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Our Favorite Wine Stores in Philadelphia, PA

You can always go to your local liquor store and buy some basic bottles of wine, but why do that when you can check out a fabulous and elegant specialty wine shop?

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Most people don’t realize how many top-notch wine stores and shops are in Philly, but I’m here to tell you about my favorites. I rounded up 11 of my favorite little shops to grab a fancy bottle of white or sit and sip on a tasty glass of red.

Many of these places offer more than just wine, so you can buy craft beer or artisan cheese and charcuterie. Some spots even serve food! Check out my list of the best wine shops in Philadelphia below.

Best Wine Shops in Philadelphia

Check out my list of the best wine shops in Philadelphia below.


414 S 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19147 
Phone: 267-319-8018
Visit Website

The Bloosmday Cafe is a quaint cafe that also has a small and vibrant wine store! The cafe has a vintage and classy vibe that is also cozy and comfortable.

You can’t miss it with the cute green doors and big glass windows. The fancy wine shop only sells natural wine, which is sustainable, renewable, and regenerative.

I love coming in here because I always feel welcome and the staff are so helpful and knowledgeable.

The collection of wines is diverse and unique, offering one-of-a-kind Chardonnays and dazzling Merlots that make wine from the standard liquor store seem appalling.

Tinys Bottle Shop

3124 Richmond St Rear, Philadelphia, PA 19134 
Phone: 267-639-6842
Visit Website

Tinys Bottle Shop is along the Delaware River and in the center of the Port Richmond neighborhood.

This sunny store is bright and cheerful with a subtle rustic vibe. They sell natural wine, cider, and beer, so it’s one of the best spots to buy organic wine.

The employees and personable and charming, making it easy to chat about wines and learn something you may not have known!

They always have a great selection, so you can try a new wine every time you stop by.

Le Caveau

614 S 7th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147 
Visit Website

Le Caveua is in the middle of the Bella Vista neighborhood near Queen Village off Kater Street. It’s a wine store and eatery, so you can order food, try some wine, and then take a delicious bottle home to keep the tasty experience going.

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They offer sensational wines from winemakers like Christophe Mignon, Mouzon Leroux, Famille Mosse, Ross and Bee Maloof, Brianne Day, and Martha Stoumen.

The diverse selection caters to everyone, so no matter what kind of wine you like, you’ll find something that will dazzle your tastebuds.

Cork, the Wine Shop at Cook

253 S 20th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103 
Phone: 215-735-2665
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Cork is in the Rittenhouse neighborhood, just a block or so from Rittenhouse Square and The Rosenback Library.

This store is heaven for wine lovers like me, as the shelves are packed with eccentric wines and rare brands, so you can find something truly exotic and exciting here.

They also offer cooking classes where you can learn some spectacular recipes and techniques from pros. Plus, they’ll help you learn how to pair wine with different dishes!

It has a polished but cozy feel with a sweet staff and large windows out front with the store name painted on the front.

Di Bruno Bros.

1730 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19103 
Phone: 215-665-9220
Visit Website

Just a few blocks from Philadelphia City Hall and One Liberty Place, this wine store is a lovely place to stop if you’re visiting the city.

This store is all about offering local products, which makes it endearing and special. Whenever I visit a new city, I try to enjoy as many locally sourced things as possible, and Di Bruno Bros. makes it easy in Philly!

They have a delightful “cheese cave” where you can buy mouthwatering blocks of various kinds of cheese. The store also features a wine bar, coffee bar, a meat and seafood selection, a curated wine and beer section, and a gourmet grocery store!

It’s quaint and classy, like a charming little grocery store you might find in a small European village.

The Bottle Shop

1616 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148
Phone: 215-551-5551
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You can find The Bottle Shop in East Passyunk near the Singing Fountain off Tasker Street. I love how distinct this store is, and I see it as a funky cross between a fancy bodega and a casual bar.

I know it sounds unusual, and it is! It’s unusually brilliant with beer on tap from local breweries, dazzling wines, twelve packs of the beers you know and love, and everything in between.

My favorite part is you can take stuff to go. The setup makes it appropriate for an intimate evening with someone sipping on foamy beers or you can just pop in grab some craft wine and then head home to enjoy!

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Sally Philadelphia

2229 Spruce St, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: 267-773-7178
Visit Website

Sally is a classic pizza restaurant that also sells bottles of wine! It’s near Schuylkill River Park in Fitler Square on the corner of S 23rd Street and Spruce Street.

I know this list is about the best wine stores in Philadelphia, but you can’t go here without at least trying the pizza too!

Along with their robust and interesting organic wine selection, they also serve sourdough pizza, scrumptious small plates, and more.

The restaurant has an authentic but modern Italian vibe and every employee is welcoming and helpful. I recommend pairing their saucy mushroom and egg red pizza with a bottle of local Pinot Noir!

Richmond Bottle Shop

In Fishtown Crossing, 2401-2499 Aramingo Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125 
Phone: 215-425-5690
Visit Website

You can find this shop near the Delaware River bank in the Kensington neighborhood. It’s in a large shopping complex off of E Cumberland Street, so you can do other shopping after visiting the store.

This wine shop has the more traditional liquor store feel but is still an elevated spot with plenty of natural wine bottles and other offerings.

This quirky spot offers everything, including sushi, artisan cheeses, fresh produce, and delicious sandwiches! And, of course, they have a massive wine aisle to satisfy your vino needs.

I recommend checking out their website before going because they often have stellar discounts and digital coupons available.

9th Street Bottle Shop

920 S 9th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147 
Phone: 215-560-8745
Visit Website

This wine shop is in the heart of Philly’s Italian Market area, so you know it’s going to be sensational. It’s a small, charming spot that’s been around for decades. You can buy cheese, charcuterie, gourmet snacks, wine bottles, craft beer, and more.

I’ve tried a few of their wine offerings over the years and am always impressed. It’s a fabulous and diverse selection that guarantees you can try something new everything you go.

One of my favorite bottles I’ve ever taken home was the DB & Friends Wine Series aromatic White Blend!

Fishtown Social

1525 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125 
Visit Website

Fishtown Social is in the Fishtown neighborhood near Palmer Park on the corner of E Oxford Street and Frankford Avenue.

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It’s an elevated and stunning bar with a wine shop inside! They sell sustainable, organic, biodynamic, and natural wine, so you can feel good about each bottle you buy.

I won’t dive deep into their cocktail offerings because we’re talking about wine here, but their cocktails are fabulous.

As for wine, I’m obsessed with their Amassa Rouge and Domaine de la Patience Red Vin Rouge. Even the names of the wines make my mouth water!

Jet Wine Bar

1525 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19146 
Phone: 123-456-7890
Visit Website

Jet Wine Bar is located on South Street, a few blocks from Peirce College off South Broad Street.

It’s one of my favorite spots to take friends when they’re in town because the outdoor seating area is relaxing and cute, with fairy lights strung above and faux plants that add some delightful color. And I can bring my dog!

It’s a colorful bar with one-of-a-kind wine offerings. I recommend buying tickets to one of their wine tastings.

I appreciate the wine packs they sell, like the Ancient World Red Wines option, which comes with three bottles: Karasakiz, Ojaleshi, and Merlot-Cabernet Franc.

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