24 Must-try Burgers in Philly

Well, I love cheeseburgers. For the last two years, I’ve attended the Philadelphia Burger Brawl, where there is a sampling of Philly’s favorite burgers. When it comes down to the BEST burger, we consider all options.

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There is the classic burger: meat, cheese, lettuce  tomato. We also have to consider the addition of a special sauce and what that means.

But then there are the less perfect-in-simplicity and more deliciously-creative, like a burger topped with a fried pickle and pickle chips. 

There are some days when you just crave a burger & this list is going to help you kick the craving with your perfect match.

You’ll find a mix of all different types of burgers, special sauces and creative ideas with the top rated burgers in the city. We even added if there is a good burger experience (you know: good fries, a shake, fountain soda). 

Best Burgers in Philadelphia 

Lucky’s Last Chance

848 S 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19147
Phone: (267) 519-2080
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Lucky’s has two locations, one in Manayunk and one in Queen Village. They are a 4x Burger Bowl winner and it is clear why. Their burgers are wildly creative. 

Try their last winner: Pickle Monster with fried pickles, & topped with Herr’s Pickle Potato Chips and melty American cheese. Give their really popular PB & Bacon Burger a try that yes, has creamy peanut butter and a housemade jelly. 

Lucky’s also has vegetarian and gf options, the crispiest crinkle cut fries, and lots of fun drinks (like adult juice pouches & boozy hot chocolates). 

SpOt Gourmet

2821 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19130
Phone: (267) 930-7370
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SpOt Gourmet Burgers can be a totally customized burger with any three toppings of your choice, or you can have anything from their mouth watering burger menu. The SPOT burger has bacon, cheddar, and their special Spot sauce. 

The addition of coleslaw adds the perfect crunch. But definitely be inspired to take a chance on something like the Ponderosa with fries on top of the burger. There is a burger for everyone here and you won’t be disappointed. 

Royal Boucherie

52 S 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106
Phone: 267-606-6313
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Despite its roots firmly in French cuisine, the Royal Boucherie has one of the finest burgers in Philadelphia.

The Boucherie Burger is loaded with the finest sharp cheddar cheese and applewood smoked bacon. My favorite touch is the truffle sauce, which melds perfectly with the pickles. 

Just steps away from iconic landmarks such as the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, the Royal Boucherie immerses you in the city’s rich history and vibrant atmosphere.

As you step inside, you’ll be greeted by an inviting and stylish interior adorned with vintage decor and a warm, rustic ambiance. 

Village Whiskey

118 S 20th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: (215) 665-1088
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The Village Burger & Smash Burger at Village Whiskey are as classic as you can get, with a perfect addition of Thousand Island Dressing.

We see it on every list, and ours is no exception. Try the Duck Fat Fries & Cheddar Sauce as a side & you will have no regrets. 

Village Whiskey also has a Saturday & Sunday brunch menu that everyone loves. Don’t fret, there is a brunch version of the Smash Burger and it is topped with a perfectly fried egg. An ideal combination with a whiskey cocktail as the weather gets warmer. 

Fountain Porter  

1601 S 10th St, Philadelphia, PA 19148
Phone: (215) 305-8338
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Fountain Porter is now heavy on the natural wine along with their extremely popular burgers. Their burgers are $5 with just American Cheese and a potato roll. It is truly for the traditional burger purists, and it exceeds all expectations. 

Walk away with your new favorite combo: a bottle of a new all natural wine and a $5 classic cheeseburger. They also offer a really cool beer and cider selection that is totally worth giving a try. 

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124 S 18th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: (215) 558-2500
Visit Website

At Dandelion we have The Dandy Burger. A special sauce, Vermont sharp cheddar and smoked bacon.

It is absolutely delicious especially after the housemade ricotta on sourdough appetizer. Dandelion has a British Pub/funky English feel with cool plates and delicious food. 

There are beer options for everyone and there are also a few great signature cocktails. One of the favorites is the Irish High Kings – local La Colombe coffee, baileys whipped cream and Irish whiskey.  

Bud & Marilyn’s

1234 Locust St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: 215-546-2220
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Bud & Marilyn’s is an ideal spot for locals and visitors alike. Think vintage diner meets mid-century charm, with plush booths, checkered floors, and nostalgic memorabilia adorning the walls.

It is only a short walk from the Walnut Locust Station and the Patco high-speed line.

The vibe is lively and upbeat, with a touch of old-school coolness that instantly transports you back in time.

I recommend Bud’s Double Patty Burger, which comes with a delightfully fluffy potato roll, plenty of bacon, and French fries. 

Standard Tap

901 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19123
Phone: (215) 238-0630
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Not only does Standard Tap have fun and original cocktails like the Lavender Paloma and a great local draft beer list, they have a top burger in the city. Their Standard Burger is simple, with their own aioli & house made pickles. 

Everything is locally sourced, from the beef blend to the brioche bun from Merzbacher’s. And definitely don’t forget to order the fries. If you are in Northern Liberties looking for a cheeseburger that is great, this is the one.

