Must-Try Wineries and Vineyards Near Philadelphia

While places like California are known for their many vineyards and wineries, the east coast has its fair share of beautiful spots to get wine!

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Specifically, I want to highlight the best wineries and vineyards near Philadelphia, and some places that are in Philly too! Yes, you can enjoy a local, delicious glass of wine without even leaving the city.

From buttery Chardonnays out in Blue Bell to robust Merlots in the heart of Philly, this list will clue you into the 12 best wineries and vineyards you can visit if you live in or are visiting Philadelphia.

Best Wineries and Vineyards Near Philadelphia

Check out my list of the best wineries and vineyards near Philadelphia below!

Penns Woods Winery

124 Beaver Valley Rd, Chadds Ford, PA 19317
Phone: 610-459-0808
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The Penns Woods Winery is located in Chadds Ford, right near the Pennsylvania-Delaware border. The winery is quaint and charming with a laidback, cottage-like feeling.

They have adorable Kentucky Derby-themed weekends where you can dress fancy and wear crazy hats, but the standard vibe is organic and simple.

You can sit at long picnic tables with checkered tablecloths, enjoying the quintessential picnic vibe with a delicious glass of wine.

I adore the understated lovely appearance of this place, but their wine is anything but understated. Of all the delectable varieties I tried, Pinot Noir 2019 stood out the most, with a bright flavor profile and stunning color.

Va La Vineyards

8820 Gap Newport Pike, Avondale, PA 19311
Phone: 610-268-2702
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Va La Vineyards is nestled in a lush area of Avondale between the Trout Run and Lenni Lenape Run streams off of Penn Green Road.

This rustic vineyard has an organic and homey feeling that invites you in and makes you comfortable and cozy.

The large farmhouse is beautiful in a rural way and is a stunning setting for a romantic Christmastime trip to a vineyard.

Inside, the tables are old wine barrels and fairy lights are wrapped around the banners inside, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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I’m usually partial to red wine, but their La Prima Donna has made me a white wine lover too. It’s an amber field blend with a refreshing and complex flavor.

Seven Mountains Wine Cellars

324 Decker Valley Rd, Spring Mills, PA 16875
Phone: 215-238-9022
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Seven Mountains Wine Cellars is an endearing area at the corner of Decker Valley Road and Ferne Ridge Lane near Potters Mills.

The casual woodsy winery has outdoor tables with checkered tablecloths and folding chairs, so it’s very laidback and ideal for an informal winery visit and it’s very family-friendly.

They have lots of fun events like campfire nights and music performances. I find their wines to be lavish and lush, with robust flavors and distinct colors that make them memorable.

I adore their spicy, dry malbec that is hearty and mouthwatering. But I also recommend their Rose of Cabernet Franc, which has a soft, delicate flavor with a tasty punch.

Blue Ridge Estate Vineyard & Winery

239 Blue Ridge Road Saylorsburg, PA 18353
Phone: 215-238-9022
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The Blue Ridge Vineyard is a large plot of land between Blue Ridge Road and Frantz Road in Saylorsburg, PA. This massive family-friendly winery is the perfect place to go on the weekends with the kiddos and enjoy some sensational bottles of wine.

The location is stunning, overlooking 17,000 square feet of land and the Pocono Mountains, creating a picturesque spot.

I love sipping wine on their cute porch or at the beautiful wood bar. Theur Enjoy Life Cabernet Sauvignon is my favorite bottle, as it has an energetic and vibrant flavor with a rich red color.

Adams County Winery

251 Peach Tree Rd, Orrtanna, PA 17353
Phone: 717-334-4631
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The Adams County Winery is off Orchard Road and Scott School Road. This winery is easily one of my favorites in Pennsylvania because it’s teaming with colorful flowers and lush greenery, making you feel like you’re drinking in a botanical garden.

It’s the perfect relaxing getaway spot, even just for a few hours.

Despite the fairy-like energy, the winery is casual, so no need to dress up! The best part about this winery is that they have wine-tasting flights, so you can enjoy several options at once.

Their bottles are playful and unique, like the Cotton Cnady Dreams, Peachy Bees, and Stray Cut Strut bottles, which are all sweet and rich with lovely colors.

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Galen Glen Winery

255 Winter Mountain Dr, Andreas, PA 18211
Phone: 570-386-3682
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Galen Glen Winery is off Winter Mountain Drive and Locust Lane. The green rolling hills and plush trees make for some sensational views.

