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Dumbo Brunch Spots That You’re Going to Love

Dumbo, like so many parts of Brooklyn, was once a huge warehouse area that has since become the cool place to hang out. The neighborhood has a great view of Manhattan, with parks all along the edge of the East River. There are also plenty of restaurants, both upscale and affordable, depending on where you go.

Most restaurants in this area cater to dinners or lunch. It can be hard to find a good brunch place, but if you know where to look, you’ll find a plethora of options.

brunch in a dumbo spot

Most brunch places do the usual breakfast/lunch spiel, with some kind of eggs, toast, and of course, Bloody Marys and Mimosas. However, most of the restaurants on this list veer away from the traditional brunch fare to give you inventive creations perfect for the mid-morning weekend adventurer.

For top-notch eatery experiences, check out my list to see the options for the best brunch in Dumbo!

Vinegar Hill House

72 Hudson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201
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Vinegar Hill House
Source: Vinegar Hill House

Located on the East River just across from Manhattan Island, the aptly named Vinegar Hill House sits on Hudson Avenue atop Vinegar Hill itself. Sitting between the Manhattan Bridge and Wallabout Bay, the restaurant is right on the edge of the Dumbo district. However, it still wows tourists and locals alike with its excellent food and intense atmosphere.

With a cozy interior and a sunny backyard, Vinegar Hill House provides a homey and historical aesthetic to their brunch experience. Though they don’t have an extensive list of brunch items, their menu is innovative and tasty all at once. Especially worth a try are their fruit pancakes, which include apple, pear, or blueberry, depending on the season. I recommend their Bloody Marys also, mixed fresh in-house so you can start your brunch off right.


126 Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 718-243-9005
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Source: Superfine

You can find Superfine on the corner of Front Street and Pearl Street, right next to the Manhattan Bridge. Housed in a converted warehouse, Superfine is right at home in the Dumbo area. It sits adjacent to the Brooklyn Flea market, where great bargains await on Sundays after brunch.

Superfine has a warm and friendly atmosphere that might seem out of place in such a large bar establishment. Every Sunday for brunch they host live music and proudly tote their fresh ingredients brought directly from farms and fields. With plenty of vegan options, Superfine was just what I needed for my diet. Their pancakes, breakfast burrito, and breakfast enchiladas will give you the best brunch in Dumbo with a little Mexican kick.

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The Atrium Dumbo

15 Main St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
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Atrium DUMBO
Source: Atrium DUMBO

On the west side of Manhattan Bridge, the Atrium sits close to the waterfront near Pebble Beach and Jane’s Carousel. Between Plymouth Street and Water Street, the Atrium maintains a quiet, chic atmosphere with views of the Manhattan skyline and distance from the rumbling bridges.

The Atrium’s Modern French cuisine uses fresh ingredients from local fishermen and farms. The Atrium employs skilled mixologists who provide only the best when serving brunch drinks like Bloody Marys or mimosas. The omelet and eggs Florentine act as both the perfect brunch food and a tasty glimpse into the freshness of the Atrium’s upscale palate.

Almondine Bakery

85 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 718-797-5026
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Almondine Bakery
Source: Almondine Bakery

Across the street from the Atrium is the Almondine Bakery. Artisan baker Herve Poussot runs this traditional French patisserie. He not only creates fantastic and enticing baked goods but also ensures a warm and friendly atmosphere, perfect for a welcoming little shop. The Almondine Bakery also offers nut and gluten-free options for anyone with food intolerances.

My favorite Almondine Bakery’s specialty is their divine flat almond croissant, not as puffy as the traditional crescent but just as melt-in-your-mouth. Each croissant is substantial, pairing the taste of butter and almonds for the best brunch in Dumbo consisting of baked goods.


111 Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 718-855-5288
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Source: AlMar

Right by the Manhattan Bridge on Front Street is AlMar, the Italian restaurant known for using imported Italian ingredients. Unlike other brunch stops, AlMar has an extensive menu with many pasta dishes along with your standard brunch fare. With friendly, unpretentious service, AlMar provides a warm atmosphere during the day, with either indoor or outdoor seating.

Their Egg in a Cloud dish not only delights the eye but the taste buds as well. The dish consists of baked egg yolks surrounded by whipped egg whites, giving the exact look of an egg inside a cloud. Similarly, the Eggs in Purgatory will give you a taste of the Italian countryside in a lovely brunch arrangement.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

1 Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 718-858-4300
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Grimaldi's Pizzeria
Source: Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

On the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge from the majority of Dumbo’s roots, Grimaldi’s Pizzeria allows access to the Pier 1 parks and the Granite Prospect. A family-owned franchise, Grimaldi’s Pizzeria specializes in New York-style pizzas that include gluten-friendly options.

