Where to Get Pizza in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is a jewel in the wildly underrated state of Oklahoma. Never call it fly-over country. There’s lots to see and do in Oklahoma City, and the cuisine is worth a visit on its own. While you’re there, check out all the tourist attractions this metropolis has to offer. After all, this is the state’s capital city.

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I enjoyed my time in OKC, and what was my favorite part? The pizza and visiting restaurants to find the best ones for you! Let’s take a mouthwatering exploration of my favorite places to get pizza in Oklahoma City.

Empire Slice House

1804 NW 16th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73106
Phone: 405-557-1760
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Situated in Oklahoma City’s famous Plaza District, Empire Slice House is a great place to stop for a bite. Empire Slice House is one of my favorite Oklahoma City spots to get top-notch pizza slices. And not just that. This restaurant offers a complimentary menu with appetizers and salads. Try the Garlic Knots and Andre’s Mini Meatballs. And don’t forget the Caesar salad. That’s the best salad ever. Empire Slice House prides itself on originality. It has an exciting Signature Pies menu, with lots of surprising options. What’s the Hamburglar? It’s a pizza with a unique combination of toppings: ground beef, two kinds of cheese (mozzarella and cheddar), dill pickles, spicy brown mustard, and more. Get a whole pie or just a slice.

The Hall’s Pizza Kitchen

1004 N Hudson Ave STE 106, Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Phone: 405-600-1991
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Plan to visit The Hall’s Pizza Kitchen more than once during your time in Oklahoma City. The delicious pizza is just one part of this restaurant’s extensive menu. There are impressive starters, salads, pizza, and sweets menus. Sit back and enjoy a beer, or if you’re traveling with the family treat everyone to The Hall’s Hot Chocolate. I always have dessert when I go to this welcoming pizzeria. The Mocha Blackout Cake is a must-try for chocolate lovers. The Hall’s Pizza Kitchen is conveniently located in Midtown Oklahoma City. Stop by during your adventures. You can even make a reservation, so you know your table is all set.

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Falcone’s Pizzeria

6705 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73116
Phone: 405-242-2222
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Falcone’s Pizzeria may look unassuming on the outside but it’s filled to the brim with exciting lunch and dinner options. Located near Lakeside, Falcone’s Pizzeria has a relaxed and welcoming vibe, and the menu has something for everyone. And if you feel like having food delivered to your home, no problem. Just give Falcone’s Pizzeria a call. As delectable as they are, it’s not just pizzas at Falcone’s Pizzeria. The menu offers hot sandwiches, classic Italian pasta dishes, wings, starters, and salads. The dessert menu is tempting too, so be ready to loosen your belt. When it comes to pizzas, you can get whole pies, individual slices, or pockets.

Hideaway Pizza

Multiple locations
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Hideaway Pizza is an Oklahoma City landmark. This award-winning restaurant has been around since 1957, and it’s got everything you could ever dream of when it comes to pizza. Take your time browsing through the many menus, including “build your own pizza,” specialty pizzas, sandwiches, baked pasta, starters, salads, and desserts. Enjoy a craft beer with your meal when you enjoy a relaxed dinner here. One of my favorite parts of Hideaway Pizza is the friendly staff. They always welcome you, making you feel at home. There are several Hideaway Pizza locations in metro Oklahoma City. There’s one in downtown Oklahoma City that many visitors favor. Two others are on West Memorial Road and Western Avenue.

Pizzeria Gusto

2415 N Walker Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73103
Phone: 405-437-4992
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Have you ever tried Neapolitan pizza? If not, you’re in for quite a treat. Neapolitan pizza is Pizzeria Gusto’s specialty. There are plenty of variations on perfection in this popular local restaurant’s pizza menu. I enjoyed the Mushroom-Roasted Garlic pizza on my trip to Oklahoma City. It’s fantastic, featuring roasted garlic, provolone, fontina, spinach, mushrooms, and even truffle oil for a luxurious touch. In addition to its legendary pizzas, Pizzeria Gusto boasts a salad and sandwich menu, a small plates menu, and a desserts menu. After my pizza meal, I enjoyed a decadent treat in the Apple Pie Bread Pudding. The perfect combination of two classic desserts, this sweet dish is well worth trying.

