Nashville Bars to Visit for a Fun Night Out

An amazing nightlife, endless live music to enjoy, and fantastic food and drink selection are just some of the incredible things that define Nashville. Being the capital city of Tennessee, Nashville has become a significant tourist hotspot as they look to quench their curiosity on what this small town trapped in a big city has to offer.

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Certainly, Nashville is rich in comfort food options and fun outdoor activities. But we can all agree that some cocktail joints can be disappointing. Bearing my love for fun nightlife and amazing drinks, I embarked on my search for the best Nashville bars joints. And lucky for you, I landed several bars and lounges worth the time and money. Check out this guide for some great joints to try out.

Skull’s Rainbow Room

222 Printers Alley, Nashville, TN 37201
Phone: 615-810-9631
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Top on my list has to be this French American bar and lounge. Located on Printer’s Alley, Skull’s Rainbow Room is a favorite for many locals, thanks to its stiff drinks, such as a unique eponymous cocktail that you cannot easily find elsewhere. I mostly loved their unending and excellent music selection. The food and ambiance are to die for, and the fact that their meals are vegetarian-friendly stole my heart. My stay around Skull’s Rainbow Room was one of a kind. The bar neighbors high-rated hotels like Fairlane Hotel, Courtyard by Marriott Nashville, and Dream Nashville. So you can have all the fun without worrying about accommodation in case it gets late while there. If you are into outdoor activities, you may head to The Arcade or the Rhyme Gallery, located a few meters from the bar.

The Patterson House

1711 Division St, Nashville, TN 37203
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When I think of class and comfort, the Patterson House is the first bar option in my mind. A friend recommended this joint during one of many tours in Nashville, and I must admit it was worth the hype. What I loved most about this bar were the drinks and notch customer services. The ambiance and coziness are also worth noting. However, I was not too fond of the loud music, but with everything else, I’m willing to compromise and go back. If you are into late-night fun, the neighborhood has you covered with fantastic accommodation hotels like the Embassy Suites by Hilton Nashville and the Virgin Hotels Nashville. Kill some time before cocktails hour as you explore the Music Row, or head to the Upper Room Chapel for some fun.


8 Mcferrin Ave, Nashville, TN 37206
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In my opinion, Attaboy is one of the best bars in Nashville for cocktail lovers. The joint doesn’t have a formal menu; name your drink and let the fine folks at the bar prepare it for you. I could tell they used fresh ingredients, and their mixologist understood their job perfectly. The only thing that I found to be a bit awkward but interesting at the same time is the ‘knock to enter’ culture. But it’s a perfect way to maintain order and ensure customers only get the best cocktail. Attaboy is located in East Nashville and hidden in an obscure bit of Eldridge Street. The neighborhood features such as Lockeland Springs, so you will have fun activities to pass the time.

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The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club

2905B Gallatin Pike, Nashville, TN 37216
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The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club is located right in the basement behind East Nashville’s Nicolleto’s Kitchen. The elegance and tasty drinks are the highlights of this bar. Locals flock here for the seasonal cocktail menu, which changes regularly. I loved the neighborhood. My friends and I never ran out of fun things to do around Fox Bar. We explored the East Nashville Beer Works, and for the first time in my life, I visited a brewery at the Southern Grist Brewing Company.

Robert’s Western World

416 Broadway B, Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: 615-244-9552
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If you are into country music, Robert’s Western World is the spot for you. While most neon-bedecked bars in the neighborhood have leaned away from country music, Robert’s has stuck to its roots. Besides the live country bands, I enjoyed cold drinks and bologna sandwiches in this honky-tonk. The bar is in the historic Lower Broadway district. And if you wish to have some outdoor fun around Robert’s, the bar neighbors amazing attractions, including Nashville Riverfront Lofts, Music City Loft, and the Bakersfield.

Bastion Nashville

434 Houston St STE 110, Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: 615-490-8434
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The name of this bar comes from its ability to thrive and survive the test of time. In Wedgewood, Bastion offers a fantastic cocktail selection, draft beers, and wine served in warehouse-style digs. I recommend this dine-in bar for individuals looking for a quiet spot with a casual ambiance, probably for a friends’ reunion. Other than drinks, the bar offers a range of sumptuous meals, from smoked tofu to pistachio pudding and experimental salmon. However, you need to book a reservation beforehand. Neighboring Bastion Nashville is the famous Bento Living Chestnut Hill for accommodation. Diskin Cider, Nashville Craft Distillery are just some of the attraction sites in the neighborhood.

Never Never

413 Houston St, Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: 615-649-8475
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Also known as NVR NVR, Never Never is among the newest bars in Wedgewood Houston with an old times charm. It is a perfect chilling spot with friends as you catch up and enjoy tasty yet well-priced tequilas. The bar doesn’t have a TV, so you have all the time to focus on your drinks and companion without distractions. The food, ambiance, cocktail, and customer service are worth every penny. The bar is in a charming neighborhood, with lots of attractions and fun things to do. I passed by Music Row on my way to the bar, and I must admit that was one of my best weekends ever.

Legends Corner

428 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: 615-248-6334
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Legends Corner deserves recognition as one of the fun bars in Nashville. What attracted me most to this bar was the unending music. Recently, the bar got the highest votes as the best in the neighborhood. It has incredible drinks, menu selection, and ambiance. The customer services are also top-notch. I loved the creativity on this bar’s walls which feature classic drinks and dancers. Legends Corner neighbors some iconic tourist attractions such as the National Medium of African American Music, Ryman Auditorium, Fifth and Broadway, and the Music Shop. Besides, the bar is surrounded by top-class hotels for accommodation such as Renaissance Nashville Hotel, so you can have fun till late at night, rest assured you will have a place to lay your head.

