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Tulsa Brunch Spots to Try Out This Weekend

Check out our top spots for breakfast and brunch food around the city.

Known as the Oil Capital of the World, Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a thriving city in the central part of the state.

avocado toast with soft boiled eggs served for brunch at a restaurant in Tulsa

While it is known for its oil production, Tulsa is also known for being home to several NCAA Division I level institutions including, Oral Roberts University and the University of Tulsa.

With the ever-growing population in the city due to its economy and the draw to the local universities, Tulsa is also known to have an exquisite dining scene.

This includes a growing number of spots where locals and visitors alike can enjoy an unforgettable brunch.

Brunch options like Dilly Diner and SMOKE. Woodfire Grill put Tulsa on the map for their unique offerings and excellent professional preparation.

Enjoy the homey feel of Trenchers Delicatessen or the upscale dining of The Vault Restaurant. Whatever your brunch fancy, Tulsa has the spot for you. Check out my list of the best brunch spots in Tulsa below!

Neighborhood JAM

4830 E 61st St #300, Tulsa, OK 74136
Phone: 918-508-7744
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As the name implies, Neighborhood JAM is all about getting the neighborhood together to converse and enjoy some delicious food.

The laid-back atmosphere makes it the perfect spot for you and your friends to sit back and enjoy a few laughs while enjoying a cup of coffee or a bite to eat.

My favorite cup of Joe to leisurely sip on at Neighborhood JAM is the London Fog. The rich and creamy flavor makes it pair perfectly with just about any menu item.

While the coffee pairs well with most items on the menu, my favorite pairing is with the Avocado Toast.

Whole wheat toast with avocado, tomatoes, two eggs, and topped with an arugula salad with a vinaigrette glaze.


6033 S Sheridan Rd, Tulsa, OK 74145
Phone: 918-494-5621

Dine-in at Savoy for a high-quality brunch made with the freshest ingredients. The handmade recipes that make up the menu have run in the family for years as the care and love from the kitchen spills out onto every plate served.

The extensive brunch menu gives guests options from traditional breakfast dishes to a variety of skillets. Speaking of skillets, a hearty and delicious option is the California.

This skillet comes with your choice of either fried potatoes to hash browns covered with ham, sausage, bell peppers, scrambled eggs, and cheese and topped with fresh avocado.

The Vault Restaurant

620 S Cincinnati Ave, Tulsa, OK 74103
Phone: 918-948-6761
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Located in an iconic, mid-century modern building in downtown Tulsa, The Vault Restaurant places a heavy emphasis on experience.

The classic American dishes are made from scratch, and the craft cocktails are a perfect complement to the menu.

The best way to start brunch off at The Vault Restaurant is with a house squeezed juice cocktail.

After sipping on a Rosemary Cosmo, work your way onto the dining options like the Steak & Taters or Strawberry Shortcake Pancakes.

My brunch offering is the breakfast burrito, a spinach tortilla stuffed with eggs, red bell peppers, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, and avocado.

Dilly Diner

402 E 2nd St, Tulsa, OK 74120
Phone: 918-938-6382
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Advertised as Tulsa’s Favorite Diner, Dilly Diner knows the most important meal of the day is breakfast.

They are determined to ensure everyone gets the best breakfast in town, and they serve it all day to ensure that’s the case.

Dilly Diner serves up a mean Huevos Rancheros dish with fried corn tortillas, eggs over easy, refried beans, chorizo, cotija, pico de gallo, and ranchero sauce.

If Huevos Rancheros aren’t your preferred brunch dish, try the breakfast sandwich.

The breakfast sandwich comes with a fried egg, Fassler Hall breakfast sausage, and American cheese on top of an English muffin.

Kilkenny’s Irish Pub

1413 E 15th St, Tulsa, OK 74120
Phone: 918-582-8282
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Take a step back from the traditional, Spanish-influenced brunch offers across Tulsa and enjoy a traditional Irish brunch at Kilkenny’s Irish Pub on 15th Street.

