A Luxury Steakhouse Experience at Barclay Prime in Rittenhouse, Philadelphia

As a food enthusiast with a deep appreciation for quality dining, I recently had the pleasure of visiting Barclay Prime, located in the heart of the Rittenhouse neighborhood in Philadelphia. This upscale steakhouse, known for its luxurious ambiance and exquisite culinary creations, certainly lived up to its reputation.

Barclay Prime Steakhouse Philadelphia

Upon entering, the sophisticated decor and welcoming atmosphere set the stage for a memorable dining experience. The staff was attentive and knowledgeable, ensuring that every detail was considered.


My evening began with a captivating Manhattan cocktail, skillfully prepared with Sagamore Spirit Signature Rye, tobacco-infused vermouth, and a cherry garnish.

manhattan drink

This reinterpretation of the classic Manhattan proved to be a delightful surprise, as the use of Sagamore Spirit Signature Rye added an intriguing depth of flavor.

The tobacco-infused vermouth further enriched the cocktail, adding a unique twist that was both aromatic and harmonious. The cherry garnish provided a hint of sweetness, perfectly tying together the bold and complex flavors of this remarkable libation.


The first course showcased the Hamachi Crudo, featuring citrus ponzu, avocado, and jalapeño.

himachi crudo

This dish was a delightful blend of textures and flavors. The citrus ponzu enhanced the delicate freshness of the Hamachi, while the avocado added a creamy richness. The jalapeño provided just the right amount of heat to create a perfectly balanced dish.

Next came the highly acclaimed Steak and Pearls appetizer, consisting of Wagyu tartare, caviar, smoked mascarpone, and black pepper.

steak tartare and caviar

The velvety tartare was a masterful pairing with the briny caviar, while the smoked mascarpone added depth and creaminess to the dish. The subtle kick of black pepper elevated each component, creating a symphony of taste.


The main course featured an exquisite 8oz Filet Mignon, which proved to be an exceptional choice. Expertly prepared and cooked to perfection, the filet was tender, juicy, and bursting with flavor.

filet mignon steak

The quality of the meat was evident in each succulent bite, demonstrating the chef’s commitment to using only the finest ingredients.

Topped with a mouthwatering au poivre sauce, the filet was further enhanced by the sauce’s rich and peppery notes, creating a harmonious and satisfying dish.

The choice to savor this classic steakhouse staple at Barclay Prime was undoubtedly a wise one, as it showcased the establishment’s culinary prowess and attention to detail.


In addition to the main course, we indulged in two delectable sides: crispy tots and truffle mashed potatoes.

tots and trffle mashed

The crispy tots were a playful twist on a classic favorite, with a golden, crunchy exterior giving way to a fluffy, tender interior. These irresistible morsels were seasoned to perfection, creating a delightful combination of textures and flavors.

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The truffle mashed potatoes were a luxurious and comforting accompaniment to the meal.

The smooth, velvety potatoes were infused with the earthy and aromatic essence of truffle, elevating the dish to new heights. This indulgent side perfectly complemented the tender filet mignon, adding another layer of sophistication and satisfaction to our dining experience at Barclay Prime.


As we reached the end of our delectable meal, we opted to forgo the traditional sweet desserts in favor of a more unconventional choice: the Japanese Wagyu.

wagyu steak

This exquisite offering proved to be a savory indulgence that exceeded our expectations.

The rich, marbled meat was expertly prepared, showcasing its unparalleled tenderness and melt-in-your-mouth texture. Each bite was a testament to the skill and precision of the chef, as the Wagyu’s distinct flavor profile and succulent juiciness were allowed to shine.

This unexpected finale to our dining experience at Barclay Prime was a brilliant decision, providing a sumptuous and satisfying conclusion to an already unforgettable meal.


In conclusion, Barclay Prime in Rittenhouse is an exceptional dining experience that should not be missed.

From the luxurious atmosphere and attentive service to the beautifully prepared dishes and perfectly crafted cocktails, it is the epitome of a fine dining steakhouse. If you find yourself in Philadelphia, make a reservation at Barclay Prime to indulge in a night of culinary delight.

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