Where to Eat Greek Food in Nashville

With a nickname like Athens of the South, it should be no surprise that Nashville offers some excellent Greek food. There are quite a few options in the city offering fresh Greek favorites like gyros, grilled eggplant, and dolma.

gyros dish at Nashville Greek restaurants

On my visit to the Music City, I sought out the best Greek restaurants in Nashville. The places on this list are local-approved, with one even receiving attention from Food Network’s Diner, Drive-In, and Dives.

Check out my favorite restaurants on the Nashville food scene serving tasty, authentic Greek fare.

Athens Family Restaurant

2017 Belmont Blvd, Nashville, TN 37212
Phone: 615-383-2848
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Diners find Athens Family Restaurant in the Hillsboro-Belmont area of Nashville. This restaurant shares the spot with Belmont University, theaters, and music venues.

Athen Family Restaurant fits in the lively scene with bright colors and columns. Inside looks like a standard dining room creating a welcoming and relaxed vibe.

Athen Family Restaurant serves all the Greek favorites, like spanakopita and falafels. Since this eatery opens for breakfast, I wanted to see their take on the morning meal.

While there were traditional American options, I opted for the Greek breakfast. While I wouldn’t have paired hummus and eggs together, it was an interesting and tasty way to start the day.

Fattoush Cafe

1716 Charlotte Ave, Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: 615-321-1667
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It’s hard to miss Fattoush in the Watkins Park section of the city. The storefront is an eye-catching blue, and the vibrant colors are just as prevalent inside.

Fattoush Cafe offers counter services and a large open dining room to enjoy your meal. The atmosphere stays lighthearted and casual at the cafe.

The popularity of this spot has only grown after being featured on the Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, and for a good reason: the food is delicious.

Since it was a little chilly the day I visited, I ordered the lentil soup, which was warming and packed full of garlic flavor.

If you visit Fattoush, save room for dessert! The carrot cake served is full of walnuts and one of the best I’ve had.

Greek Cafe Grill

Multiple locations
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One of Nashville’s favorites, Greek Cafe Grill operates several restaurants in the city and surrounding areas. For my visit, I went to the location closest to the city center in the Green Hills neighborhood.

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The restaurant is contemporary, with a few accent columns creating a laid-back ambiance. One of the best aspects of Greek food is the freshest ingredients, and Greek Cafe Grill delivers on this point.

Since the vegetables looked so good, I went with a vegetarian dish. Baba Ghanoush is a greek classic with baked eggplant and tahini.

Greek Cafe’s rendition was delicious, satisfying, and generous with portions.

Greko Greek Street Food

704 Main St, Nashville, TN 37206
Phone: 615-203-0251
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In the Historic Edgefield district near East Park, Greko Greek serves authentic street food. Greko’s inspiration comes from urban Greece mixed with classic influences.

These elements combine to create Greko’s thoroughly modern space that still feels homey. At Greko, everything was fresh and herbaceous, precisely what you’d expect from Greek fare.

On my visit, I tried one of their bowl-style meals with swordfish. In my experience, swordfish is hard to get right, but at Greko, the fish was grilled to perfection.

The bowl also came with all my favorite sides, like feta cheese and Kalamata olives.

Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe

Multiple locations
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Another Nashville favorite with multiple locations around the city, Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe, serves Greek food with ingredients from local and Mediterranean farmers.

On my visit, I stopped at the location in The Gulch neighborhood. The interior of this location used neutral tones and well-placed art to create an attractive, low-key dining area.

Taziki’s has loads of options for grilled meats, salad, and sides. However, since I hadn’t gotten one yet, I decided this would be the perfect place to get a gyro.

The grilled lamb gyro was amazing and smothered with taziki sauce, but the meat was the star. The rotisserie lamb was packed with flavor, and I’d stop by this Greek spot again to see what else they’d have to offer.

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