The Best Mint Cocktails To Sip On

Learn about some of the most refreshing mint cocktails to sip on.

Mint isn’t just for toothpaste and ice cream! Mint cocktails are a refreshing and delicious way to unwind.

Green mojito cocktail with ice, lemon and min

The best minty cocktails use this hardy herb as a major ingredient or a co-starring role.

Mint juleps heavily feature mint while also serving as a cultural icon in the United States. A berry vodka smash may only use mint as a garnish.

This herb has an assertive smell and taste that makes it a great addition to lifting the flavors of mixed drinks at any stage.

Learn more about our favorite 17 mint cocktails to discover your next best minty cocktail.

Final Thoughts

So many delicious cocktails use mint as a refreshing, herbaceous touch.

Mint can be muddled as a vital component in a mojito or added to the top of a watermelon martini. This easy-growing herb makes a perfect finishing touch to many of the best minty cocktails.

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