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The Best Bars to Visit Near East Passyunk Avenue

East Passyunk is a thriving neighborhood in South Philadelphia, known for some of the best restaurants, small businesses, and bars. There are lots of great bars and pubs directly on East Passyunk ave and in the surrounding neighborhood, so you can always find a spot to kick back and grab a drink or two.

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The bars in East Passyunk range from classy cocktail bars to hole-in-the-wall dive joints, so you can find anything from a signature cocktail to beers on tap, and of course, plenty of Philly’s City Wide Specials. Some of the coolest bars in Philadelphia are found on East Passyunk avenue! 

Take a stroll down East Passyunk to stop in the shops and sip at the bars in this South Philly neighborhood.

Pub on Passyunk East

1501 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19147
Phone: (215) 755-5125
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The Pub on Passyunk East, affectionately nicknamed the POPE, has everything you could want from a great bar. This corner spot has a divey feel, with dark wood and dim lighting, but it’s much more than a dive bar. 

The POPE has a long beer list with all the regulars as well as plenty of craft beers. They also offer a wide variety of cocktails, including slushies in the warmer months. The Pub on Passyunk East also has a great menu that features classic pub foods and plenty of vegetarian options.


1615 East Passyunk Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19148
Phone: (267) 858-0669
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In the Valley, shortened to ITV, offers some of the most creative and innovative cocktails in East Passyunk. This French-inspired American cocktail and wine bar comes from Top Chef Nick Elmi, whose full service restaurant, Laurel, is right next door. 

ITV serves up seasonal snacks, cocktails, and wines. Everything is farm fresh, and the rotating menu keeps things interesting each time you return. If you’re looking for an inventive cocktail and a small bite to eat, check out In the Valley!

Fountain Porter

1601 S 10th Street
Phone: 215-305-8338
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Fountain Porter is a cool bar located just off Passyunk Ave. Known for craft beers and natural wines, Fountain Porter is a great place to grab a bottle or a six-pack, but the atmosphere inside might entice you to stay for a drink or two. 

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Fountain Porter is also known for a great burger. Their menu is short – you can get a cheeseburger, fries, or a few other veggies on the side. Their $5 burger gained popularity a few years ago, and they’re still a popular spot to grab a burger and a craft beer or a natural wine.

Triangle Tavern

1338 S 10th St, Philadelphia, PA, 19147
Phone: (215) 800-1992
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The Triangle Tavern is an old-school Italian tavern that has sat on its corner of Passyunk since the 1930s. The bar and restaurant were revamped in 2015 under new ownership, but the energy of the atmosphere has stayed the same. With a large Gritty mural on the wall outside, the Triangle is a South Philly staple. 

Triangle Tavern has a solid beer list and fun cocktails, as well as affordable wines to pair with their Italian focused menu. They also serve up alcoholic water ice (complete with a pretzel stick).

This is a great place to stop on East Passyunk, whether you want a cold drink or a delicious meal. Their corner location means there’s also plenty of room for outdoor dining!

Barcelona Wine Bar

1709 East Passyunk Avenue
Phone: 215-515-7900
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If you’re looking for an extensive wine list, Barcelona Wine Bar is the East Passyunk bar for you! This restaurant serves Spanish-style tapas with plenty of wine pairing options, but you can also stop in just for the wines. Their wine list features over 50 wines at any time, so you’ll have more than enough to taste.

Barcelona Wine Bar highlights their Spanish wine collection, but they feature wines from all over the world. They also have a fair assortment of beers and classic cocktails. Grab a glass and a charcuterie board at Barcelona Wine Bar!

Bok Bar

1901 S 9th St, Philadelphia, PA 19148
Phone: (267) 270-5894
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Bok Bar is located a few blocks off of Passyunk, but it’s a neighborhood and Philly favorite. Located in, or rather on top of, the historic Bok Building, this rooftop bar offers great views of South Philly and the Center City Skyline. 

The Bok Building is an old Catholic school that has been converted into a space for creators, artists, non profits, and small businesses. To get to Bok Bar, you enter the school, pass the old gymnasium, and take the elevator up to a gorgeous rooftop bar. Bok Bar serves craft beers and wines, and they regularly feature local pop up restaurants to supply food and snacks. 

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Cantina Los Caballitos

1651 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA, 19148
Phone: 215-755-3550
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If you’re looking for a margarita in East Passyunk Square, Cantina Los Caballitos is the place to go. Located right on Passyunk, Cantina Los Caballitos is hard to miss: it’s the big orange restaurant with the huge outdoor patio. There’s nothing like sitting outside on a warm day with a margarita and some chips and salsa!

Cantina Los Caballitos serves up classic Mexican cuisine, and their bar menu features a wide variety of margaritas, sangria, beers, and more. They also have an extensive tequila and mezcal list for an extra kick.


1536 East Passyunk Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19148
Phone: 215-551-2500
Visit Website

Stateside is a classic Passyunk bar that serves domestic beer, wine, and spirits. Their craft beer list rotates, so there’s always something new to try. If beer isn’t for you, consider a whisky: Stateside’s whisky list features over 100 bourbons and ryes. 

Stateside’s cocktail menu features classics like old fashioneds and gimlets, made right. For a well-made cocktail, you can count on Stateside. They also offer a small, but farm fresh, menu of snacks, and outdoor seating. You can even sit around the bar outside, as the windows open up for street seating year round.

The Dive Bar

947 E. Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19147
Phone: (215) 465-5505
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Everyone loves a dive bar, so if you’re in the mood for a lowkey pub with affordable prices and no frills, The Dive Bar is the place for you. With three floors in a classic narrow bar, you can enjoy everything you love about a dive bar atmosphere. 

Happy hour is every day, but you can find a cheap beer anytime at The Dive Bar. Play pool, darts, or arcade games in a comfortable atmosphere on Passyunk Ave, or catch the latest game at this special hole in the wall.

Garage Passyunk

1231 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia PA 19147
Phone: (215) 278-2429
Visit Website

Garage is located on Passyunk directly across from Pat’s and Geno’s, so you can easily grab a cheesesteak as you leave the bar! The Garage on Passyunk looks just like an old school car garage, but inside you’ll find a full bar, skee ball machines, a food truck, and more!

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Garage has a second Philadelphia location in Fishtown, but the Passyunk location is the original. Both are popular locations for beer, mixed drinks, alcoholic slushies, their signature “fun bags”, and more. They have over 150 canned beers in their stocked refrigerators, and paired with a fun, light hearted atmosphere, you’re sure to have a good time.

Manatawny Still Works

1603 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia PA, 19148
Phone: (267) 687-8772
Visit Website

Manatawny Still works is a distillery on the Schuylkill River, but there’s a tasting room right on Passyunk Ave! Their state of the art distillery creates small batch liquor, with a focus on whiskeys. Manatawny also makes innovative gins, rums, and vodkas, however. 

The Manatawny tasting room on Passyunk is right in Passyunk Square, in sight of Passyunk’s famous singing fountain. They offer flights of all their small batch spirits, as well as craft cocktails. If you taste something you love, you can even purchase a bottle in the shop and take it home.

East Passyunk is one of Philly’s best neighborhoods for food and drinks, and you’ll find all sorts of bars if you take a stroll down Passyunk Ave! Check out the best bars in East Passyunk on our list.

Did we forget your favorite East Passyunk bar? Tell us in the comments!

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