Kilkenny’s is a destination for locals and visitors alike as it is ranked one of the nation’s top Irish pubs.

It’s difficult to visit an Irish pub for lunch and not order a traditional Irish breakfast. That is why Kilkenny’s Traditional Irish Breakfast is my go-to brunch menu item.

The plate includes two eggs your style, two bangers (Irish sausages), rashers (Irish bacon), a grilled tomato, mushrooms, Irish baked beans, black pudding, and soda bread. Enjoy your meal with a glass of Irish beer to get the true Irish breakfast feel.

Chimera Cafe

212 N Main St, Tulsa, OK 74103
Phone: 918-779-4303
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Conveniently located on Main Street, Chimera Cafe is a Tulsa brunch destination you don’t want to miss.

Brunch is served daily from 7 am to 3 pm and has everything you’re looking for, like breakfast tacos, bowls, and a variety of toast options.

Speaking of toast, it is tough to go wrong with an order of the Tulsa Time Toast that is unique to this brunch destination.

The sourdough toast is topped with pesto, greens, slow-roasted tomatoes, savory cashew dressing, goat cheese, or tofu feta. You can add a little extra protein by including an egg for a slight upcharge.

Antoinette Baking Co.

207 N Main St, Tulsa, OK 74103
Phone: 918-764-8404
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All things bakery is on the menu at Antoinette Baking Co. on Main Street in Tulsa. Stop in and enjoy the smell of the fresh-baked savory bread and pastry items as you sip on a cup of freshly made coffee.

While the bakery is open seven days a week, brunch is restricted to Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 2 pm.

Every item on the brunch menu includes an item from the bakery, making it difficult to only choose one plate.

However, my favorite brunch item is the Herbed Gougere. The savory cream puff is made with fresh herbs and gruyere and filled with scrambled eggs and crispy bacon.

Cherry Street Kitchen

111 W 5th St, Tulsa, OK 74103
Phone: 918-884-3408
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The freshest ingredients on the block are in the kitchen of the casual Cherry Street Kitchen. The family atmosphere and top-notch service mixed with the refreshing ingredients make this spot one of the best.

The brunch menu at Cherry Street Kitchen is available on the weekend from 8 am to 3 pm and has everything you need for a classic brunch.

While everything I’ve devoured on the brunch menu makes my mouth water simply thinking of it, my favorite is the Chicken in a Biscuit.

This dish is simple buttermilk biscuit, and fried chicken with a sweet and spicy zing from the hot honey drizzled on top.

Bird & Bottle

3324-A, E 31st St, Tulsa, OK 74135
Phone: 918-895-6468
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Bird & Bottle is the type of restaurant that makes you feel like you’re the one and only guest as you receive top-notch service with dishes that are prepared perfectly.

With a variety of gluten-free options and portions fitted to those that eat and lot and those that eat little, Bird & Bottle caters to every type of brunch connoisseur.

The Cheese & Meat Board is my go-to brunch option as the options change from day-to-day allowing you to try something new while still staying in your comfort zone.

The French Lamb Dip is a sandwich you can’t pass up as the dijon mustard, caramelized onion, gruyere, and jus complements the tender lamb perfectly.

Doc’s Wine & Food

3509 S Peoria Ave, Tulsa, OK 74105
Phone: 918-949-3663
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Doc’s Wine & Food is one of those places you can help but visit repeatedly. The menu is traditional new Creole cuisine that you don’t often find in the heart of Oklahoma.

You will also find fresh daily oysters and seafood on the menu making, this unique spot a must.

The brunch beverages are a big part of the success of a brunch menu. At Doc’s Wine & Food, they specialize in liquid brunch and offer a Cajun Bloody Mary with jalapeno-black pepper-infused vodka with a cajun-salt rim.

The Cajun Bloody Mary pairs perfectly with the Cajun spiced Chicken & Waffle dish.