Pizza for brunch isn’t the most common choice for either locals or tourists, but Grimaldi’s makes it worth the risk. With a friendly and pleasant atmosphere and attentive staff, I found it easy to enjoy brunch with choices like the Margherita pizza or the minimalist Traditional. There are also plenty of toppings choices to add to your pies, so you can make your brunch experience truly your own.

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Bread & Spread

151 Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 718-625-2220
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Bread & Spread
Source: Bread & Spread

Across the street from Superfine and just east of the Manhattan Bridge is Bread & Spread, a sandwich shop with fresh ingredients from locally sourced farms. Unlike more upscale joints, Bread & Spread focuses on comfort food. They pride themselves on seasoning, curing, and cooking all their meat right there in-house and crafting each sandwich from scratch.

Though the shop itself is small, the staff give it a friendly, warm vibe for overall great customer service. For brunch, choosing the Breakfast Sandwich or the Porchetta Sandwich will give you the perfect sweet and savory meal. Every sandwich is bursting with meat and fresh greens, just right for a Sunday morning brunch.

Westville Dumbo

81 Washington St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 718-618-5699
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Westville Dumbo
Source: Westville Dumbo

Westville Dumbo resides on the western side of the Manhattan Bridge, on Washington Street. Just to the south of the restaurant is the Brooklyn Queens Expressway and Brooklyn Bridge beyond. Westville Dumbo uses fresh market ingredients to bring its customers the healthiest brunch choices in the whole Brooklyn area.

Westville Dumbo’s brunch menu includes an extensive list of popular brunch items like avocado toast. However, you can also order more substantial items like burgers or hot dogs. Along with vegan and vegetarian options, Westville Dumbo has a cheerful atmosphere with indoor or outdoor seating. Their California Benedict proves itself one of the best brunch breakfasts in Dumbo, and I sure can vouch for that.

The River Café

1 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 718-522-5200
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The River Café
Source: The River Café

Situated next to the Brooklyn Bridge and right on the water of the East River, the River Café overlooks the Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 1, as well as the Dumbo/Fulton ferry station. Billed as one of the most romantic restaurants in the world, the River Café gives you superb views of the Manhattan skyline, with live music and a mandatory dress code for all patrons.

Though on the pricier side of brunch, the River Café creates a warm and cheerful atmosphere with attentive and considerate staff. The head chef, Brad Steelman, provides a decadent fixed menu including Oysters and Hot Foie Gras.


1 John St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 718-522-5356
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Source: Celestine

This Mediterranean restaurant is right by the Manhattan Bridge lookout and John Street Park, overlooking the East River. The Manhattan Bridge itself overhangs the location, providing a majestic view of its sweeping silhouette. With its spread of Mediterranean dishes, brunch at Celestine proves a tasty and savory experience.

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With an accommodating and warm attitude, the staff at Celestine aim to create a welcoming atmosphere no matter if it’s for a simple brunch or special anniversary. Celestine offers a mezze platter and an heirloom tomato dish, both of which are light enough for a brunch sampling but also tangy and filling enough that I didn’t even have to order a meal.

Gran Electrica

5 Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 718-852-2700
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This Mexican delight sits next to the Brooklyn Bridge on the southwest side. Inspired by authentic Mexican cuisine, Gran Electrica uses authentic Mexican traditions to create each dish. The building uses both in and outdoor seating to accommodate guests; the exterior is a large, welcoming garden for warmer weather. Gran Electrica also uses only ethical and sustainable sourced agave for their tequilas and other liquor options.

The relaxed atmosphere of Gran Electrica helps make the restaurant a great option for Sunday brunch. Their menus use Spanish names to add to the Mexican ambiance. The Carnitas Tacos and Al Pastor Tacos are my two favorite brunch dishes, not too spicy but with the right amount of zest to start your day.

There are plenty of great places in Dumbo to find a tasty brunch. Whether you want something more upscale or cheap and easy, options abound. There’s also something for every craving, whether you prefer Mexican food, French baked goods, or meaty sandwiches.

If you’re in the area and need a substantial or quick mid-morning snack, be sure to pop in at one of these locations or make a reservation to experience them yourself.

Did we leave a restaurant out of this list? Make sure to leave us a comment, and we’ll check it out!

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