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Where to Order Pizza in New Brunswick

Nothing better than a New Brunswick pizza.

If you love pizza, we know you are constantly trying our new places, slices, and deals. Lucky for you, the city of New Brunswick is packed with pizza places… and we couldn’t be prouder for it!

friends in new brunswick eating pizza

Local New Brunswick residents love pizza, so when we say we know where the best pizza places are, we mean it. Check our our top ten favorite places to grab a slice below!

Best Pizza Restaurants in New Brunswick

  1. PJs Grill & Pizza
  2. Daniel’s Pizzeria
  3. Krispy Pizza
  4. Giovanelli’s Pizza & Grill
  5. Pizza City
  6. Douglass Pizza & Grill
  7. Panico’s Brick Oven Pizza
  8. Knights Express Pizza & Grill
  9. RU Grill & Pizza
  10. Jimmy’s Grill

PJ’s Grill & Pizza

166 Easton Ave, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
(732) 249-1800
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PJ’s Grill and Pizza offers numerous options, so whether you are looking strictly for pizza or for a burger, PJ’s can get you what you need. This said, they do specialize in Pizzas, so we recommend choosing from one of their many pizza options any chance you get a craving!

With an entire side of their menu dedicated to pizzas, PJ’s offers many different types. Regular old pizza certainly hits the spot, but if you’re looking for something a bit fascia, Gourmet or Italian Pan Pizzas are available as well!

Daniel’s Pizzeria

204 Easton Ave New Brunswick, NJ 08901
(732) 545-0186
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If you’re looking for New York style pizza, and think that sauce is the most important part of a pizza pie, then Daniel’s is the place to go!

With an emphasis on special sauces and New York style crust, Daniel’s offers regular pizza, Sicilian pizza, and stromboli and calzones. There really is no bad option here!

Krispy Pizza

50 College Ave The Yard at Rutgers University New Brunswick, NJ 08901
(732) 658-3800
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A family managed pizzaria passed on from the past generation, Krispy Pizza won the Battle of the Borough in New York City in 2005, making it the best pizzeria in New York City for some. With one location now in New Brunswick, Krispy Pizza is spreading its love for family and good pizza to New Jersey.

Choose from whole pizzas, slices, calzones, heros, baked dishes, and more, Krispy Pizza will never disappoint. Come support this family business the next time you find yourself in New Brunswick (though we warn you, there is usually a decent sized line!). 

Giovanelli’s Pizza & Grill

60 Easton Ave New Brunswick, NJ 08901
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pizza from giovanellis in new brunswick

Need to grab a slice somewhere before running to class, a meeting, or to catch a train? Want a casual pizza place with good food and some cute tables to meet a friend, colleague, or go on a date? Giovanelli’s can match your every need.

With monster pizza slices of all different varieties, we recommend Giovanelli’s for any casual occasion that calls for pizza. A special note from the author: their white pizza is to die for!

Pizza City

297 Somerset St New Brunswick, NJ 08901
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Pizza City makes sure to keep their menu simple yet delicious. Serving build your own pizzas, a few specialty pizzas, and a handful of salads, Pizza City is the place to go if you know exactly what you want.

And you can be sure that Pizza City will deliver some pretty tasty goods! With a unique offering of specialty pizzas (including the Taco Pizza, the Cheddar Cheese French Fry Pizza, and the Cheese Steak Pizza) we can ensure that while there is only pizza and salads at Pizza City, you will never be bored here.

Douglas Pizza & Grill

298 George St, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
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Located on George Street, Douglass Pizza & Grill is not only in a prime location in the city of New Brunswick, but is also a true favorite among the locals.

Douglass Pizza & Grill offers all of the pizzas you can think of! From Sicilian to Specialty to Gourmet to calzones and stromboli and even by the slice, this place has something for everyone! And if you happen to have a friend who isn’t a fan of pizza, Douglass Pizza & Grill also offers hamburgers, sandwiches, hot and cold subs, gyros, wraps, pasta, and more: it’s a win win no matter the situation!

Panico’s Brick Oven Pizza

94 Church St, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
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If you’re on the lookout for a more high-end pizza place in New Brunswick, Panico’s is the place to go. With its romantic atmosphere, beautifully set tables, and some truly delicious pizza options, it is the perfect place to share a pie with a group or with your date.

Panico’s pizza options have both homemade sauce and dough, and most pizzas are named after streets in the New Brunswick area (classy!). If pizza isn’t to your liking, they also have numerous italian options to choose from.

Knights Express Pizza & Grill

43 Easton Ave, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
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Owned by Rutgers University alumni, Knights Express Pizza and Grill was founded on the idea that once food place should be able to host a wide variety of food choices. So, while pizza is a main item on the menu, there is no need to worry if you’re unsure if you’re in the mood for pizza!

Offering 26 different food categories and 280 items on their menu, Knights Express Pizza and Grill truly has it all. And if you are crazing pizza, you can choose from 26 different options (not counting the calzones and strombolis!). 

RU Grill & Pizza

142 Easton Ave, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
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RU Pizza and Grill is a favorite among Rutgers University students. Offering specialty pizzas and pizza by the slice, this little place is killing the pizza game here in New Brunswick.

And if you’re a person who’s on the lookout for a deal, their specials have some great food for some pretty great prices (including two 16” pizzas for just $20.50!). Make sure to give them a try the next time you’re in town!

Jimmy’s Grill

104 Easton Ave, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
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pizza from jimmy's grill in new brunswick

Jimmy’s Grill may sound like just a grill, but they have an extensive and very popular pizza menu. In fact, they have a whole section of their menu dedicated to white pizza options alone!

Apart from the white pizza section of their menu, Jimmy’s Grill offers specialty pizzas, pizza by the slice, pizza specials and deals, and calzones and stromboli! We guarantee you’ll find something to munch on at this place.

Final Thoughts

So whether you want to grab a whole pie with friends or just a slice for lunch on your way to class or work, these pizza places are there for all of your pizza needs.

Not feeling like pizza tonight? Maybe craving sushi? Check out our list of the best sushi places New Brunswick has to offer.

Did we miss one of your favorite pizza places in New Brunswick? Leave a note in the comments and we’ll check it out!

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Written by Maggie Kelly

Maggie is a New Brunswick local and Rutgers University student who has made checking out local eateries one of her hobbies the past three years. She grew up in Frenchtown New Jersey and is often seen exploring the greater New York City area.