The Ultimate Guide to Delicious Korean BBQ in Orlando

Who doesn’t love barbeque? There is something about the smell and taste of meat cooked over a fire and covered in a sauce that makes everyone happy.

korean bbq restaurant at orlando grills beef barbecue

And when it comes to savory taste, Korean BBQ is arguably the best in the world. Many people don’t know Korea has a rich barbeque culture that compares easily to American BBQ.

You cook Korean BBQ on gas or charcoal grills on the dining table. This cooking method makes Korean BBQ a fun experience because you get to cook your food on the table.

When I was recently in Orlando, I spent the time finding the best Korean BBQ restaurant in Orlando.

The following are my top recommendations worth checking out if you love Korean BBQ or wish to find out what’s so amazing about it.

Beewon Korean Cuisine

5100 Dr. Phillips Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819
Phone: 407-601-7788
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Beewon Korean Cuisine is on Dr. Phillips Blvd west of Shadow Bay Park and the Bill Frederick Park Disc Golf Course here in Orlando.

Beewon Korean is the perfect place to grab a bit to eat after enjoying a walk in the park or some disc golf.

Beewon is a family-owned business and features authentic home-cooked Korean food. The owners are initially from Korea and strive to make every dish as accurate as possible.

I ordered the bulgogi (barbecued beef), and it was delicious! The meat was tender and cooked perfectly.

I also ordered the kimchi pancake, which is a must-try dish. You make the pancake with kimchi (fermented cabbage), onion, green onion, and soy sauce.

Bulgogi House Korean Restaurant

705 W Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32804
Phone: 407-317-4193

The Bulgogi house Korean Restaurant is at West Colonial Drive and North Paramore Avenue intersection. It is in the Lake Dot neighborhood near the Marriott Orlando Downtown.

The Bulgogi House is perhaps the best Korean BBQ restaurant in Orlando because of the delicious meat and huge portions.

I highly recommend the pork belly and the beef short ribs. The pork belly is marinated in a special sauce that melts in your mouth. The beef short ribs are also marinated and very tender.

Korea House Restaurant

4501 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32803
Phone: 407-896-5994
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The Korea House Restaurant is near the Colonial Town Center on East Colonial Drive. It is just north of the Orlando executive airport.

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Korea House has the distinction of being the first Korean restaurant in Florida.

This delightful restaurant serves authentic Korean cuisine and BBQ that has kept customers coming back since 1982.

If you visit Korea House, get the all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ. The all-you-can-eat option gives you every imaginable type of meat to grill at your table and is an experience you should not miss.

Shin Jung Korean Restaurant

1638 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32803
Phone: 407-237-0451
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You can find Shin Jung Korean Restaurant on East Colonial Drive near the intersection with North Fern Creek Ave in the Colonial town South neighborhood.

This high-quality restaurant serves traditional Korean food, from vegetarian to Korean BBQ. Eating here is getting a taste of Korea.

The highlight of Shin Jung is the Korean BBQ. I ordered the bulgogi (barbecued beef), which is flavorful. The kimchi is also excellent, and I recommend the kimchi fried rice.

Mimi’s Kitchen Korean Grill

6056 S Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32809
Phone: 407-859-2667

You can find Mimi’s Kitchen Korean Grill on South Orange Ave, just south of the intersection with Fairlane Ave in the Edgewood neighborhood. This restaurant is just east of Oak Ridge High School.

Mimi’s kitchen serves a wide variety of food, including burgers, wraps, salads, and an incredible variety of fried rice.

I tried the spicy stir-fried pork and fell in love. It is one of the most delicious pork dishes I have ever eaten.

I recommend coming here if you want a quick bit to eat but don’t want to break the bank. Mimi’s is comfort food at its best.

Nifty’s Korean BBQ & Ramen

145 S Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801
Phone: 407-868-9259
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What’s better than Korean BBQ? Eating ramen at the same time. Nifty’s serves up Korean BBQ and traditional Japanese ramen, a match made in heaven.

You can find this outstanding restaurant on the corner of South Orange Ave and East Church Street. I tried the seafood and beef bibimbap.

It was as good as the bibimbap that I have eaten in Korea. This restaurant can do it all. It might be the best Korean BBQ restaurant in Orlando.

Star Korean BBQ 고향집

1400 W Oak Ridge Rd, Orlando, FL 32809
Phone: 407-412-6647
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You can find Star Korean BBQ on West Oak Ridge Road near the intersection with Highway 441. This incredible Korean BBQ restaurant is in the Oak Ridge neighborhood.

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Star Korean BBQ specializes in Korean BBQ. Each table has a tabletop grill, so you can cook the Korean BBQ the way you want.

In addition to Korean BBQ, many other Korean comfort food classics will leave you feeling full and happy. I ordered the combo platter, including short ribs, pork belly, and chicken.

The meat was perfectly cooked, and the dipping sauces added an extra layer of flavor. If you love Korean BBQ, this is the place for you.

Korean Gogi Grill

7800 Dr. Phillips Blvd #300, Orlando, FL 32819
Phone: 407-704-2109
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You can find Korean Gogi Grill on Sand Lake Road near the intersection with Dr. Phillips Blvd. Korean Gogi Grill serves up authentic and high-quality Korean cuisine.

Gogi refers to the Korean method of grilling meat, and Korean Gogi Grill specializes in Korean BBQ. This restaurant is a great place to bring friends and family together and share the experience of cooking food.

I highly recommend the Korean BBQ, and I suggest you order the shrimp, marinated pork short ribs, and pork jowl.

The Pork jowl is exceptionally delicious and is not something you always find at Korean BBQ restaurants.

BaBbi BaBbi Korean Kitchen | Korean BBQ & Korean Food

8015 Turkey Lake Rd ste400, Orlando, FL 32819
Phone: 407-270-6868
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BaBbi BaBbi Korean Kitchen is on Utkrye Lane Road. It is south of West Sand Lake Road and the Whole Foods Market.

This restaurant is the best Korean BBQ Restaurant in Orlando. It has won awards for the quality of the food and should not be missed.

BaBbi has a wide variety of ingredients you can cook on the barbeque. I highly recommend adding Gochujang to your meat.

This spicy Korean sauce will take your meat to the next level. I love the spicy marinated pork and highly recommend it and the pork belly.

BBB Tofu House

5140 W Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32808
Phone: 407-723-8299
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You can find BBB Tofu House on West Colonial Drive near the Tan Tien Oriental Market in the Pine Hills neighborhood.

The BBB Tofu house serves much more than just tofu; they also do traditional Korean BBQ. I highly recommend trying out some of their Tofu dishes.

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The tofu soaks up all the delicious sauces and marinades they use, and then the tofu is cooked to perfection.

The result is a delicious and healthy dish that will leave you feeling satisfied. I also recommend trying their Korean BBQ. The short ribs are my personal favorite.

Doshibox Korean Kitchen

4400a Curry Ford Rd, Orlando, FL 32812
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Doshibox Korean Kitchen is on the corner of Derbyshire Lane and Curry Ford Road in the Dover Estates neighborhood.

It is conveniently located just south of the Orlando Executive Airport. Doshibox Korean Kitchen serves up delicious plates of Korean food. Each plate includes rice/noodles, protein, and vegetables.

I tried the Korean friend Chicken noodle bowl and the Braised Tofu Rice Bowl. Both were outstanding, and I would highly recommend both.

Doshibox is a great restaurant to visit if you want some quick Korean BBQ to go.

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