You Have to Try These Philadelphia Dumpling Spots

Philadelphia is a popular city for many reasons, one of which being the amazing restaurant scene. Though you’ll find Philly favorites like cheesesteaks and pizza, there’s so much more to explore here.

man using chopsticks to eat dumplings at a restaurant in Philadelphia

That’s right, there’s a wide variety of cuisines in this town, including Chinese cuisine. I don’t know about you, but my favorite dish when it comes to Chinese food is dumplings. That’s why I’ve put together a list dedicated to the top dumpling spots in town.

Whether you prefer traditional dumplings or something a little more innovative, there’s a spot to try it all on this list.

From casual restaurants to more refined ones, there’s also a place for every occasion. Keep reading to learn about each location!

Best Dumplings in Philadelphia

Read on to learn more about these Philadelphia dumpling spots!

Ninja Bao

1500 JFK Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19102
Phone: 267-273-0582
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When you can’t get dumplings off your mind as you tour some of the most historic sites in Philly, like Philadelphia City Hall, Ninja Bao is your best bet.

It’s right on JFK Boulevard, directly across from Love Park, making it accessible and in a great location. It’s beautifully decorated and has a casual atmosphere. 

Ninja Bao’s menu features a variety of dumpling recipes for you to try. I highly recommend ordering a few different kinds to try a little of everything you want.

Some of my favorite baos are their curry beef and green veggie. They also have ramen and other Asian dishes. 

Terakawa Ramen

204 N 9th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: 267-687-1355
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You’ll find Terakawa Ramen in the heart of Philly’s Chinatown. This casual restaurant is usually packed because the atmosphere and food are so good.

You feel immediately welcome when you walk in, and despite always being busy, they can get you seated quickly. 

Tereakawa Ramen’s menu is filled with delicious Asian dishes, the most popular being dumplings and ramen.

They don’t have as many dumpling options as other restaurants, but sometimes quality is better than quantity. They have pork and chicken boas on their appetizer menu; you can’t miss them.

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Dutch Eating Place

51 N 12th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: 215-922-0425
Visit Website

You’ll find the Dutch Eating Place inside the Reading Terminal Market. Unlike the other dumpling spots so far, you won’t find classic Asian dumplings here.

This counter-service restaurant serves authentic Pennsylvania Dutch food. It’s a busy spot, but how quickly they can get you your food is impressive. 

Dutch Eating Place is famous for its apple dumplings and chicken pot pie with dumplings. They’re both absolutely delicious and make for the perfect meal.

Even if you don’t want their chicken pot pie with dumplings, you should order some apple dumplings to take with you as you explore Philly and the Reading Terminal Market. 

Unit Su Vege

2000 Hamilton St # 106, Philadelphia, PA 19130
Phone: 215-988-1888
Visit Website

Unit Su Vege is on Hamilton Street, next to the massive park that holds the Rodin Museum, the Washington Monument Fountain, and more.

This cozy restaurant features classic Asian decor and plenty of greenery, making it very homey. Something unique about this dumpling spot is that it’s BYOB!

As for the menu, Unit Su Vege is an entirely vegetarian and kosher Chinese restaurant. Even if you’re not a vegetarian or kosher, I promise it won’t disappoint.

I love how many dumplings or bun options they have on their menu. Some worth trying is their vegetarian roast pork, pan-fried veggie, and sticky rice shumai. 

White Yak

6118 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19128
Phone: 215-483-0764
Visit Website

You’ll find White Yak in the Roxborough neighborhood of Philly, about nine miles from the city center.

White Yak is an intimate restaurant with a beautiful ambiance perfect for a date night, a special occasion, or catching up with friends. It’s a popular spot, so I would make a reservation if you can. 

The menu at White Yak features a little bit of everything there is to love about traditional Tibetan cuisine.

Since dumplings are what you’re looking for, you have to try their authentic Tibetan dumplings, known as momo.

I love their combination plate, where you get three chicken, three beef, and three veggie momos to share with others.

Bing Bing Dim Sum

1648 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148
Phone: (215) 279-7702
Visit Website

Looking for something a little different? Check out Bing Bing Dim Sum. You’ll find the Chinese cuisine with a Jewish twist.

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With a cozy and eccentric interior, there’s so much to enjoy here.

The dumpling options are a little less broad at Bing Bing Dim Sum, but they’re just as tasty. Try out the scarlet dumplings, pork soup dumpings, or shrimp dumplings.

Make sure to sip on a beer or cocktail while you eat!

Nom Wah Philadelphia

218 N 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: (267) 519-2889
Visit Website

Hoping to save a little bit of money? Head over to Nom Wah Philadelphia.

Serving Chinese dim sum made to order, you can count on this food being nice and fresh. And with a BYO policy, you can save some cash on drinks.

Nom Wah Philadelphia offers made to order dumplings as well as frozen ones that you can take home for later.

Be sure to try the shrimp and snow pea leaf dumplings, curry and beef dumplings, pan-fried shrimp and chive dumplings, or house special pan-fried dumplings!

Humpty’s Dumplings @ The Saint

1142 N Front St, Philadelphia, PA 19123
Phone: (215) 515-3250
Visit Website

If you’re feeling adventurous, swing by Humpty’s Dumplings @ The Saint the next time you’re craving dumplings.

Serving dumplings and noodles with creative ingredients, this is the perfect place to try something new and nontraditional.

The dumplings at Humpty’s Dumplings are definitely a little different than authentic spots. Be sure to try the honey chipotle chicken dumplings, spinach mozzarella and ricotta dumplings, cheesesteak dumplings, or Italian roast pork dumplings.

Don’t forget the s’mores dumpling for dessert!

Dim Sum Garden

1020 Race St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: (215) 873-0258
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With over 2,800 reviews on Google, it’s pretty clear that people love Dim Sum Garden. This local restaurant serves Chinese cuisine including some of the tastiest dumplings in Philadelphia.

Though there’s plenty of wonderful choices on the menu at Dim Sum Garden, the dumplings are the star of the show here.

We recommend the Shanghai steamed pork soup dumplings, chicken soup dumplings, vegetable dumplings, or pan fried beef dumplings. Be sure to order a milk tea with your meal!

Tom’s Dim Sum

59 N 11th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: (215) 923-8880
Visit Website

Hidden under the train tracks is another tasty dumpling stop, Tom’s Dim Sum.

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This local restaurant serves Chinese favorites and is known particularly for it’s soup dumplings, making the one of the most popular Philly places.

Seeing as Tom’s Dim Sum is known for its dumplings, you definitely have to order at least one kind while you’re there.

We recommend the steamed chicken soup dumplings, spicy pan fried dumplings, steamed pork soup dumplings, or fried pork and Chinese cabbage dumplings!

I bet you had no idea that Philadelphia had so many amazing dumpling spots to try! I don’t know about you, but I’m already thinking about where I’m going to go the next time I’m craving dumplings.

Which spot will you try first? Let us know! Did we leave a restaurant out of this list? Make sure you drop us a line and we’ll check it out!

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