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Santa’s Pub

2225 Bransford Ave, Nashville, TN 37204
Phone: 615-593-1872
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I have been to Santa’s pub on two different occasions. The first one was during a business trip to Nashville. I needed a place to clear my head after long meetings. The second time was during a meet-up with a friend. I recommended the place, and he loved it. The highlight of this bar is their cheap beer and their karaoke, so you can never get bored. Their bartenders are professional yet friendly. I loved the fun atmosphere and will go there the third or even fourth time. The pub was very smoky, though, so I had to wash everything I wore after leaving. But it’s worth every minute spent. Santa’s Pub neighbors amazing attractions like the famous 8th Avenue Antique Mall, Nashville Flea Market, and Diskin Cider. Moreover, there are amazing hotels around this pub, such as the Iris Motel and Bento Living Chestnut Hill.

Old Glory

1200 Villa Pl Suite 103, Nashville, TN 37212
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Old Glory is one of the few subterranean bars. It has a historic boiler room with iron and concrete for cocktail service. The bar is in what used to be the largest steam cleaning facility in Nashville. Old Glory offers American, pub, and bar cuisines. It accepts reservations but no deliveries. I have been there once during a friend’s birthday celebration. I mostly loved their extensive wine list and fast customer service. Old Glory is also an excellent place for alcohol and spirits lovers. Their food is worth a 4-star rating. You will love the ambiance and cocktails and bourbon collection for bourbon lovers. For outdoor activity lovers, you may head to Belmont Mansion or Music Row and RCA Studio B, which are located a few meters from the pub.

Springwater Supper Club & Lounge

115 27th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: 615-320-0345
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Surprisingly, despite the word club and lounge, this joint is neither of the two things. Springwater Supper Club and Lounge is simply a dive bar. Thanks to its fantastic customer service and cheap beer, it is also among the oldest bars still in operation in Tennessee. I had a great time learning to play darts and pool. The food menu had unlimited choices. However, Springwater is a cash-only beer bar. So, you should not go there looking for shots of liquor and fancy cocktails. The bar is surrounded by notables such as Vanderbilt University and many attractions, including Athena Statue and Centennial Sportsplex.

Tootsies Orchid Lounge

422 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203

Tootsies is a historic and prototypical watering hole located just behind Ryman Auditorium. The bar has the most mosaic history compared to other bars in Nashville. Performers have taken the stage since the 60s. I loved the place and would have loved to stay there all evening long. The music selection is up to perfection, and the atmosphere is precisely what I needed after a hectic day. They have three sections with a stage and a small outdoor area, primarily for groups.

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Wildhorse Saloon

120 2nd Ave N, Nashville, TN 37201
Phone: 615-902-8200
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Wildhorse is the best bar in Nashville for party lovers. The bar is open four days a week: Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. I have been there several times, mainly because of their fun concerts and western barbecue, double zero pizza, and incredible drinks that hit right at the spot to uplift you after a long day. Their menu features southern smokehouse cuisine with signature fried pickles. I took one of the dancing classes and ate a late lunch. I highly recommend it for family getaways. Wildhorse neighbors Glen Campbell Museum and Mike’s Ice Cream, to mention a few attractions. You will never run short of things to do.

Earnest Bar & Hideaway

438 Houston St #160, Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: 615-915-1715
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Located in Wedgewood-Houston is this strategic, wood-lined bar that, in my opinion, is worth the hype. The bar has become my go-to joint whenever I feel I’m in the mood for top-class drinks. It features an extensive ingredients selection on its menu that is impossible to decipher. I loved their food, ambiance, and customer service. I recommend that you try out their iced coffee with rum and come back with reviews.

The Lipstick Lounge

1400 Woodland St, Nashville, TN 37206
Phone: 615-226-6343
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Lipstick Lounge is one of the many accommodative bars in Nashville. The lounge has a place for everyone, regardless of their gender and sexuality. The highlight of the day I spent in Lipstick Lounge was their signature cocktails which were nothing close to anything I have tasted before. I also enjoyed their talented live music, which I found pretty interesting that the bar is creating space for upcoming artists. I’m one of the worst vocalists, but I still had a great time singing karaoke with no one judging my not-very-pleasant voice. Afterward, I watched trivia & danced as I sipped my cocktails. Lipstick Lounge is near Bass Park, Lockeland Spring Park, and Pied Piper Creamery, to mention a few landmarks.


2023 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: 615-340-6378
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Located in Kimpton Aertson Hotel is this stylish bar offering American cuisine with a twist. The first thing that caught my eyes in Henley was the decor. The bar features a fireplace, something that you will rarely find in other bars. I enjoyed their coffee and desserts. The space is excellent for anyone who loves solo dining. They have meals for everyone, including those with special diet needs. If you need comfort foods or organic dishes, this is the place for you. The bar nears a range of attractions and hotels, including the Upper Room Chapel, Music Row, Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, and Kimpton Aertson Hotel.

Pearl Diver

1008 Gallatin Ave, Nashville, TN 37206
Phone: 615-988-2265

Pearl Diver is the best in terms of drinks selection and patio cabanas. You will love the island-inspired theme that makes it cozier and more welcoming. The bar offers pub, Caribbean, and diner cuisines. I fell in love with the bar right at the entryway. It has a frond wallpaper that creates the mood for fun and relaxation. It has an extensive and delicious drink menu, ideal for friends’ meet-ups. The prices are pretty affordable, and it’s surrounded by great attractions like Nashville Brew Bus and Southern Grist Brewing Company.

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