Where to Get Thai Food in Nashville

Do you live in Nashville, and you love the sweet taste of Thai food? Or are you visiting the Music City and want to check out some Asian restaurants? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

chicken pad Thai at Nashville Thai restaurants

Here, I put together a list of the best Thai restaurants in Nashville. A few foods you can enjoy in Nashville include steamed chicken and cabbage dumplings, pad thai, or curry with rice.

You can also try the seaweed salad, edamame beans fried in a wok, or Tom Yum soup. For dessert, Thai restaurants often serve sweet coconut custard or sticky rice with mango.

Ready to find out more? Check out my list of the best Thai restaurants in Nashville below!

The Smiling Elephant

2213 8th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37204
Phone: 615-891-4488
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You can find the Smiling Elephant restaurant right by a music store called Musicnotes, along with a yoga studio and Life Dry Cleaners.

The trendy eatery has a very colorful and bright environment with beautiful paintings and several plants. The Smiling Elephant restaurant has a parking lot in front but does not accept any reservations.

When I visited the Smiling Elephant, I enjoyed the vegetable steamed dumplings and the savory chicken cashew stir fry.

I also loved biting into the sweet sticky rice and roasted coconut for dessert. The best part is you can choose the spice level of your meal. If you like it spicy or hot, you’ll be set.

Thai Esane

1520 Division St, Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: 615-454-5373
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The Thai Esane restaurant sits right by the Musica statue and is on the corner of Division Street and Demonbreun Street.

You can find the eatery a block from Owen Bradley Park and right by the Giant Microphone tourist attraction.

The restaurant has a casual feel with a bit of an industrial look. The family-run restaurant serves authentic Thai and Lao food.

When I got dinner at Thai Esane, I loved tasting the egg rolls with the spicy curry chicken satay and savory peanut sauce. The pineapple boat fried rice was also a fun and exciting meal to try.


2861 Logan St, Nashville, TN 37211
Phone: 615-679-9555
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You can find the Ginger restaurant between Foster Avenue and Logan Street. The eatery sits a couple of blocks away from the Coleman Park Community Center and the Nashville Public Library.

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You can find the Family of Faith Church north of the Ginger restaurant. The colorful and trendy restaurant has been in business for more than three decades and serves fresh, authentic Thai food.

When I visited the family-owned restaurant, I enjoyed trying the shrimp blanket with sweet chili sauce. My favorite dish was the savory pork and pineapple fried rice.

I also loved the fried banana with gelato for dessert.

Lemongrass Sushi & Thai

7108 Hwy 70 S, Nashville, TN 37221
Phone: 615-646-9500
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The Lemongrass Sushi & Thai restaurant stands right in the middle of Bellevue Plaza, which is a fun and popular shopping mall. Here, you can find a TJ Maxx, a cosmetics store, and a T-Mobile cell phone store.

You can also find the Belle Forest Animal Hospital right down the street. If you want fresh ingredients, then check out the upscale restaurant serving exciting dishes by friendly staff.

My favorite dishes at the Lemongrass Sushi & Thai restaurant include the flavorful shrimp wrap, spicy edamame with sweet soy sauce, and the savory Pad Thai.

I enjoyed sipping the Thai iced tea while munching on my tasty meal here in Nashville.

The Eastern Peak

Multiple locations
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The trendy and upscale restaurant serves authentic Thai cuisine with fresh ingredients. The tuna tataki was the best appetizer since it came with creamy avocado and fresh, savory fish.

My favorite meal here included the flavorful cashew nut stir fry with shrimp.The fried banana tempura made a great dessert as well.

I loved the green tea ice cream and roasted almonds served alongside it.

Aiyara Thai and Sushi Restaurant

2535 8th Ave S #105, Nashville, TN 37204
Phone: 615-942-6208
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The Aiyara Thai and Sushi Restaurant sits right by the Patina + antique store as well as the M.L. Rose Craft Beer & Burgers place. You can also find the Hawkins Barber Shop and a fitness studio across the street.

The laidback yet trendy family-run restaurant has gorgeous lighting and a colorful environment while serving authentic and delicious Thai cuisine. The best dishes here include chicken satay, Gyoza dumplings, beef pho soup, and salmon teriyaki.

These meals are filled with flavorful and fresh ingredients. My favorite dessert here was the Creme Brule and I drank it down with a sweet Shirley Temple.