135 S 18th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: 215-825-7030
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Located on Rittenhouse Square, is a chic American bistro emphasizing small plates and craft beer. Here, you’ll dine in a sleek and modern environment, with a marble counter and a glass-enclosed wine cellar.

Of their many outstanding small plates, the one that captured my attention – appropriately enough – was their cheeseburger.

The buns are toasted perfectly, and the burger meat pairs delightfully with dijonnaise and American cheese. It’s generously sized, but you’ll still get a welcome serving of French fries to add to the satisfying experience. 

Butcher Bar 

2034 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: (215) 563-6328
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Butcher Bar is a really lovely vibe with tons of natural light and a totally open patio style front in the warmer weather.

Their plates of food are beautiful and make you feel a little more upscale for a night out. 

All of the meat dishes are wonderful, including the confit duck wings. But the show stopper is the Royale with Cheese.

A potato roll and special sauce are the perfect things to highlight the LaFrieda burger patty. 

Good Dog Bar

224 S 15th St, Philadelphia, PA 19102
Phone: (215) 985-9600
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Good Dog Bar has an instagram caption “Burger SZN is every season” and we tend to agree. They are a neighborhood bar in the center of the city.

Both their Good Dog Burger and Traditional Burger have something a little non-traditional. 

They are served on a Challah bun for a super delicious change. The poutine on the happy hour menu is a must get, and if you are a dog lover you will love to know that they are regularly supporting man’s best friend and pet adoption centers! 


205 S 18th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: (215) 732-6622
Visit Website 

Last but certainly not least, Rouge in Rittenhouse. There is a very fancy fun feel to this restaurant on the square. Talk about the absolutely perfect place for a Friday power lunch or an out-of-the-office-early meal.

The Rouge Burger is a classic with gruyere & you know if they call your fries “pomme frites” you are having a classy moment. 

Pair with a local beer, glass of champagne or the Hibiscus Margarita during warmer months. It’s a must try burger lunch experience. 

Butcher and Singer

1500 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19102
Phone: 215-732-4444
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Within walking distance of Rittenhouse Square. Butcher and Singer is one of the finest steakhouses in Philly. It offers diners an intimate atmosphere with an elegant theme straight out of Old Hollywood.

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The menu features an impressive selection of steaks, seafood, and a raw bar. However, if you pop by for lunch, I highly recommend their signature Butcher Burger.

They use the highest quality ground meat, complemented by classic toppings like fried onions and cheddar cheese.

The bar area features polished mahogany, giving patrons a sophisticated setting to enjoy the creative talents of the establishment’s skilled bartenders.

I suggest pairing your burger with their signature Butcher Old Fashioned for a thoroughly satisfying meal. 

Bar Hygge

1720 Fairmount Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19130
Phone: (215) 765-2274
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Ah, another special sauce and we aren’t complaining! Bar Hygge is a really cool, fun vibe with funky couches and “drinks with friends” kind of feel.

It is also the perfect place for an extremely classic burger with lettuce, Cabot cheddar, red onion & pickles. 

The Hygge sauce makes it all even more worth it. Did I mention their fries can come with housemade whiz? And if you have room for dessert it should be for the Pretzel Munchkins. 

Khyber Pass Pub

56 S 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106
Phone: 215-238-5888
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Khyber Pass Pub is all about celebrating traditional Creole, Southern, and Cajun cuisine. You’ll find few places like this in Philly, so I recommend a visit if you can’t make your way to Louisiana.

Khyber Pass has a rich history, in part thanks to their back bar that made an appearance at the 1876 Centennial.

The bar itself is heavily influenced by New Orleans, with local favorites like the Sazerac and Hurricane available. I loved the vibe, as it’s lively yet still refreshingly laid-back.

The Kyber Burger is a mainstay on their menu (which includes several vegan options). You can get it in either a single or a double.

It’s made up of a ‘Happy Valley meat patty, with the welcome addition of American cheese, smokey chipotle remoulade, and pickled green tomatoes. Trust me when I say these three additions take this signature burger to the next level. 

River Twice

1601 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia
Phone: 267-457-3698
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River Twice is a culinary gem that promises an unforgettable dining experience. It is located on East Passyunk Avenue in the charming East Passyunk Crossing neighborhood amidst a lively community of shops, boutiques, and eateries. 

The menu constantly rotates but if you are lucky you can snag their Mother Rucker burger. You can get it as an addition to the tasting menu.

It consists of two quarter-pounder burgers, with multiple slices of cheese and the tastiest burger patties I’ve ever eaten. 

Charlie’s Hamburgers

237 E Macdade Blvd, Folsom, PA 19033
Phone: 610-461-4228
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Charlie’s Hamburgers has the richest history of all the burger places in Philly. This Philadelphia icon has fed people the city’s best made-to-order burgers and milkshakes since 1935.

The vibe is buzzing with energy as locals and visitors gather for the no-frills, delicious burgers that Charlie’s is renowned for. 

