Where to Get Oysters in New Orleans

No city in the continental United States does seafood quite like New Orleans.

oysters with crushed lime in new orleans

The town owes its perfect cuisine to an ideal location fused with a rich culinary culture of Creole Cajun descent.

Louisiana’s many bodies of water provide a wealth of fresh seafood New Orleans cooks incorporate into their dishes.

Louisiana’s best chefs apply their Cajun flair to everything from lobsters to crawfish, but nothing trumps the humble oyster.

While the mollusks are an acquired taste, you’ll never go back once you’ve developed a passion for the dish.

So read on as I share my list of the best oysters in New Orleans.

Felix’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar

Multiple locations
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Felix’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar has been catering to a loyal following since the 1940s.

The restaurant’s Louisiana locations sit in the heart of the French Quarter, and if New Orleans had a taste, it would be Felix’s.

While they have the burgers and salads I expect from any restaurant, what sets Felix’s apart is their deep bench of Cajun Creole classics.

Felix’s gets their oysters straight from local beds.

Drivers deliver the mollusks directly to the restaurant, where they’re shucked before your very eyes.

Their oysters are massive, so pace yourself because you’ll want to try as many Louisiana staples as possible.

And if you’re looking to taste more of New Orleans, be sure to try the Louisiana Alligator appetizer.

Superior Seafood & Oyster Bar

4338 St Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70115
Phone: 504-293-3474
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Superior Seafood & Oyster Bar’s stellar seafood and plum location make it a quite popular destination.

Located directly at stop 24 on the St. Charles Streetcar Line, the restaurant is steps from the French Quarter.

Moreover, diners can enjoy the surrounding New Orleans sights from the temperature-controlled patio, or they can feast inside at the impressive bar.

While the restaurant has the atmosphere covered, we can’t eat ambiance, so let’s talk about the food.

The restaurant serves the freshest oysters, shucked to order.

Certain staples aside, the menu changes weekly, so Superior Seafood can take advantage of whatever seafood is in season.

The oysters are the star of the show, but I would also recommend trying the crawfish cornbread as an appetizer.

The warm dish has all the components of delicious Cajun cuisine.

Acme Oyster House

724 Iberville St, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: 504-522-5973
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Acme Oyster House started perfecting its craft in 1910 and has been a favorite of locals and tourists ever since.

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The restaurant is strategically located 1.1 miles from the Convention center and .4 miles from the French Quarter, so you can easily incorporate it into your daily exploration.

Acme offers raw and chargrilled oysters as well as a wide range of delicious platters and various dishes.

Their unusual cocktail choices also caught my attention, such as the oyster shooter, which features a freshly shucked oyster, cocktail sauce, and vodka.

If you plan on dining with a group of friends, it’s best to make your way to the French Quarter early because Acme doesn’t accept reservations, and the lines can get fairly long during peak hours.


2517 Bayou Rd, New Orleans, LA 70119
Phone: 504-558-4403
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The Half Shell on the Bayou is easy to miss but worth seeking out for those in the know.

A mere mile and a half from the French Quarter, this small, hidden restaurant makes affordable, authentic Cajun food, sure to delight diners looking for a genuine New Orleans feast.

The homey restaurant offers outdoor seating for those who prefer dining al fresco.

Visitors can enjoy the scenic Esplanada Ridge neighborhood while eating the delicious oysters on the half shell.

Notably, the restaurant prepares every dish with locally sourced seafood.

While their chargrilled oysters are excellent, The Half Shell’s gumbo can’t be missed.

BOIL Seafood House

3340 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115
Phone: 504-309-4532
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One of the younger restaurants on the New Orleans food scene, Boil Seafood House, opened in 2018.

The restaurant strives to create a community-a relaxed environment for casual hangs.

Boil has two locations, one in Mid City and one in the Lower Garden District.

Conceived and created by a local fisherman, BOIL emulated the backyard seafood boil experience. Diners choose their seafood and flavor.

Cajun food is famously spicy, but don’t worry if you can’t stand the heat. BOIL allows you to decide what level of spice you’re comfortable with.

BOIL’s fresh seafood is a popular draw, so making reservations online is advisable if you wish to skip the line.

Besides the authentic atmosphere, their crawfish left a lasting impression on me with its unique taste of bayou.

Coterie Restaurant & Oyster Bar

135 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: 504-529-8600
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Coterie Restaurant & Oyster Bar served good New Orleans food made by lifelong New Orleans natives.

The restaurant includes a bar and oyster bar in addition to the restaurant proper.

Coterie serves a full lunch and dinner menu and offers an oyster bar happy hour.

Furthermore, Coterie serves a wide variety of authentic Cajun breakfasts.

Come to the French Quarter early and grab a Rajin Cajun omelet to fortify yourself for a day of exploration.

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Make a reservation through the Coterie website and come back for dinner.

Coterie covers any oyster craving you may be experiencing, offering raw, chargrilled, and baked mollusks.

The restaurant’s signature Bloody Mary is the finest in New Orleans.

Drago’s Seafood Restaurant

Multiple locations
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Drago’s Seafood Restaurant is located in the Hilton Riverside New Orleans, overlooking the Mississippi River, and is a mere 18-minute walk from the French Quarter.

