15 Best Ramen Restaurants in New York City

Do you love ramen? Try one of the best ramen restaurants in NYC for authentic Japanese ramen dishes on your next trip to the Big Apple.

soy sauce ramen served in nyc ramen restaurant

I imagine you can taste the umami of the pork chashu, the crunchy cabbage and bamboo shoots, or the soft ramen noodles. Ready to go yet? Wait a minute! Don’t forget your favorite pair of chopsticks for this adventure!

If you love ramen, you have to try these ramen spots in New York City. Find the best bowl of ramen in NYC on our list.


Multiple locations
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Source: Ippudo

Ippudo’s first overseas restaurant was the East Village location, where you can spectate the open kitchen as your meal gets cooked.

Ippudo Westside is at the very heart of Hell’s Kitchen, in the midst of the city hustle. Finally, the 5th Avenue location is perfect for private events and small gatherings, as the atmosphere is calm and sophisticated.

Besides their ramen, the other main staple is their pork buns. I gasped delightfully when I tried the Karaka Spicy ramen.

The pork tonkatsu broth delivered unforgettable umami that delighted my taste buds. The bamboo shoots gave it a fresh crunch.

Ivan Ramen

25 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002
Phone: 646-678-3859
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Ivan Ramen
Source: Ivan Ramen

Ivan Ramen in the Manhattan Borough animates their online menu with moving pictures of their dishes. That is creative and groundbreaking visual marketing!

The place is always busy, with their tables and bar seats full every night. It’s perfect for experiencing the Lower East Side’s busy nightlife.

Ivan Orkin is the famous chef behind Ivan Ramen. With two successful ramen shops in Tokyo, he returned to New York City to open this ramen shop that locals flock to daily. 

I ordered Tokyo Shio ramen. It includes pork chashu meat in chicken broth. The savory masterpiece of the melt-in-your-mouth pork excited me. The spicy kyuri pickles were an extra special savory treat.

Totto Ramen

Multiple locations
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Totto Ramen
Source: Totto Ramen

Both Totto Ramen locations are in the Manhattan Borough. Midtown East is near the MoMA and St. Patrick’s Cathedral, so you get the whole tourist experience.

The other one is in Hell’s Kitchen, where modern culture is buzzing. You can customize your ramen by adding any toppings you desire; cabbage, corn, bean sprouts, you name it!

I was craving the Vegetable Ramen and Nigori Sake. The shiitake mushroom base mixed with the avocado, bell peppers, and iceberg lettuce was delicious.

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565 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238
Phone: 347-425-9570
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Source: Chuko

Brooklyn Borough’s Chuko is minutes away from the Grand Army Plaza and Barklays Center. Tough the wait times may be on the longer side, the hip atmosphere is perfect for a chill celebration with your friends.

Their restaurant name means “vintage” in Japanese. Their motto is to choose only the most traditional and inventive combinations for their ramen dishes.

The popular menu items include Miso Ramen, wings, pork bun, crispy Brussel sprouts, Sesame Garlic Ramen, and others.

I ate the Miso Ramen when I visited. The crunch of the cabbage and soft enoki mushroom was my favorite element.


132 W 31st St, New York, NY 10001
Phone: 212-465-0701
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Source: Ichiran

Ichiran is the Midtown West of Manhattan and claims they are the worldwide expert on tonkotsu ramen. Their two other locations throughout New York are in Times Square and the Brooklyn Borough.

With its private booths, Ichiran’s concept is having a meal solo or with one other person. While other shops feature a variety of ramen dishes, Ichiran serves only tonkotsu ramen.

The classic Togo Ramen is deliciously crafted, with a savory richness in its broth – soft chashu pork, a hint of garlic, and crunchy scallions.

Jun-Men Ramen Bar

249 9th Ave, New York, NY 10001
Phone: 646-852-6787
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Jun-Men Ramen Bar
Source: Jun-Men Ramen Bar

“Jun-Men” is Japanese for “pure noodle,” and it’s the name of the ramen bar’s Executive Chef Jun Park. You can make reservations for private events.

Enjoy NYC’s art district and have dinner in a cool and trendy atmosphere! They offer steamed buns such as pork, chicken, or shiitake mushroom variety.

With seven types of ramen and eight appetizer selections, the menu is simplistic, which helps them to specialize in their craft.

I tried the shiitake mushroom bun and Chicken Ramen. The meaty chicken confit was artfully complimented by the soft yet crunchy menma (fermented bamboo shoots).

E.A.K. Ramen

469 6th Ave, New York, NY 10011
Phone: 646-863-2027
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E.A.K Ramen
Source: E.A.K Ramen

Located in the East Village, this is another ramen house that lets you enjoy New York’s best nightlife. The space is bigger and more open than most, so it’s perfect for a crowdy get-together.

Kyushu is a Western-style tonkotsu ramen and Shoyu ramen from Tokyo. Both styles are melded together to create “iekei” ramen.

Their signature E.A.K. ramen bowl marries pork and chicken broth with chashu pork, nori seaweed, and shoyu tare for an intensely meaty and savory experience.


536 E 5th St, New York, NY 10009
Phone: 212-505-8001
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Source: Minca

Minca is only two minutes away from Tompkins Square Park in the East Village. This is a small and cozy spot to grab a quick, inexpensive bowl of ramen before continuing to enjoy NYC.