Upper Crust Wood Fired Pizza

5860 N Classen Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73118
Phone: 405-842-7743
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Located in Classen Curve, Upper Crust Wood Fired Pizza makes their top-notch pizzas with handmade dough and fresh, locally sourced ingredients. You can order gluten-free crusts, and Upper Crust Wood Fired Pizza’s Eggplant Parmesan Pasta and Margherita Pizza are well-loved among Oklahoma City vegetarians. Upper Crust Wood Fired Pizza boasts a full menu with specialty pizzas, build-your-own-pizza options, sandwiches, salads, and more. I tried the Chicken Florentine pizza and it was glorious. If you’re looking for a pizza spot with signature cocktails and a happy hour, this is it. Happy Hour at Upper Crust Wood Fired Pizza takes place from 3pm to 6pm from Monday to Friday every week. If you’re going for a happy hour visit, enjoy the delectable snacks available to nibble on, including the half-price charcuterie board.

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The Wedge Pizzeria

Multiple locations
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Want pizza for brunch? Enjoy a meal at The Wedge Pizzeria during your adventures in Oklahoma City. I personally recommend their Morning Glory pizza, which includes red bell peppers, roasted red onion, mushrooms, port wine sundried tomato sauce, spinach, and more. There are other creative options on the brunch menu too, such as the Green Eggs & Ham and Snooze Bar pizzas. Of course, The Wedge Pizzeria also offers a Lunch & Dinner menu. The Wedge Pizzeria has two locations in Oklahoma City: the Western Avenue location and the Deep Deuce/Bricktown location. The Western Avenue location is often the preferred choice if you want to have a sit-down lunch or dinner.

Joey’s Pizzeria

700 W Sheridan Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Phone: 405-525-8503
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Joey’s Pizzeria offers delectable food as well as a fascinating location. Situated at West Sheridan and South Lee, Joey’s Pizzeria is part of Oklahoma City’s historic Film District. Decades ago, this district was known as Film Row and has offices of the most famous film companies in Hollywood. Architecture fans will appreciate the impressive Art Deco buildings. Enjoy a meal at Joey’s Pizzeria during your explorations of this fascinating area. You can visit Joey’s Pizzeria for brunch, lunch, and dinner. There’s an exciting menu, with pizzas and Calzones, toasted subs, baked pasta, salads, wings, and desserts. Check out the Wings & Things menu for some great appetizers and other treats.

Eagle One Pizza

11613 S Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73170
Phone: 405-703-4555
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Yet another fantastic spot for pizza in Oklahoma City is Eagle One Pizza. It’s the perfect place to get a good pizza for a fantastic price. You can eat in the casual atmosphere dining area or get a pizza for takeout. Locals love Eagle One Pizza for a reason. At Eagle One Pizza, you can enjoy a whole range of specialty pizzas, calzones and sandwiches, and side orders. For each pizza, you get to decide what kind of crust you want. Options include thin crust, regular hand-tossed crust, stuffed crust, and gluten-free crust. Specialty pizzas include the Greek Pizza (my favorite), The Original BBQ Chicken pizza, The Works pizza, the Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza, and more. 

Stone Sisters Pizza Bar

2124 N Broadway Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73103
Phone: 405-609-6599
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Founded and owned by three sisters, Stone Sisters Pizza Bar is a great Oklahoma City family-owned business. This is a place to see if you love a retro atmosphere with friendly staff. Stone Sisters Pizza Bar offers its own specially designed pizza crust that is chemical-free, doesn’t contain GMOs, is naturally gluten-friendly, and is perfect for vegans. It also has a low-glycemic profile. The Stone sisters have made sure it’s full of minerals and vitamins, too. As well as pizza, Stone Sisters Pizza Bar offers a “Create Your Own Pasta Dish” menu, as well as tempting salads and other dishes. Stone Sisters Pizza Bar is the Oklahoma City destination for health-conscious pizza-lovers.

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Stella Modern Italian Cuisine

1201 N Walker Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73103
Phone: 405-235-2200
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Italian-food enthusiasts should head to Stella Modern Italian Cuisine at least once during their stay in Oklahoma City. This is a full Italian restaurant with plenty of pizza, salad, pasta, lunch sandwiches, dinner entrees, and brunch menus. And don’t forget to order dessert. The Limoncello Ricotta Cheesecake is to die for. I know you’re looking for pizza, but you might want to try some of the unique traditional Italian dishes available at Stella Modern Italian Cuisine. Where else are you going to find Wild Boar Bolognese? If you’re visiting with friends, check out the Shared Plates menu. There’s a delicious Charcuterie plate that might be perfect.

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