The restaurant has a lot of skin in the oyster game, as it raises its own mollusks, picks only the best ones, and hand-opens them to serve hungry patrons.

Moreover, Drago’s Oysters are something special, a unique recipe created by Tommy Cvitanovich in 1993.

Tommy charbroiled his oysters with garlic, butter, herbs, and a parmesan-romano cheese blend.

The resulting food is Drago’s signature dish and draws enthusiastic fans to this day.

Drago’s extends the same care to its lobsters that it provides for its oysters.

Just make sure your entire group is present when you request your table, as the restaurant will not seat partial parties.

Ed’s Oyster Bar & Fish House, Bienville

512 Bienville St, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: 504-309-4848

Mr. Ed’s Oyster Bar & Fish House covers every possible oyster need you might have.

The restaurant specializes in mollusks, prepared any way you can imagine.

Mr. Ed makes raw, fried, and grilled oysters to order. Ed McIntyre-the titular Mr. Ed-opened his oyster bar in 1988, and it’s been feeding hungry Bienville residents ever since.

Their Cajun cuisine isn’t limited to oysters. Mr. Ed’s prepares a wide array of Creole seafood, sure to delight every visitor.

The restaurant doesn’t accept reservations, so be prepared for a bit of a wait.

However, after you put your name on the waitlist, you can kill time exploring scenic Bienville.

Oceana Grill

739 Conti St, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: 504-525-6002
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Situated at the corner of Conti and Bourbon Streets, Oceana Grill has been making some of New Orleans’s best Cajun food since 1973.

The restaurant is celebrated for its oysters and crabcakes, boasting the finest in the French Quarter.

In addition, it was voted one of the top 10 restaurants in the US for everyday dining, attracting celebrities, residents, and tourists alike.

Everyone from Anthony Bourdain to Chris Tucker has sampled Oceana’s delicious Creole cuisine.

Oceana serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The oysters are fantastic, but other dishes, such as the barbecue shrimp, are also amazing.

There are also many beverages, from draft beers to tropical cocktails and more.

To complete my dinner, I ordered a mouthwatering slice of Carrot Cake.

Due to the restaurant’s popularity, I would recommend making reservations early.

You can also book private events in the themed rooms.

Olde Nola Cookery

205 Bourbon St, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: 504-525-4577
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Olde Nola Cookery sits amid the French Quarter, providing delicious Cajun food in a casual setting.

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The restaurant is open well into the night, serving high-quality creole cuisine and various dishes perfect as midnight snacks.

Visitors love Olde Nola’s service almost as much as their food.

The wait staff is friendly and helpful, making dining an experience, not just a meal.

While there is often a wait, the turnover is relatively swift.

They have a great selection of seafood.

After ordering some oysters, I also tried one of their house specials, sauteed redfish with crawfish mushroom cream sauce, and would highly recommend both.


630 Carondelet St, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: 504-930-3071
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Nestled in a three-story 1832 Creole cottage, Seaworthy offers a truly unique dining experience, as you can delight in the historical surroundings while enjoying craft cocktails and perfectly prepared Cajun fare.

Moreover, the restaurant is conveniently located next to the Ace Hotel.

Seaworthy focuses on serving sustainably sourced oysters culled from all across America.

Diners can choose between Gulf Coast, East Coast, or West Coast mollusks.

The restaurant also serves various other seafood harvested from local Louisiana locations.

To top it off, they have seasonal desserts and an ice cream parlor for those hot summer days.

Sidecar Patio & Oyster Bar

1114 Constance St, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: 504-381-5079
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As the name suggests, the Sidecar Patio & Oyster Bar’s primary draw is its outdoor dining oasis.

Sidecar offers two al fresco dining options; a second-story patio and a verdant courtyard.

Both options allow diners to enjoy a breezy, scenic view of the Warehouse District.

Sidecar serves the best oysters available nationwide.

Their mollusks come from the Gulf, the West Coast, and the East Coast.

The Sidecar’s oyster menu is vast; the restaurant provides any preparation and style you could crave.

The Sidecar’s other seafood options all come from local waters, and the bar is always prepared to whip you up a cocktail to order.

Sidecar is dog friendly, so bring your four-legged friend and be sure to order the Baller on a Budget.

The dish provides diners with a sampling of oysters from every coast.

The Blue Crab Restaurant New Orleans

7900 Lakeshore Dr, New Orleans, LA 70124
Phone: 504-284-2898
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Come for the food; stay for the live music and breathtaking scenery!

The Blue Crab Restaurant sits square on Lake Pontchartrain, allowing diners to enjoy a view of the water.

The restaurant’s scrumptious seafood all comes from Louisiana fishers.

The Blue Crab strives to create a relaxed environment where friends and family can enjoy cold drinks and good food.

The venue hosts live music on the weekends, so you can rock out while feasting on fresh Cajun cuisine.

I loved their chargrilled oysters, but they also offer a plethora of dishes, from grilled plates to pizzas and classics of the local cuisine.

They also have a gluten-free menu with a selection of healthy foods.

If you plan on dining with friends, I recommend ordering the blue crab dip for the table – you won’t regret it!

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