El Rio Verde Restaurant

38 N Trenton Ave, Tulsa, OK 74120
Phone: 918-592-2555

Oklahoma-style Mexican brunch is a delicious cultural event you don’t want to skip out on.

At El Rio Verde Restaurant in Tulsa, you will dine in true Mexican-style as you have the opportunity to experience a true cultural brunch.

My favorite breakfast offering at El Rio Verde is the breakfast quesadilla. Choose between chorizo, bacon, chicken, or steak on a warm flour tortilla and stuffed with melted jack cheese, scrambled eggs, salsa, and potatoes.

This dish is the best with a side of hot sauce. 

New York Bagel Cafe

Multiple locations
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With locations in Stillwater and Tulsa, New York Bagel Cafe has been serving up brunch favorites since 1986.

Bagels of all varieties leave the doors of New York Bagel Cafe to be consumed by happy customers.

With standard, deluxe, and premium bagels along with an entire breakfast menu, this bagel joint has everything you need for a spectacular brunch.

Hands down, the best brunch menu item is the Lox & Cream Cheese.

The thin-sliced salmon on a fresh-baked bagel complete with cream cheese, tomato, capers, and red onion is a breakfast bagel you can’t say no to.

SMOKE. Woodfire Grill

1542 E 15th St, Tulsa, OK 74120
Phone: 918-949-4440
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I’m not kidding when I say that SMOKE. Woodfire Grill offers the best brunch menu in all of Tulsa.

The upscale menu and the luxurious atmosphere are only part of what makes this place so special.

There is no better way to start brunch than with a mimosa. Choose between multiple mimosa options or enjoy a slightly different brunch cocktail from the extensive menu. If I were to choose a single item to order, it would be the Migas.

The scrambled eggs with pico de gallo, cheddar cheese, crushed corn tortillas inside a four tortilla and served with potatoes, chipotle salsa, and avocado salsa will take you to heaven on earth.

Trenchers Delicatessen

2602 S Harvard Ave, Tulsa, OK 74114
Phone: 918-949-3788
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This quaint deli on Harvard Ave in Tulsa is one that locals return to time and again as it has become a staple in everyday life.

With a variety of espresso drinks, sweet cookies, and muffins in addition to the breakfast menu, you are sure to find a breakfast item that suits your fancy.

Trenchers Delicatessen is, in my opinion, has the best French Toast in all of Tulsa. Their rendition of the breakfast classic has the French toast flavor we all know and love, but with a twist.

Pair with ham, maple apple compote, and a fried egg for French toast like you’ve never had before.

Fassler Hall

304 S Elgin Ave, Tulsa, OK 74120
Phone: 918-576-7898
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Known for its beer, brunch, and live entertainment, Fassler Hall will give you a brunch experience you can’t get elsewhere.

With everything from breakfast burritos to biscuits, this authentic German restaurant has everything you need for a memorable brunch.

The brunch menu item you can’t go wrong with is the Chicken & Waffles.

The crispy waffle topped with juicy chicken and drizzled with syrup is a staple brunch item in my book.

Best Brunch in Tulsa

  1. Neighborhood JAM
  2. Savoy
  3. The Vault Restaurant
  4. Dilly Diner
  5. Kilkenny’s Irish Pub
  6. Chimera Cafe
  8. Cherry Street Kitchen
  9. Bird & Bottle
  10. Doc’s Wine & Food
  11. El Rio Verde Restaurant
  12. New York Bagel Cafe
  13. SMOKE. Woodfire Grill
  14. Trenchers Delicatessen
  15. Fassler Hall

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re in the mood for a full Irish breakfast at Kilkenny’s Irish Pub or the cajun-infused Chicken & Waffles at Doc’s Wine & Food, Tulsa has just what you need.

No matter your dining style, some of the best brunches in Tulsa may not be where you thought.

If you’re not into brunch and prefer a steak instead, check out the 12 Best Steakhouses in Tulsa.

Did we leave a restaurant out of this list? Make sure you leave us a comment, and we’ll check it out!

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