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26 Best Persimmon Recipes to Try

Learn how to use your persimmons with these tasty dishes.

It’s the persimmon’s time. The oft-overlooked fruit is like a hybrid of apples and tomatoes. It is a relative to plums and mabolos. 

Healthy salad with persimmon

While apples get more attention than persimmons, persimmons are higher in antioxidants and just as full of flavor.

Persimmons harvest in autumn, making the fruit a great choice for all your fall baking needs. The meat is sweet and just a little spicy, making it a great addition to any recipe.

This article provides persimmon novices with the best persimmon recipes. We cover everything from pies to cocktails, explaining the value of the fruit.

Final Thoughts

Try these recipes and persimmons may just become your new favorite fruit!

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