Sizzling Success: Bake’n Bacon Transforms from Food Truck to Trendy South Philly Eatery

Philadelphia’s culinary scene has a new and exciting addition: Bake’n Bacon, a bacon-themed restaurant that has opened its doors in South Philly. This unique dining establishment is the brainchild of Justin Coleman and Kelvin Alexander, who first launched Bake’n Bacon as a food truck in 2019. Their journey from a mobile eatery to a brick-and-mortar restaurant marks a significant milestone in their culinary adventure.

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Bake’n Bacon occupies the former location of Devil’s Den at 1148 S. 11th St. in East Passyunk. This 2,500 square foot space is not just a restaurant; it also houses a bar and private event space, with seating for 86 guests in the dining area. The restaurant’s décor features whitewashed brick, floral wallpaper, Instagrammable neon signs, and inspirational messages, creating a trendy and inviting atmosphere.

The menu at Bake’n Bacon is a tribute to all things bacon. It includes a variety of bacon sandwiches, bacon-themed cakes, and even mocktails rimmed with bacon salt. The restaurant currently operates as a BYOB establishment while it awaits its liquor license. In addition to its bacon-centric offerings, Bake’n Bacon also caters to diverse dietary preferences with vegan and non-bacon options. Sweet treats like bacon and brownie cheesecake, and a pound cake with bacon-caramel sauce, are part of the menu, adding a delightful twist to traditional desserts.

The story behind Bake’n Bacon is both touching and inspiring. Justin Coleman was motivated to start a bacon-themed business following a dream about his late brother Derek, who suggested the idea. This dream led to the creation of Bake’n Bacon, a venture that symbolizes the fulfillment of a personal and entrepreneurial dream. Coleman’s journey reflects his deep faith and his belief in using challenging experiences as opportunities for growth and betterment.

The restaurant’s opening hours are dinner service Wednesday to Thursday from 4-11 p.m. and Friday to Sunday from 5-11 p.m. With plans to add a Resy option for reservations, guests can currently make bookings by phone.

Bake’n Bacon’s journey from a food truck serving chocolate-covered strawberries with bacon shavings at a festival to a full-fledged restaurant in one of Philadelphia’s vibrant neighborhoods is a testament to the power of innovation and community support. Its unique bacon-themed concept, combined with a commitment to quality and a welcoming atmosphere, makes it a promising addition to Philadelphia’s diverse dining scene.

For more details about Bake’n Bacon, you can visit their official website at Bake’n Bacon.

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