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Our Favorite Pizzerias in Northeast Philly

If you’re a pizza lover, Philadelphia is definitely the place for you. From New York style to traditional Italian, this town has it all.

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Whether you crave thin crust or thick, cheese-less or loaded with pepperoni and sausage – there’s a pizzeria in Northeast Philadelphia that will satisfy your cravings.

With so many pizza spots, it can be hard to know which ones are actually worth it. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our top picks for pizza in Northeast Philly.

With some spots to grab a quick slice and others to sit down and enjoy some time with friends or family, these pizzerias are great for any occasion.

While some of the restaurants on our list stick to the basics, some are a bit more inventive, so you’ll always have the option to try something new here.

Keep reading to learn a bit about each location!

Montesini Pizza

3005, 6420 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19135
Phone: (215) 338-3940
Visit Website

Though located in a small strip mall, Montesini Pizza is not a spot you’ll want to miss out on.

Serving up individual slices as well as whole pies, this is the perfect stop no matter how hungry you are, even if you just need a quick bite.

Montesini Pizza serves classic Italian dishes in addition to pizza, so even if you’re no in the mood for a pie, you’ll find something else to love.

We recommend the margherita pizza, original stuffed pizza, or buffalo chicken pizza. Be sure to check out their daily specials online!

Gino’s Pizza Cafe

7326 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19136
Phone: (215) 338-3360
Visit Website

Looking for the perfect spot for the whole family in Northeast Philadelphia? Check out Gino’s Pizza Cafe.

As a pizzeria, restaurant, and full-service bar, you’ll find everything you need in just one place. Having been operating since 1987, you can bet this place has got the whole pizza thing down.

Gino’s offers a wide variety of pizzas in various sizes for low prices. Be sure to try the chicken buffalo pizza, Philly cheese steak pizza, or primavera pizza.

Don’t forget to take advantage of their two large pizzas for only $19 Monday through Wednesday only available for takeout!

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Ernie’s Pizza & Restaurant

1618 Cottman Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19111
Phone: (215) 745-4131
Visit Website

If you prefer thin crust pizza, try out Ernie’s Pizza & Restaurant next time you’re in town. This local restaurant serves pizza, of course, as well as other Italian dishes.

With over 400 reviews, it’s no surprise this spot is a popular one.

Ernie’s Pizza & Restaurant sells pizza by the slice and in whole pies with a wide variety of options.

We recommend the white Sicilian pizza, capri pizza, pisano pizza, or works Sicilian pizza. Be sure to grab some cheesecake on your way out!

Philomena Santucci’s Square Pizza

4010 Cottman Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19135
Phone: (215) 332-4333
Visit Website

If you like your sauce on top of your cheese, be sure to try Philomena Santucci’s Square Pizza.

This pizza joint is family-owned and has been in service for over 60 years. Using original family recipes and quality ingredients, it’s no wonder this pizza is so delicious.

As the name may suggest, Philomena Santucci’s Square Pizza serves square shaped pizzas, all with the sauce on top.

Try out the chicken parm pizza, chicken ranch pizza, or margherita pizza. They also offer a gluten-free crust!

Best In Town Pizza

7971 Castor Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19152
Phone: (215) 725-0400
Visit Website

Looking for a good spot to get deals on food for the whole family? Look no further than Best in Town Pizza.

This local restaurant is family-owned and operated and has plenty of great daily deals. Serving locals since 2006, this has become a popular spot in the community.

Best in Town Pizza offers a huge menu with plenty of delicious options, including plenty of pizzas.

We recommend the chicken cordon bleu pizza, eggplant parm pizza, cheesesteak stuffed pizza, or baked ziti pizza. Be sure to check out their everyday specials!

Gaeta’s Tomato Pies

7616 Castor Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19152
Phone: (215) 745-2262
Visit Website

Another long-standing pizza spot you have to try is Gaeta’s Tomato Pies. Operating for 75 years, this restaurant is family-owned and operated.

With plenty of delicious pizzas and other dishes to choose from, you can’t go wrong here.

Gaeta’s Tomato Pies serves everything from square pies, to round pies, to white pies, so whatever your favorite is, they’ll have something for you.

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Be sure to try the tomato pie, white pie, or a round pie with the toppings of your choice!

Vince’s Pizzeria

2550 Grant Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19114
Phone: (215) 464-8998
Visit Website

With over 600 reviews on Google, it’s no wonder that Vince’s Pizzeria is such a popular spot for some pizza. Locals love the friendly, personable service here and many claim that this is some of the best pizza in Philly.

Vince’s Pizzeria’s menu is quite short and straightforward, but just as delicious as other spots.

Try out the spinach pizza or a regular pizza with your favorite toppings. Make sure to bring cash as this is a cash-only restaurant!

Mario Brothers Pizza

2224 Cottman Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19149
Phone: (215) 742-9201

Finishing up our pizza list is Mario Brothers Pizza. This local restaurant has nearly 500 reviews, many of which praising the food and pricing at this spot. Reviewers also love the attentive service here.

Serving individual slices, whole pies, and more, this is the perfect spot for any occasion or time crunch.

For just $1.50 you can grab a huge slice – which really can’t be beat. We recommend the cheese lover’s pizza, Greek style pizza, or fajita style pizza!

Alright, is anyone else craving pizza now? We know we are. Philadelphia is certainly well-known for it’s pizza and it’s clear that Northeast Philly really lives up to that expectation.

With so many places to try, you might have to visit them all.

Need a place to eat brunch this weekend? Check out these popular brunch spots in Northeast Philly. Don’t forget to order a refreshing mimosa with your meal!

Which pizza are you most excited to try? Let us know! Did we leave a restaurant out of this list? Make sure you mention it below and we’ll check it out!

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