While Charlie’s Hamburgers may not have a full bar or fancy cocktails, they make up for it with ice-cold sodas and milkshakes that have been using local favorite Pott’s Ice Cream since 1935.

The standout item at Charlie’s is, of course, their mouthwatering burgers. They are affordably priced and stick with the classics. 

While that means you won’t get trendy options like artisanal burgers or truffle sauce, I’m happy to say you’ll get fresh, high-quality ingredients. Every burger at Charlie’s is perfectly cooked, with patties that are always juicy and nestled between soft buns.

I recommend the Triple Hamburger, topped with classic fixings like extra cheese, tomato, fried onions, and pickles.

Middle Child Clubhouse

1232 N Front St, Philadelphia, PA 19122
Phone: 267-858-4325
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If you’re looking for a space that celebrates good food, look no further than Fishtown’s Middle Child Clubhouse.

This spot gives diners the best of both worlds: delicious sandwiches like the Surfer 2.0 for lunch and an irresistible selection of burgers come dinnertime. 

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Middle Child Clubhouse offers cafeteria-style seating and a relaxed atmosphere perfect for grabbing a bite to eat at your own pace.

I personally think you can’t go wrong with their classic cheeseburger, which has a delicious mix of American cheese, sour pickles, and cherry pepper mayo.


1500 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19102
Phone: (215) 732-4444
Visit Website

Southgate is made for happy hour or a post-weeknight dinner. Heavily influenced from Korean roots, each menu item has a little Korean twist that blends Korean tradition with American roots.

Their bulgogi burger is talked about for a reason. It’s made of bulgogi marinated beef, gochugaru aioli, and pickles on a brioche bun. 

Pair that with kimchi fries for the table or spicy pork bao buns with sesame aioli. And if you are craving something warm for your next visit or a rainy day, the spicy pork miso ramen is a must. 

Pub & Kitchen

1946 Lombard St, Philadelphia, PA 19146
Phone: (215) 545-0350
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Pub & Kitchen has its place on many burger lists and that is for good reason. The “P&K”  burger has dry aged beef and a pickled onion that are mouth watering.

The “Smash Burger” is topped with yellow american, pickles, lettuce and secret sauce – a must try for the traditional burger lover. 

But if you want a fun, bar feel, get the Pub Mix. It’s house-made chex mix you can pick at while you order your “Tuxedo No. 2” gin cocktail or draught beer. 

Emmy Squared

632 S 5th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147
Phone: 267-551-3669
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Stepping inside Emmy Squared, you’ll be greeted by a stylish and modern interior. The space features sleek wood finishes, exposed brick walls, and a cozy yet trendy ambiance.

The vibe is energetic, with a bustling open kitchen that fills the air with mouth-watering aromas. 

Despite being a pizza joint, Emmy Squared has two outstanding burgers, Le Big Matt and the Emily Burger.

In my opinion, the Emily wins hands out as the dry-aged grass-fed beef patties have an incredible umami flavor that is unmatched. 

P’unk Burger

1823 Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148
Phone: (215) 468-7865
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Burgers and milkshakes are almost a better combo than a burger and fries. You can stay traditional at P’unk burger with the “Big Man on Campus”. You can take it a little further with bacon, smoked gouda and signature sauce on the “P’unk”. 

Or you can really change it up with a Raw Tuna “Wasabi Ahi” or the “Mediteranean” Lamb Burger. There are tons of vegan and vegetarian menu options, too. P’unk is also BYOB. Boozy B&W milkshakes anyone?

Craftsman Row Saloon

112 S 8th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: (215) 923-0123
Visit Website

You may have seen them all over your Instagram, or the news, or even the travel channel. Craftsman Row has a to die for, photo-ready menu.

Their Signature Iconic Crazy Milkshakes are amazing (and can be made boozy as well). But the classic burger with smashed patties and american cheese on a potato roll is simply perfect. 

Try the Mac Daddy for a heaping scoop of mac & cheese, a Beyond burger or get really crazy with the French Toast Burger. It is burger patties, american cheese, bacon, egg, maple syrup and country bread. 

Ummi Dee’s Burger Bistro

2805 N 22nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19132
Phone: 215-221-6166
Visit Website

While Ummi Dee’s focuses on crafting mouthwatering burgers, they also offer a selection of craft beers and specialty cocktails to compliment your dining experience. 

Of course, I couldn’t overlook their flavorful and juicy burgers. While the OG, featuring a double turkey “smashburger” is delicious, I recommend getting adventurous with their Salmon Burger.

As the name suggests, it’s based around flakey salmon and sriracha mayo, with the entire burger being a delicious work of art.

Vegetarian and vegan options are also available, ensuring everyone can enjoy their flavorful creations.

There is a little bit of everything in this list. We have Korean style burgers, tons of classics, multiple different special sauces. Of all of the burgers in the city these are the top rated by our readers and writers. Each one with their own special something. 

Looking for other favorites of ours in Philadelphia? Check out our favorite places to get thai food.

I am dying to know if you think I missed a burger on this list and why? Make sure to leave a comment so I can check it out and maybe even add to the list!

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