Where to Enjoy Tapas & Small Plates in Philadelphia

It’s no shock that there’s plenty of amazing foods to try in Philadelphia; and with so many restaurants to test out, it can be easy to overestimate your stomach and end up eating way more than you were hungry for.

Friends enjoying appetizers at a tapas restaurant in Philadelphia

The solution? Tapas restaurants. Tapas or an appetizer or snack are perfect for sharing or keeping to yourself if you’re just a little bit hungry.

I’ve put together a list of my favorite tapas spots in town so you can try them out for yourself.

Whether you like to order drinks or prefer to bring your own bottle, there’s a great place for everyone on this list. From wine bars to cocktail specialists, you’ll find yourself relaxed with a drink in hand a tasty snacks on the table. Keep reading to learn more about each location!

Best Tapas Restaurants in Philadelphia


217-219 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19106
Phone: (215) 625-2450
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Established in 2005, Amada is another restaurant serving Spanish cuisine in the form of small plates. With two dining rooms, a lounge, a bar, and even a private event space, there’s plenty of room for everyone at this spot.

Amada offers a pretty large menu, but the tapas are the star of the show here. Be sure to try the datiles, piquillos, ensalada queso de cabra, or coca de alcachofas. Don’t forget to sip on a drink as well like some sangria, gin, or a cocktail!

Tria Cafe Rittenhouse

123 S 18th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: 215-972-8742
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Situated in the vibrant Rittenhouse Square neighborhood, Tria Café Rittenhouse is a culinary haven for tapas enthusiasts.

Just a stone’s throw away from the iconic park, this cozy and contemporary restaurant offers an intimate and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for gathering with friends or enjoying a romantic evening. 

Tria Café Rittenhouse specializes in an impressive selection of small plates and shareable dishes inspired by global flavors. I love the Artichoke Hearts with Pecorino and Black Trumpet Vinaigrette.

Complement your meal with their extensive wine list, featuring a curated collection of local and international wines, or explore their craft beer offerings.

This cozy cafe with an always-evolving menu promises a good time when you’re in Philly. 


237 St James Pl, Philadelphia, PA 19106
Phone: 215-625-8800
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Zahav has some of the best tapas in Philadelphia. This culinary jewel transports diners on a remarkable journey through the flavors of Israeli cuisine.

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Located near the famous Powell House mansion, this award-winning restaurant boasts a warm ambiance with a blend of modern and Middle Eastern aesthetics. 

Zahav’s menu showcases a tantalizing array of mezze dishes and grilled specialties. Indulge in their signature hummus, expertly prepared with a velvety texture and accompanied by freshly baked laffa bread.

From the succulent slow-roasted lamb shoulder to the fragrant grilled eggplant, each dish meticulously crafted with a harmonious balance of spices and herbs.

Enhance your culinary adventure with their diverse selection of Israeli wines and craft cocktails. 

El Vez

121 S 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: 215-928-9800
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El Vez is in Philadelphia’s bustling Midtown Village. It’s a vibrant and lively Mexican restaurant that has a festive atmosphere.

Situated just steps away from the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, this lively eatery captures the essence of modern Mexican cuisine with a playful twist.

El Vez boasts a colorful and eclectic décor featuring vibrant murals, eye-catching artwork, and an energetic bar area. 

The menu showcases a fusion of traditional and contemporary Mexican flavors, with dishes like their signature Guacamole and inventive tacos.

Sip on their refreshing margaritas or sample from their extensive tequila and mezcal collection.

Whether you enjoy a casual lunch, a celebratory dinner, or a late-night fiesta, El Vez promises a lively and flavorful experience.


124 S 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: 215-732-3501
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Sampan is a hidden gem that offers the best tapas in Philadelphia with its modern and adventurous take on Asian cuisine.

Located near the Union League of Philadelphia, this sleek and stylish restaurant provides an intimate and vibrant dining experience.

Sampan’s menu showcases an array of small plates and shareable dishes, drawing inspiration from various Asian culinary traditions. 

From the savory Korean BBQ beef skewers to the mouthwatering Szechuan chicken stir-fry, each bite is a fusion of flavors and textures that excite the palate.

The restaurant’s chic and contemporary design, coupled with its innovative cocktails and extensive sake selection, create an atmosphere that is both sophisticated and inviting.

Barcelona Wine Bar

1709 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148
Phone: (215) 515-7900
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If you’re a wine lover, head over to Barcelona Wine Bar. This local restaurant and bar serves small Spanish plates and wine. With an extensive selection and an outdoor patio, you may find yourself coming back for more.

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Though Barcelona Wine Bar’s menu is made up of tapas primarily, they offer a few larger plates as well.

Try out the crispy calamari, albondigas, whipped sheep’s cheese, or spinach and chickpea cazuela. Make sure to try a wine or two while you’re there!


1121 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: (267) 324-3014
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With a 4.5 star rating, it’s no surprise Oloroso is a popular spot to grab some food and drinks in town. This neighborhood spot serves tapas as well as a vasty array of drinks. People love the food and atmosphere at this spot.

Oloroso mainly serves tapas, but they also have small plates and entrees if you’re a bit hungrier. We recommend the grilled shishito peppers, grilled octopus, or grilled NY strip.

They also offer cocktails, beer, and sherry if you’re in the mood for a drink. Be sure to try their happy hour from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Wednesday through Friday!

So, the next time you’re feeling a bit snacky but don’t want to commit to a full meal, you’ll know exactly where to go in Philly. With small, shareable plates and drinks galore, these little restaurants are the perfect stops on your way out somewhere.

Looking for something other than tapas? Check out our list of the best wine bars in Philadelphia!

Which restaurant will you visit first? Let us know! Did we leave a restaurant out of this list? Make sure you mention it below and we’ll check it out!

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