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11 Must-Try Park Slope Sushi Restaurants

Perhaps one of the most popular meals in the United States, sushi has taken the culinary world by storm. From spotlights in television shows to bridging the cultural gap of the Pacific Ocean, sushi embodies elegance and simplicity while embracing healthy choices with flair.

delicious salmon roll served at a sushi restaurant in Park Slope

As you explore your dining options in Park Slope, Brooklyn, add sushi to the top of your must-try list. While Brooklyn has its own historical significance and sophistication, the Park Slope neighborhood takes it to the next level. Trees and brownstones line the streets, and delicious meals await around every corner.

Take a look at my choices for the best Sushi in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Ki Sushi

282 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217
Phone: 718-230-1381
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Source: KI SUSHI

Step off the 7th Avenue Metro Station, and you’ll be mere blocks away from Ki Sushi, one of Brooklyn’s best stops for authentic Japanese dining. Whether you’re looking for a cozy date spot or a business lunch, Ki Sushi’s atmosphere is warm, inviting, and sophisticated.

If you’re dining with friends who aren’t as excited about sushi, Ki Sushi has a menu that caters to a variety of styles. But their extensive sushi list makes it hard to pass up. I am a sucker for a good California Roll, so I almost always get one of those, but Ki Sushi has so much more to offer.

I loved their Peach Roll with tuna, avocado, caviar, and topped with peach. It was the perfect blend of fish and fruit, and the freshness stuck with me. It’s impossible to choose wrong here, though.

Sushi Katsuei

210 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Phone: 718-788-5338
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Sushi Katsuei
Source: Sushi Katsuei

Sushi Katsuei first opened in 2014, bringing Edo-mae style (traditional Japanese-Edo period) sushi to Brooklyn. They fly in fish from Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo and combine delicious and creative ingredients to provide a modern sushi encounter.

Sushi Katsuei isn’t just a restaurant; they’re an entire experience. As your starter, I highly recommend their Kabocha Tempura, a lightly fried Japanese pumpkin. However, the Gyoza is delicious as well.

I was thrilled to have tried the Omakase tasting menu, which I encourage every sushi-goer to do at least once. The sashimi and sushi omakase were divine with their combination of octopus, salmon, fatty tuna, and more.

JPan Sushi

287 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Phone: 718-788-2880
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Jpan Sushi
Source: Jpan Sushi

Modern meets classic at JPan Sushi, only a short walk from Old Stone House of Brooklyn and Prospect Park. If you’re staying in the area, you can order delivery or take-out, which is great for lunch at the park.

JPan has one of the most extensive menu selections, and everything looked terrific. My favorite was the Sushi Classic platter with the chef’s choice sushi and a spicy tuna roll. I recommend the miso soup that comes with it, too.

The chicken teriyaki is perfect for kids who might not like sushi.


170 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Phone: 718-840-0099
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Source: Yamato

Yamato isn’t just another sushi bar. Blocks from Prospect Park, Yamato offers Pan-Asian dishes in a modern and classy environment. While I came here for the sushi, I was intrigued by the “Seafood and Steakhouse” moniker.

The Chef’s Special Rolls menu offers something new and exciting, though. I couldn’t help myself; I ordered several! The Salmon Avocado Roll was fresh, cold, and delicious, while I started with something familiar.

The Valentine Roll with salmon, crab stick, avocado, topped with spicy tuna, and tempura flakes is one of my favorites now, as is the Napoleon Roll with soft shell crab, eel, avocado, and caviar. There’s nothing like a meal at Yamato to make you feel special.


440 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Phone: 718-768-9888
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Source: Ten

A sleek, traditional restaurant near the southern edge of Park Slope, Ten provides the perfect place for an intimate meal with friends. Traditional Japanese dining, including sushi, are the specialty here, and it’s clear they’ve met the mark.

With a presentation nearly unmatched, the food at Ten is absolutely incredible. The Toro Scallion Roll was delicious, as was the Rock Shrimp Avocado Roll.

You won’t want to skip the Dragon Roll, though, with eel and cucumber topped with avocado, tobiko, and their special sauce.

Mura Sushi

370 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Phone: 718-965-1288
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Mura Sushi
Source: Mura Sushi

If you’re looking for fine dining without the pretension, look no further than Mura Sushi, right around the corner from Old Stone House of Brooklyn. With fresh ingredients, stellar presentation, and a welcoming atmosphere, Mura is one of my favorite places to eat in Brooklyn.

