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Where to Get Delicious Baked Goods in New Brunswick

Head down to your local bakery for some pastries, pies and cakes.

We know that when you wake up in the morning craving a fresh pastry and a hot cup of coffee, the first thing you’re going to look up is the best and closest bakery to your area. Or, if you find yourself traveling and needing to grab a quick bite before heading back out on the road or catching the train, a bakery run can really hit the spot.

woman buying bread at a bakery in new brunswick

In the city of New Brunswick, there are numerous bakeries with crisp pastries and hot beverages to go around. Whether it’s for a breakfast craving, a morning run, or a snack for the road, bakeries always manage to make the feel good emotions flow a little bit easier.

Best Bakeries in New Brunswick

  1. Gaby’s Bakery 
  2. Efes Cafe
  3. La Frontera Bakery
  4. Simply Chai 
  5. The Cook and the Carpenter Bakeshop
  6. Mordy’s Kosher Bakery and Cafe
  7. Penstock Coffee Shop & Roastery 
  8. Bagel Nosh

Gaby’s Bakery

108 Joyce Kilmer Ave, New Brunswick NJ 08901
Phone: 732-628-0262

Starting off with this adorable bakery, Gaby’s advertises itself as the best Maxican restaurant in New Brunswick. So if you are looking to start your morning off with a little bit of culture, we recommend Gaby’s as the place to go.

Customers also love both the incredible prices of this bakery and the kind staff. The one menu on the item that Gaby’s certainly gets right is its bread: customers rave about how amazing the bread is at this place, and we couldn;t agree more!

Efes Cafe

32 Easton Ave, New Brunswick NJ 08901
Phone: 848-202-9158
Visit Website

If you’re looking for a kick-butt cup of coffee and a fancy pastry to start your day (or as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up!) Efes is the place to be. With a focus on traditional Turkish pastries and desserts, this is another bakery where you can feel immersed in culture.

Efes Cafe is a family owned and operated business, which makes us love them even more! And if you’re a person who likes their breakfast and coffee to be aesthetically pleasing, they will certainly not disappoint.

La Frontera Bakery

87 Remsen Ave, New Brunswick NJ 08901
Phone: 732-317-3394
Visit Website

La Frontera bakery is known for serving authentic Columbian and Venezuelan pastries. Customers love this place because not only is the food delicious and filling, but the staff is absolutely wonderful!

We would also like to mention that their food looks mouth watering, and that the pictures themselves will likely be enough to convince you to head on over. Check out the website to see more!

Simply Chai 

106 Easton Ave, New Brunswick NJ 08901
Phone: 732-317-4117
Visit Website

Looking for an artistic space to have breakfast with your friends or study before class? Simply Chai is the place for you!

While this place specializes in coffee and tea, we believe they have some killer pastry and breakfast options for all customers. Whether you want a beautiful flaky croissant or a flavorful bagel with avocado, there are plenty of options to go with whatever drink you choose.

This little shop also gets a special shoutout for having some of the best vibes in the city of New Brunswick!

The Cook and the Carpenter Bakeshop

208 Raritan Ave, Highland Park NJ 08904
Phone: 732-354-4222
Visit Website

This adorable bakeshop makes all items from hand and “with love”… which WE love! The unique name of the shop is based on the owners, one of which is a cook and the other a carpenter! 

The Cook and the Carpenter advertises themselves as creating handcrafted, small-batch, and artisan, so they truly do it all! One fun fact about this bakeshop is that the items change weekly based off of ingredients and the bakers artistic passion that week: check out their menu above to see if this week fits your fancy!

Mordy’s Kosher Bakery and Cafe

15th N 4th Ave, Highland Park NJ 08904
Phone: 732-296-6777
Visit Website

Hungry for pastries but there aren’t any Kosher options? No worries! This bakery is not only delicious, but inclusive to everyone.Customers love Mordy’s Kosher Bakery and Cafe because the pastries and cakes are truly delicious, withe extra great reviews for the bagels! 

Located just over the Raritan River in Highland Park, this bakery is slightly removed from the hustle and bustle of New Brunswick and is instead located in a beautiful family friendly neighborhood.

Penstock Coffee Shop & Roastery 

13 South Third Ave, 300 Raritan Ave Ste.C, Highland Park, NJ 08904
Phone: 732-455-2994
Visit Website

Penstock Coffee Shop & Roastery is an award winning coffee shop that has included pastry and breakfast items on its menu. Not only do they value their coffee, but also their customers and their team: in fact, their website has an entire page dedicated to the people who work there!

With mouth watering tarts, delicious biscuits, sourdough scones and cookies, there is no wrong pastry office to pair with your morning (or afternoon) coffee. 

Bagel Nosh

357 George St, New Brunswick NJ 08901
Phone: 732-246-7546
Visit Website

Bagel Nosh is a local favorite in the city of New Brunswick, with locals flocking every morning to grab a great bagel. While they do offer other, more hearty breakfast options for people who are not the greatest fan of morning pastries or bagels, their bagels are their most popular item menu.

And if you’re more of a lunch person, this bagel shop also offers deli and sandwich options as the day goes on!

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s a morning breakfast craving or a sudden urge to grab a pick-me-up pastry and coffee in the afternoon, New Brunswick bakeries really hit the spot.

We love all of these places and appreciate the diverse cultures that they represent. From Mexican to Venezualan to Turkish and plain old American, there is something for everyone looking for a pastry in this city.

Looking for somewhere to grab a more hearty, sit-down breakfast? Check out our favorite brunch spots in New Brunswick!

Did we miss one of your favorite restaurants? Please share it in the comments! We’ll be sure to review it soon.

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Written by Maggie Kelly

Maggie is a New Brunswick local and Rutgers University student who has made checking out local eateries one of her hobbies the past three years. She grew up in Frenchtown New Jersey and is often seen exploring the greater New York City area.