395 Haywood Ln, Nashville, TN 37211
Phone: 615-965-8861

You will find the Bangkokville restaurant near numerous shops and eateries, such as the Cricket Wireless Authorized Retailer shop, the Ahmed Jewelry store, and Nico’s Lounge Restaurant and Bar.

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You’ll also see the Art Pancake’s Party store across the street. The fun and colorful laidback restaurant includes elements of Asian decorations.

My favorite dishes at the Bangkokville eatery include the fresh steam dumplings, the savory Pad Thai, and the sweet shrimp yellow curry.

If you’re in the mood for soup, try their flavorful Tom Yum Soup with its tasty shrimp. People rave about the delicious food and friendly staff, so make sure to check out Bangkokville when visiting Nashville.

King Siam Thai Cuisine

907 12th Ave S #4705, Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: 615-915-2827
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The King Siam Thai Cuisine restaurant sits on the corner of South Street and 12th Avenue South. It stands right near the Flora Wilson Playground and the Carter Lawrence Playground.

The Highschool Sunset Hike trail is also a couple of blocks away from the restaurant. The relatively casual restaurant serves high-quality and authentic Thai dishes.

My absolute favorite appetizers here include the tasty wonton soup and the crunchy chicken eggrolls. I also truly enjoyed the chicken cashew supreme dish.

The savory tastes of cashews, bell peppers, and onions were exquisite.

Siam Cafe

316 McCall St, Nashville, TN 37211
Phone: 615-834-3181
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Siam Cafe is near the corner of Waller Street and McCall Street. The restaurant sits right by the Bell Auto Sales car dealership and north of the Kebab Gyros eatery and the T-Mobile cell phone store.

The casual restaurant has a fun atmosphere with bright red and yellow colors. The fresh and high-quality ingredients will provide you with one of the best Thai meals you’ll ever have.

My favorite dishes here were the steamed dumplings, the Siam salad, and the chicken red curry. If you’re in the mood for soup, I suggest the flavorful chicken rice soup.


5743 Nolensville Pk, Nashville, TN 37211
Phone: 615-915-1498
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The Sriracha eatery sits right amid a restaurant scene with numerous restaurants surrounding it, such as the Gyro Spot and the Subculture Urban Cuisine and Cafe.

Sriracha is right inside the Hickory Plaza Shopping Center. The laidback and casual eatery serves quality Thai food.

My favorite starters here included the chicken satay, the egg rolls, and the Thai salad. The best soups at Sriracha are the savory and delicious Tom Yum soup and the wonderful wonton soup.

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The shrimp pineapple fried rice also tasted fresh and amazing.


Location Vary, 3025 Nolensville Pk, Nashville, TN 37211
Phone: 615-707-3926
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The Degthai restaurant sits right between Morton Avenue and Radnor Street. You’ll see the eatery next to the Steels World of Ink Tatoo Studio and the Radnor Primitive Baptist Church.

The restaurant has a fun and colorful exterior and a casual, spacious interior. The casual eatery serves some of the spiciest and best Thai food around.

My favorite dishes at Degthai were the crispy spring rolls, savory street dumplings, and shrimp Pad Thai with delicious jumbo shrimp.

The Thai iced green tea made a wonderful drink to go along with my meal.

Koi Sushi & Thai Midtown

2214 Elliston Pl, Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: 615-891-1011
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The Koi Sushi & Thai Midtown restaurant sits down the street from the Centennial Sportsplex Aquatic Center as well as the Centennial Sportsplex Fitness & Tennis Center.

Furthermore, Centennial Park is perfect for families and includes a Civil War Memorial sculpture. The trendy restaurant also provides a sports bar feel with its large television screens.

My favorite food here included appetizers like Gyoza dumplings and jumbo crab cake along with savory peanut chicken as my main meal. You also can’t go wrong with the classic Pad Thai dish.

Thai Ni Yom

Charlotte Ave, Nashville, TN 37209
Phone: 615-712-7253

The Thai Ni Yom restaurant stands right in the L & L Market shopping mall. Here, you’ll find the American Paint Hat shop, the Savory Spice Shop, and an indoor cycling establishment called Cyclebar.

You’ll also find the Wags & Whiskers pet supply store right across the street from the eatery. The best dishes here were the fried spring rolls, the shrimp Pad Thai, and the basil chicken with fried chili and garlic.

The Thai iced green tea also made a great drink to have my meal with. You will love the fresh ingredients and amazing flavors found at the Thai Ni Yom restaurant.

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