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Lincoln Brunch Spots to Try This Weekend

Lincoln is one of the top cities in Nebraska, with tons of amazing things to do and see. If you haven’t been to this jewel of the Midwest, you’re seriously missing out.

fried chicken and waffles served for brunch at a restaurant in Lincoln

From the incredible Sunken Gardens to Lincoln’s world-class museums, there’s no shortage of fun to be had in Lincoln.

Make sure that you visit their epic Haymarket District. It’s an excellent place to get a feel for the style and pace of the city, and it’s also a perfect spot to do a little people-watching.

Plus, the Haymarket District is full of stunning architecture, and you can easily pass several fun hours wandering around.

The University of Nebraska State Museum is another “must visit” destination in Lincoln. You can see the bones of prehistoric animals and learn about the importance of natural history in Nebraska.

Of course, all of that sightseeing is bound to make you hungry. So check out my list of the restaurants you need to visit to eat the best brunch in Lincoln.

Tina’s Cafe & Catering

616 South St, Lincoln, NE 68502
Phone: 402-435-9404
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This favorite Lincoln haunt is just a few blocks away from Sherman Field, and it’s a cozy little spot where you can enjoy a fantastic local brunch.

Tina’s Cafe & Catering is an unassuming, homestyle restaurant where you’ll feel totally like part of the family.

Although personally, I love the burgers at Tina’s Cafe & Catering, they also have out-of-this-world cinnamon rolls.

Their cinnamon rolls are gigantic, coating in a generous amount of frosting, and perfect with a cup of coffee.

Other standout menu items include their hash browns, pancakes, and perfectly cooked eggs. Tina’s Cafe & Catering is the place to go for good, honest food.

Penelope’s Lil’ Cafe

4724 Pioneers Blvd, Lincoln, NE 68506
Phone: 402-435-0998

Penelope’s Lil’ Cafe is conveniently located close to Union College and is another humble little brunch spot that serves incredible food at fair prices.

They tend to get reasonably busy for brunch, so you might have to wait a few minutes to get seated. But, trust me, it’s completely worth the wait. Their bloody marys are excellent and spiced precisely to your preference.

Their French toast is delicious, too, with a nice crunchy exterior and a decadent inside. You should also try their corned beef hash and omelets. Both brunch items are perfectly prepared with generous portions. Plus, you really can’t beat the service.

Piedmont Bistro by Venue

1265 S Cotner Blvd Ste 38, Lincoln, NE 68510
Phone: 402-975-2816
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One block from Piedmont Park, you will find Piedmont Bistro by Venue. This favorite brunch spot is very well known and loved for its exceptional customer service and delicious and innovative cuisine.

Make sure that you make reservations in advance, as Piedmont Bistro by Venue tends to get packed quite quickly.

There are so many great brunch items on the menu, but my personal favorite has got to be the crab cakes. They are flaky, tender, and absolutely delicious.

I also like their beet fries, biscuits and gravy, and homestyle potatoes. Wash it all down with a mimosa for a meal that you won’t forget anytime soon.

The Green Gateau

330 S 10th St, Lincoln, NE 68508
Phone: 402-477-0330
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If you’re out and about in downtown Lincoln, you really need to visit The Green Gateau. This legendary restaurant is only about five minutes away from the Lincoln Statue and is easily one of the most cosmopolitan places in all of Lincoln.

Although I’m preferential to their French onion soup, one of the must-have brunch items at The Green Gateau has got to be the beignets.

You won’t find more authentic or tastier beignets outside of New Orleans. They are light, flaky, and served with a delicious strawberry sauce and a generous sprinkle of cinnamon. If you have a sweet tooth, you need to try the beignets.

The Hub Cafe

250 N 21st St #3, Lincoln, NE 68503
Phone: 402-474-2453
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The Hub Cafe is just a few blocks away from Trago Park, and it’s a great place to go for some seriously delicious comfort food. You’ll experience friendly service, a great atmosphere, and tasty and inexpensive food served with a smile.

One of the top items I always love to get at The Hub Cafe is their steak sandwich. It’s hearty and delicious.

Other great brunch items include their specialty pizzas, salads, and of course, home-crafted cocktails. The Hub Cafe is a beautiful place to kick back, relax, and enjoy some of Lincoln’s best food.


