravy, the Chimichanga, or the Beet and Quinoa Burger if you’re in town.

Pomegranate Cafe

4025 E Chandler Blvd #28, Phoenix, AZ 85048
Phone: 480-706-7472
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The Pomegranate Cafe is in Plaza @ Mountainside shopping center, next to Trader Joe’s Supermarket. This eatery features vegan dishes and raw foods and juices in a cozy building with sidewalk seating. It’s fun and bright inside, and the service is stellar. The Pom Cafe is a community space where friends come together over healthy foods packed with nutritious ingredients and delicious flavors.

Everything gets made from scratch here, and they use high-quality, organic ingredients for all fresh juices, desserts, bread, and more. This location is comfortable, and the vibes are relaxed. You can’t go wrong with anything from this impressive menu, but the veggie breakfast tacos, the Dragon Bowl with quinoa and tofu, and the Great Lavender latte are heavenly!

Vegan House

20 W Adams St, Phoenix, AZ 85003
Phone: 602-258-3426
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The Vegan House is in downtown Phoenix, and they serve Asian food and fresh sandwiches from local ingredients and gluten/soy substitutes. The atmosphere is fun, and the decor is chic. Flavorful vegan food is waiting for anyone eager to taste authentic Asian cuisine in a healthier way. The seafood and meats are plant-based and equally delicious.

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Their Jungle Noodles, Orange Soy Chicken, and Yellow Curry are amongst the most unique and tasty items on their vegetarian-friendly menu. I make it my business to stop by the Vegan House whenever I’m in town because you’re guaranteed excellent service and exceptional vegan cuisine with a twist.

Early Bird Vegan

1712 E Broadway Rd Unit 3, Phoenix, AZ 85040
Phone: 602-612-3578
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Early Bird Vegan, in South Phoenix, near the Salt River, is a vegan spot with great music and upbeat vibes. The service is excellent, and they also offer a lot of awesome products that you can buy for yourself and cook at home. You can grab-and-go or dine-in where you can enjoy good company over a healthy meal.

Additionally, all of their desserts are egg and dairy-free. They also serve fresh juices with boosters to get your day started right. Don’t hesitate to try the Classic cheeseburger, Lavender smoothie, Cheeze Cake, or the Pizza Rolls if you drop by.

The Uprooted Kitchen

3000 E Ray Rd Building 6, Suite 105
Phone: 480-459-9625
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The Uprooted Kitchen is near the Agritopia Community Gardens on E. Ray Rd. This restaurant specializes in vegan cuisine, and it has a rustic and warm hora about it. The modest decor is ideal as the basis for bright and festive occasions. Simply put, this is the place to go to enjoy quality vegan food.

Everyone from the chef to the staff has a natural energy about them that makes you feel the love and care in the entire establishment, and it is even more apparent when you taste the food! Here are some must-haves on your first stop to Uprooted Kitchen: Tofu scramble, Vegan lasagna with salad, and the Pumpkin Cashew cheesecake!

Fresh Mint

13802 N Scottsdale Rd #161, Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Phone: 480-443-2556
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Fresh Mint is a great place to enjoy some authentic vegan food, and if you find yourself having trouble locating it, you can find it nestled right next to Taco Bell. It’s safe to say that Fresh Mint has a fun atmosphere with bright colors to brighten up your mood.

Food done elegantly is what you can expect from Fresh Mint, and you can expect it to get prepared professionally and with quality every time. Their precision is unmatched.

They have yet to miss the mark, serving delicious food each time. When you finally make it to Fresh Mint, you have to try the delightful Golden Soy Chicken and rice and Mongolian soy beer dinner, which are local favorites!

GuacStar Kitchen & Cantina

920 E University Dr #204, Tempe, AZ 85281
Phone: 480-219-9272
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vegan restaurant in phoenix

Nestled right next to Raising Cane’s is a hidden gem, GuacStar Kitchen and Cantina. Who said you couldn’t enjoy the finest of fine dining at a vegan restaurant? That’s not the case here. The atmosphere is stunning, and from the moment you walk in, the experience is top-notch.

The decor is modern and elegant, ripe for making special memories, and somehow the food is just as pretty as the establishment. Here are some fan favorites on the GuacStar Kitchen and Cantina menu that you have to try on your visit: Smothered Burrito grande, the delectable mushroom tacos, and the breakfast burrito. All of these dishes come layered in flavor!

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Giving Tree Cafe

2024 N 7th St #111, Phoenix, AZ 85006
Phone: 480-630-0200
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Right across the street from America’s Taco Shop is the Giving Tree Cafe. The atmosphere is fresh and modern. The ambiance is inviting and warm; what’s more, the space is open, making it ripe for festive times. The Giving Tree Cafe is the destination for vegan food done the right way!

Fine dining at its best is the way to describe the Giving Tree Cafe objectively. The superb service and the dedication that every person has are uncanny. The vibe alone makes you want to keep coming back.

Here are some of our dishes of choice that you should try the next time you’re in the neighborhood: The crunch wrap supreme, the flavorful vegan seafood gumbo, and the Buddha Bowl.


4115 N 19th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85015
Phone: 602-586-3991
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If you’re ever in the mood for fresh vegan cuisine made with quality ingredients, Panchama is the place to be, and you can find it located directly across the street from Burger King. The modest decor makes for a warm atmosphere, and it’s evident that at Panchama, the main attraction is the delicious food.

This vegan cuisine is heavily influenced by Mexican food. Here you can find anything from tacos to burritos and more. Here are some fun dishes that we found to be delightful, which are must-haves: 3 Tacos De Papa, Cerviche De Mi Corazón, and the rich in flavor Scrambanzo Burrito.


2014 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85006
Phone: 602-258-6264
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Nami is a quaint restaurant that serves vegan breakfast and specializes in organic sweets! You can find Nami right beside one of our favorite restaurants on this list, the Giving Tree Cafe. This combo is sure to make your day. If you ever find yourself with a sweet tooth, drop Nami, and they are sure to satisfy it.

Drop by earlier to try the excellent Breakfast options such as their famous breakfast burritos. Breakfast stops being served at 10:30. At any rate, if a sweet tooth is what you have, try these sweets on for size. I tried the Banana Cream Pie, Cookies ‘n Cream, and the fruity Soy Capitan. They were all delicious!

True Food Kitchen

2502 E Camelback Rd Suite 135, Phoenix, AZ 85016
Phone: 602-774-3488
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True Food Kitchen is what you would call a hidden gem. It’s even off in an obscure location, a moment’s drive away from the AC Hotel by Marriott Phoenix Biltmore. When you first walk in, the modern decor and vibrancy immediately capture your attention. You can enjoy vegan food done elegantly with an artistic flair!

The service is over the top. The servers will even help you navigate the menu according to your dietary restrictions. The dining experience at the True Food Kitchen is second to none. Try some of these delicious dishes the next time you’re in the neighborhood: Butternut Squash vegan pizza, Edamame veggie dumplings, and a favorite among the locals, the Poke bowl.

Scramble, a Breakfast & Lunch Joint

Multiple locations
Visit Website

You can find this vegan breakfast joint in many locations sprinkled throughout Arizona due to its success and popularity. Each site has its own identity, but the overall feel for all locations is a modern and warm atmosphere. A few of these locations even have excellent sitting areas for those perfect summer days.

Here you can be sure to receive some clean and delicious food. They have a wide selection of food. It includes options that are made with delicious Vegan eggs. Here are some of our favorites on our stop at this breakfast establishment: The avocado toast, the mushroom, and bacon scrambled eggs and the Chorizo Burrito.

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