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The ramen shop highlights its dishes as authentic Japanese soul food. I ordered one of the signature Minca ramen bowls with the salt and roast garlic flavor.

The pork and chicken broth mix brought together the delicious flavors of chashu pork, seaweed, soft egg, and scallions.

Momofuku Noodle Bar

171 1st Ave., New York, NY 10003
Phone: 212-777-7773
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Momofuku Noodle Bar
Source: Momofuku Noodle Bar

Another East Village resident, Momofuku is closer to the Noho area. Their many tables, big and small, and their reservation system make it ideal for a scheduled celebration with 5-10 people.

There is also an Uptown location at Columbus Circle parking lot. All of their ramen dishes are served with Momofuku barley noodles, hence their restaurant name. When I visited, I tried their seared shrimp buns and Mushroom Ramen.

The chewy texture of the oyster mushrooms made it feel like I was eating meat. The red pickled onion was a sharp and crispy bite that complimented the pillowy shrimp.


172 Delancey St, New York, NY 10002
Phone: 212-614-1810
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Source: Nakamura

Manhattan Borough’s Nakamura ramen shop is next to the Williamsburg bridge in the Lower East Side. The unique, magical vibe allows for a different experience, whether you stop by for a quick meal or reserve a table to dine with your partner.

Try one of their seven types of ramen or ten small plates such as umami truffle fries, gyoza, and edamame pesto.

I tried the spicy yuzu wonton soup, chili cabbage, and Truffle Miso Ramen, which is vegan. The truffle oil in the ramen was exquisite, and the spiciness from my appetizers had me on the edge of my seat the entire time.


13 W 36th St, New York, NY 10018
Phone: 646-692-9912
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Source: Tonchin

After viewing the Empire State Building during my trip to New York, I took the 4-minute walk to Tonchin. This ramen shop opened in Japan in 1992 before coming to the states 25 years later.

I ordered the Green Yuzu Margarita to go with my Miso Ginger Ramen. They specialize in Tokyo tonkotsu ramen and tonchin maguro, two types of wings, and a tonchin gyoza. The family tradition holds firm, led by a brother duo, Katsuhiro and Motohiro Sugeno.

Hide-Chan Ramen

248 E 52nd St #2Fl, New York, NY 10022
Phone: 212-813-1800
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Hide-Chan Ramen
Source: Hide-Chan Ramen

The New York Times, TimeOut New York, and other notable media outlets have featured Hide-Chan Ramen. It’s located in the Midtown East, near the Rockefeller Center.

The Japan Society is also close by, so you can fully immerse yourself in Japanese culture. The vibe at Hide-Chan is also fun and is sure to appeal to every member of the family.

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Kawahara’s tonkotsu ramen has a creamy and rich pork bone base. Kogashi, Red Dragon, and Tan Tan Men are a few of their 11 ramen bowls featured. I was excited to taste the savory masterpiece of the Red Dragon.

HinoMaru Ramen

33-18 Ditmars Blvd, Queens, NY 11105
Phone: 718-777-0228
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HinoMaru Ramen
Source: HinoMaru Ramen

After visiting Astoria Park, I drove four minutes to grab dinner at HinoMaru Ramen. You are greeted with a playful chalkboard menu with a monkey inside a ramen bowl on the top left and a cute pig on the top right.

The cozy environment is perfect for chowing down on their specialty sushi and one of the 11 ramen bowls with four varieties made spicy.

I ordered the Lemongrass Chicken Ramen, and it was the right balance of herbal, citrusy, spicy, and savory.

Karazishi Botan

255 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11231
Phone: 347-763-1155
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Kazarishi Botan
Source: Kazarihi Botan

Fumihiro “Foo” Kanegae, the Executive Chef, founded Karazishi Botan. He has earned the right to be called a Ramen Master.

Located five minutes from the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn, Kanegae offers rotating seasonal ramen dishes, dumplings, and inventive small plates.

If you have not tried their matcha chicken wings, it’s an unforgettable herbal and meaty experience. I ate this dish, the crab cream croquettes, and the Knuckle Head ramen. I couldn’t get enough of the super creamy delight of the crab croquettes!

Momosan Ramen & Sake

342 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10016
Phone: 646-201-5529
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Momosan Ramen & Shake
Source: Momosan Ramen & Shake

Located nine minutes from Washington Square Park, Momosan offers high-quality Japanese food and sake, which makes it ideal for an impromptu celebration with your best friends.

It has a classy yet casual atmosphere. Try one of their six ramen bowls, three rice bowls, or 12 sushi rolls. I ate the soft shell crab roll because I have a soft spot for this crab!

I could not go without eating all of the Spicy Tan-Tan ramens. The spicy sesame broth was unique to the usual pork or chicken broth featured in ramen dishes.

If ramen is your obsession, then you’re in luck! NYC’s best ramen shops are plentiful throughout the area, mostly concentrated in the Manhattan Borough.

Whether you like tonkotsu ramen or you enjoy vegan ramen bowls, there’s something for all ramen lovers.

Sure, you’ll want to see the Empire State Building and Central Park when visiting tourist attractions. However, with this list of the best ramen in NYC, you will want to eat a ramen bowl every night you stay in the metropolis.

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