Multiple locations
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Since Cultiva has multiple locations all around Lincoln, Nebraska, there’s bound to be one close to where you’re staying.

Cultiva is one of the best places in Lincoln to enjoy a phenomenal breakfast with excellent coffee. In addition, their locations have a quirky, hip vibe that will make you want to stay for several hours.

I love the coffee at Cultiva. It’s always hot, fresh, and delicious. Their eggs are also good, especially with spinach, red pepper, and pancakes. Try one of their tasty signature crepes if you have a sweet tooth. There is truly something for everyone at Cultiva.  

Cook’s Cafe

333 N Cotner Blvd Suite 1, Lincoln, NE 68505
Phone: 402-466-1771
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Cook’s Cafe is just a few blocks from Culler Jr High Lot Park and is a cherished local favorite for a few reasons. Specifically, you would be hard-pressed to find better brunch food or service anywhere in Lincoln.

I love their unique spins on classic dishes, like peanut butter, french toast, and biscuits and gravy. If you love pancakes, you’d be hard-pressed to find a fluffier stack anywhere in town.

Try their burger with hashbrowns and gravy if you’re craving more substantial fare. Their signature gravy is homemade, hearty, and the last word in deliciousness.

Engine House Cafe

6028 Havelock Ave, Lincoln, NE 68507
Phone: 402-467-2880

Engine House Cafe is a short walk from Havelock Park, and it’s a beautiful place for you to enjoy classic cuisine right in Lincoln.

Some of their top menu items include eggs benedict and biscuits and gravy. It’s also got an exciting atmosphere since it used to be an old firehouse.

The coffee is good, the service is terrific, and they personalize all of their food. That means that you can get anything cooked your way, no problem. You can also talk to them about any substitutions that you might need.

Good Evans

6891 A St STE 102, Lincoln, NE 68510
Phone: 402-488-3444
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A block from Seacrest Park, you’ll find Good Evans, one of the top-rated places in Lincoln, Nebraska, to enjoy a fantastic brunch.

I love their sweet potato pancakes. They are a nice change from traditional pancakes, and the sweet potatoes provide an extra layer of sweetness and depth.

Their eggs benedict options are on-point too, and you can’t go wrong with the classic combination of poached eggs and hash browns.

Since Good Evans tends to get busy, you might have to wait a little while to get your food. It’s worth every second of your time, though, and Good Evans might just become your new favorite spot in Lincoln.

Stauffer’s Cafe & Pie Shoppe

5600 S 48th St, Lincoln, NE 68516
Phone: 402-423-2206
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Stauffer’s Cake & Pie Shoppe is very close to 40th and Hwy 2 Park, and it’s one of the best brunch spots in Lincoln for those with a serious sweet tooth. Their cheesecake is outstanding, and you would be hard-pressed to find a better one outside of New York City.

There are savory options, too, including biscuits and gravy. The portions are very generous, and most people will leave with at least some leftovers.

I usually order the cinnamon raisin French toast. It’s a great spin on a cherished classic and comes with plenty of sauce on the side.

Virginia’s Travelers Cafe and Motel

3820 Cornhusker Hwy, Lincoln, NE 68504
Phone: 402-464-9885

Take a lovely stroll through Upco Park, and you’ll find Virginia’s Travelers Cafe and Motel. If you love friendly service, a menu with many options, and significant portions at reasonable prices, this place is an excellent fit for you.

I love their savory brunch items, like the hot beef sandwich. It’s hearty, filling, and almost enough to share between two people.

Their scrambled eggs are excellent, and their hashbrowns are crispy and always fresh. Plus, they have lovely coffee. You certainly won’t regret making Virginia’s Travelers Cafe and Motel part of your Lincoln trip.

Sightseeing everything Lincoln has to offer wouldn’t feel the same on an empty stomach. Fortunately, the city has plenty of fabulous places to enjoy brunch, too.

From the traditional mom-and-pop to the more eclectic restaurants, there is something for everyone’s taste here.

And if you’re interested in exploring more dining options, check out these best steakhouses in Lincoln.

Did we miss your favorite Lincoln restaurant? Let us know in the comments below.

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