The winery itself is comfortable and laidback, so it’s perfect for a lunch date or casual outing.

Their 2021 Cabernet Franc and 2021 Red German Bastards are some of the best wines I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying.

They’re toothsome and strike the perfect balance between sweet and bitter, so every sip is a delightful surprise of complex flavors and intricate hints of different ingredients.

Karamoor Estate Vineyard and Winery

6118 Butler Pike, Blue Bell, PA 19422
Phone: 215-641-0233
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Off of Butler Pike and Route 73, this vineyard and winery is a charming spot in the lovely town of Blue Bell.

I adore the quaint and beautiful vibe of this place, with an indoor/outdoor structure where you can enjoy the gorgeous views while sipping on top-notch wine.

With Edison lightbulbs and chunky wood beams, the outdoor/indoor seating area is heavenly and cozy. You can also grab one of the outdoor tables with an umbrella!

I want to shout out the 2019 Petit Verdot and 2017 Cabernet Franc, but my favorite wine was the 2017 Meritage, a unique and titillating red blend.

Sand Castle Winery

755 River Rd, Erwinna, PA 18920
Phone: 800-722-9463
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Sand Castle Winery is right by the Golden Pheasant Inn on the coast near Marshall Island. You can get there via Tinicum Creek Road if you drive past Cedar Lane and then follow the coast to the winery.

It’s called the sand castle because the building is a sand-colored, fortress-like structure with sharp edges and a majestic but commanding vibe.

The inside is posh, with stunning rugs and dazzling chandeliers. I am obsessed with their signature Chardonnay and the Dry Riesling, which both deliver soft, buttery flavors with hints of bright fruit that tickle the tongue!

Galer Estate Vineyard and Winery

700 Folly Hill Rd, Kennett Square, PA 19348
Phone: 484-899-8013
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You can find this spot off E Street Road or Valley Road in Kennett Square. It has a rustic farmhouse vibe with a flair. It has amazing stained glass windows, charming barrel tables, and charming wrought iron fences and doors.

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They offer wine flights, which is an automatic win in my book. Their wine offerings rotate, but my favorite is the Red Lion Chardonnay from 2020, which has a luscious and smooth texture with a mellow flowery, and fruity taste that hits all the right notes.

I also love how this winery offers yoga classes, meditation, and more, creating a friendly, community vibe.

Mural City Cellars (Wine Garden)

2011 Amber St, Philadelphia, PA 19125
Phone: 215-240-1318
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Mural City Cellars is in the heart of Philly in the Kensington neighborhoods on the corner of E Norris Street around the corner from Martha Street, so you can taste local wines without leaving the city.

This urban winery is a modern and lovely spot to enjoy some fantastic wine.

The small outdoor tables are intimate and let you soak up the sun. And the interior is equally as endearing, with leather couches and a refined appearance.

The entire vibe is artistic and contemporary, which you can tell from the wine labels. The Marlot 2021 is my top pick because of the bright acidity and vibrant fruit flavors.

Nosey Palate

1516 N 5th St #213, Philadelphia, PA 19122
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Nosey Palate is off of W Oxford Street in North Philly. This winery is exciting and whimsical, with an Alice in Wonderland type of vibe mixed with the charm and elegance of a summer wedding.

They offer yoga classes, magic shows, and more, so it’s a brilliant place to connect with others. I adore their red and white wines, which beautifully showcase the rich flavors of both varieties.

They also serve food, so you don’t have to drink on an empty stomach!

Cyrenity Sips Winery

31 S York Rd, Hatboro, PA 19040
Phone: 267-387-8405
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This winery is near the Hatboro Staton off E Moreland Avenue nestled between a bunch of other small stores and eateries.

The atmosphere is bright and playful, with a mesmerizing flower wall and adorable and artistic signs everywhere.

It’s casual and sweet, with a superb array of wines. And, they have flights, which automatically makes me love this place.

I tried many of their wines, but my favorite was the Emerecell Sangiovese, which had a deep and bold flavor that was exciting and calming simultaneously.

I love red and white wine, but I want to also recommend the scrumptious dessert wines!

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  1. Your nuts. There are so many more wineries that are better. Most of these are not near Philly but nothing good is near Philly anyway. Try getting out and heading to Lehigh Valley (Clover Hill, Franklin Hills). Or head to NJ (Monroeville, Cedar Rose, Auburn Road) and there are several close to Philly that are really good. You really missed on this one!!!

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