11 Best Happy Hour in Short North

Right in the heart of Columbus, Ohio, you’ll find a charming arts district known affectionately as Short North. Centered around North High Street, Short North is a neat cultural center that focuses on all things hip and artsy.

people enjoying happy hour drinks at short north

Short North is a great place to experience the soul of Columbus. You’ll find no shortage of things to do, and you’ll have a great time in the process.

You’ll find interesting museums, fascinating art centers, and some dainty coffee houses that feel like home.

You’ll also find some outstanding options for happy hour. And let’s be honest: happy hour is where it’s at these days.

If you’re looking for the best happy hour spots in Short North, then look no further. I’ve taken the time to find them all and compile this list for you.

Arch City Tavern

862 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: 614-725-5620
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If you’re visiting the Italian Village Park, you might crave a slice of pepperoni pizza or a bratwurst corn dog.

If this happens, don’t worry: it’s pretty normal. All you need to do to remedy the situation is head two blocks north to Arch City Tavern.

Arch City Tavern is a quality, upscale restaurant serving classic American fare in a hip, happening environment. At Arch City, you feel welcomed from the moment you walk through the doors.

And if you happen to stop by Monday through Friday, anytime between 3 and 6 pm, you’ll find yourself faced with a delightful selection of Happy Hour Specials designed to delight. Enjoy a slice of homemade pizza and a half-priced draft beer at Arch City Tavern.

Forno Kitchen + Bar

721 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: 614-469-0053
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I’m not sure what makes Forno Kitchen + Bar more appealing, the hearty atmosphere or the beautiful stone-fire oven displayed for all to see. The contemporary cuisine makes this an essential stop for happy hour in Columbus.

Another great feature of Forno is the convenient proximity to Goodale Park. With stunning skyline views and easy trails, Goodale Park is a beautiful place to spend the morning before heading up the street for happy hour.

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Stop by any weekday, between 4 and 6 pm, for a Chicken Alfredo Pizza and a half-priced draft. Or you can get the Olive Sampler with a Kiwi Mule.

If you’re feeling mighty adventurous, I recommend trying the Cucumber Jalapeño Margarita. Need I say more than a muddled cucumber?

Hubbard Grille

793 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: 614-291-5000
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Right between the Italian Village Park and Goodale Park, you’ll find Hubbard Grille. It’s a slightly modern, casual restaurant serving classic American food in a building dating back to 1924. The historic space only adds to the charm.

If you happen to visit Tuesday through Friday, between 4 and 6 pm, you’ll likely find yourself there just in time for Happy Hour.

You can get $5 appetizers and $5 drinks, making your afternoon a little better than before you showed up.

I strongly recommend you try the Agave Cooler. Vodka, pure agave, pink grapefruit, and lime juice all make something worth writing home about. And the Southwestern Skillet Dip is the perfect combination of beans and cheese.

Lemongrass Fusion Bistro

641 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: 614-224-1414
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Lemongrass Fusion Bistro has an interesting ring to it, right? You’re probably not entirely sure what you should expect. The combination of Asian, American, and Mediterranean seems a little overwhelming.

There is no place in Columbus as creative and entertaining as Lemongrass Fusion Bistro. And one of the best features is that Happy Hour runs a little longer than usual. From 3 to 7 pm, every Monday through Friday, you can get excellent options at ridiculously low prices.

The Lemongrass Martini is a signature cocktail that I found delightful. It’s such a fresh, fruity take on the standard martini, mixed to perfection.


615 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: 614-223-2100
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Check out Happy Hour at Marcella’s if you want to try something that’s guaranteed to leave you smiling. It’s a cute Italian cafe that focuses on delivering a high-quality atmosphere for all customers.

I suggest going for happy hour, and I recommend trying one of their outstanding appetizers. Don’t be surprised if you have a hard time choosing a favorite. It’s all good.

For your drink selection, please do me a favor and check out the Tuscan Limonata. The hand-squeezed lemon makes it perfectly, delightfully refreshing. 

Del Mar SoCal Kitchen

705 N High St 1st Floor, Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: 614-300-9500
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Del Mar SoCal Kitchen brings a little bit of Southern California to the heart of Columbus’s art district. Happy Hour at Del Mar means oysters for $2.50 and half-off any starters or flatbreads.

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If you’re a fan of seafood, I suggest trying the Shrimp Bisque. But if flatbread is more your style, then the classic Calabrese won’t disappoint.

You can also try one of their specialty cocktails, like the Beach Party. You really can’t go wrong with pineapple-infused Aperol, citrus, strawberry, and rosé.

Bristol Republic

1124 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201
Phone: 614-929-5847
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Bristol Republic brings a little bit of Nashville to the arts district and leans into the craft beer and live music features.

You can enjoy Happy Hour at Bristol Republic with $5 BBQ samples or a $5 Grilled Chicken Sandwich. If you’re in the mood for something lighter, you can try any side for only $3. And when you go on Thursdays, you can get BBQ hot dogs for a buck.

In my opinion, the best part is the half-priced whiskey and bourbon you can get. It makes the whole experience that much more enjoyable.


1044 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201
Phone: 614-299-9399
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Bodega runs on a simple equation of food and beer combining to make a good time. It’s simple, and it gets the job done.

At Bodega, you aren’t too far from Thompson Park or the Italian Village Park. This means you can get a good walk in before stopping for happy hour.

I’m a fan of Bodega’s specialty cocktails and mules. In particular, they make a delicious Dark N’Stormy. If rum isn’t your scene, you should try the Wake-Up Call. Believe me, when I tell you, it’s all worth it.

Bernard’s Tavern

630 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: 614-223-9601
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One of the finest spots of Happy Hour in all of Columbus is Bernard’s Tavern. Here you can enjoy some unique cuisine in a relaxed environment. Bernard’s feels like your favorite neighborhood bar, which I love about it.

I suggest trying a local Ohio beer at Bernard’s Tavern. For only $5, you can get a taste of some local brewing and an appetizer or two that you can get half-price.

Galla Park Steak

900 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: 614-826-0023
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In the heart of North High Street, you’ll find Galla Park Steak, a lovely establishment. It’s a great place to get a steak if you’re in the mood, but its happy hour is one of the best in the business.

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Check it out anytime after 5 pm Wednesday-Friday, around 4 pm on Saturday, and as early as 11 am on Sunday.

You’re just a stone’s throw from the Italian Village Park and a quick walk from the Sean Christopher Gallery, Ohio.

Galla Park features a modern gastropub that offers the best and the freshest cocktails imaginable. Carefully crafted to fit any palette, the drinks served at Galla Park are delightfully refreshing and exciting.

Fireproof Restaurant

1026 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201
Phone: 614-706-4425
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Just up the block from the renowned Lindsay Gallery and only a short walk south from the Martha Walker Walkway Park, the modern Fireproof Restaurant sits between East 2nd and East 3rd Avenue.

You can enjoy happy hour at one of Short North’s trendiest pubs and eateries from Tuesday to Friday. Between 4 and 6 pm, you can stop by and get select drinks and appetizers at half the price.

I highly recommend the Lamb Meatballs. Among other things, they contain a 3-month manchego cheese that’s sinfully divine.

Pair that with a Spanish Old Fashioned featuring amarena cherry and cherry juice to have one of the best afternoons you’ve ever spent in Columbus.

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