As any good traveler would, I chose my meal here by name alone. The Las Vegas Roll with tuna, salmon, yellowtail, and avocado, topped with tobiko, was a mouthful of oceanic goodness. However, my favorite was the New York Roll with lobster, avocado, and mango, topped with spicy tuna and sauce.

Whatever you choose here, everything is incredibly fresh and delicious.

Sumi Sushi

287 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217
Phone: 718-638-1689
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Sumi Sushi
Source: Sumi Sushi

Between the Bergen Street and 7th Avenue Metro Stations, you’ll find Sumi Sushi just waiting to serve your perfect meal. Known for their delicious take-out, Sumi Sushi and its small space is great for just a few people to gather together.

I enjoyed the Sumi Roll with crabmeat and avocado crunch on the inside and topped with seared salmon, tobiko, scallions, and their special sauce. The Tiger Roll is another delicious choice with tuna, salmon, and avocado, topped with tuna, salmon, eel, tobiko, and crunch.

This is my favorite for take-out and wandering the city or sitting at the park if you have the time.

Kiku Asian Bistro

163 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217
Phone: 718-638-3366
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Kiku Asian Bistro
Source: Kiku Asian Bistro

A little off the beaten path, Kiku Asian Bistro’s corner spot is the perfect place to people-watch and enjoy the most delicious fresh sushi. While the restaurant is small, the flavor is not. Their menu offers more choices than one person can experience in many meals, which ensures I will return.

At Kiku, I chose simplicity. The Sushi/Sashimi a la carte meant I could try a few varieties. I enjoyed the white tuna, striped bass, unagi, and tako (octopus).

However, the Paradise Roll pulled me back toward adventure with spicy lobster, fried banana, and shrimp tempura inside a sesame soybean nori. It was well worth ordering and now sits at the top of my list when I return to Brooklyn for sushi.

Ramen Danbo

52 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217
Phone: 718-783-0150
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Ramen Danbo
Source: Ramen Danbo

A few blocks from Grand Army Plaza, Ramen Danbo features Fukuoka-style Kyushu Hakata Tonkotsu ramen. While they do not serve sushi, I couldn’t help but add them to this list because the ramen is just that good.

The Negi-Goma Chashu-men with sesame oil, roasted sesame seeds, and fresh scallions with their delicious braised pork belly was perfect for a light lunch on a chilly day. Amazing.

Koto Sushi

263 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217
Phone: 718-230-3881
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Koto Sushi
Source: Koto Sushi

Koto Sushi lies just north of the Grand Army Plaza and the Brooklyn Museum, and their sushi is hailed as some of the best Japanese food in the area. While their menu isn’t as extensive as some of the other places on the list here, it is undoubtedly some of the best quality sushi around.

I was famished when I went to Koto Sushi, so I ordered the 9 Sushi Sashimi Combo Entree, which comes with nine sashimi pieces, four sushi pieces, and the California Roll I love so much.

Everything here was fantastic, from the atmosphere to the service. I am confident it is a restaurant you will love.

Sushi Yashin

381 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Phone: 718-788-6789
Visit Website

Sushi Yashin
Source: Sushi Yashin

Not far from New York Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital and Old Stone House of Brooklyn, Sushi Yashin delivers in more ways than one. While not every restaurant can pull off Omakase, Sushi Yashin is known for their high-quality chef’s choices, and they do not disappoint.

This small space offers up big flavor, and you might as well go for broke. Though, not really because their pricing is reasonable and everything is delicious.

The Apollo Roll with shrimp tempura, cucumber, lettuce, avocado, and spicy mayo was my favorite, followed closely by the Super Man Roll. Tuna, avocado, mango crunch, and spicy mayo make this an absolutely fabulous choice.

While sushi isn’t for everyone, finding the best around should be quick and easy when the craving hits. The beauty of Brooklyn, with its class, sophistication, and elegant flair, makes it the perfect New York spot for sushi dining. Each of these beautiful restaurants is certain to be a winner.

While exploring Brooklyn, if you get the craving for something else, have a look at our list of the Best Steakhouses in Brooklyn.

Did we leave a restaurant out of this list? Make sure you leave us a comment, and we’ll check it out!

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