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St. Paul Restaurants You Should Be Dining At This Week

St. Paul is the second-largest city in Minnesota, so you don’t need to worry about finding things to do in the city.

chef preparing delicious food at a restaurant in St. Paul

Several educational and fun museums include the Science Museum of Minnesota, the Twin City Model Railroad Museum and other historical sites and museums. 

Whether you plan on touring all the museums in St. Paul, heading to the zoo, or venturing into Minneapolis for the day, you’ll have to stop and eat at some point. There’s nothing worse than having to search for a restaurant when you’re hungry. 

If you’ve faced this problem before, then you know how tough it can be, so I thought I would do all of my fellow foodies out there a favor and put together a guide.

To save you time and hassle, check out the best restaurants in St. Paul on this list below to satisfy any craving you may have. 


410 St Peter St, St Paul, MN 55102
Phone: 651-222-5670
Visit Website

In downtown St. Paul sits a popular and delicious restaurant, Meritage. You’ll find Meritage near Rice Park and the Minnesota Children’s Museum.

This restaurant is a refined French bistro that’s perfect for enjoying a meal after exploring downtown. The inside is warm yet lively, and the outside seating offers excellent city views. 

Meritage serves French cuisine on an ever-changing menu. The chefs at Meritage use seasonal ingredients, so you can rest assured that everything you eat here is fresh. 

If you eat here while in St. Paul, you can’t go wrong with their tuna tartare taco to start and then the cassoulet in the style of Toulouse. It has pork, lamb, and duck confit with other ingredients.

Joan’s in the Park

631 Snelling Ave S, St Paul, MN 55116
Phone: 651-690-3297
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You’ll find Joan’s in the Park less than a mile from St. Catherine University on Snelling Avenue.

Joan’s in the Park is a delicious restaurant and wine bar that is intimate without being pretentious. There are white tablecloths on the tables, but overall, this is a casual and laid-back place to eat. 

Joan’s in the Park offers patrons a menu filled with New American cuisine. They have everything from small plates to large entrees and an impressive wine list. 

I recommend their four-course meal option. I ordered the onion knot bread, the beef tartare, carnaroli risotto, and the filet mignon.


651 Cleveland Ave S, St Paul, MN 55116
Phone: 651-698-0334
Visit Website

Cecil’s is on Cleveland Avenue South, on the south side of St. Catherine University. This small restaurant is an old-school deli. 

This means it’s very casual, welcoming, and usually lively, with people grabbing a quick meal. It’s been a local favorite since opening in 1949. 

You’ll find all your favorite deli classics at Cecil’s. They serve sandwiches, soups, breakfast, burgers, and more.

If you’ve never been here before, you have to try one of their famous sandwiches and soups. I went with a warm, corned beef sandwich and a cup of their chili. Everything was fantastic. 


425 7th St W, St Paul, MN 55102
Phone: 651-291-7105
Visit Website

DeGidio’s is on 7th Street West, only a four-minute walk from High Bridge Park North. This is a large, family-owned operated joint that takes pride in its hospitality.

This family-friendly restaurant is casual, warm, and perfect for a meal after you’ve spent a day at the nearby park. 

The menu at DeGidio’s features a combination of authentic Italian and American cuisine. Some dishes you’ll see on the menu are garlic cheese bread, chicken parmesan, lasagna, and more. 

I highly recommend starting your meal with garlic cheese bread or burrata Caprese. For an entree, the chicken fettuccine alfredo is my favorite. 

Mancini’s Char House

531 7th St W, St Paul, MN 55102
Phone: 651-224-7345
Visit Website

Down the street from DeGidio’s is Mancini’s Char House. This is another family-owned and operated restaurant in St. Paul that features classic decor. 

When you walk inside, the majority of the restaurant boasts muted red shades, and you’ll see several framed newspaper clippings that have recognized the restaurant for various reasons. 

Mancini’s Char House serves classic American cuisine, and they specialize in charbroiled steaks and lobsters.

If you don’t like lobster or steak, they have salads, chicken entrees, and a vegetarian option. One of the best meals here is their 30-day aged NY strip with a lobster tail and a baked potato on the side.

Brasa Premium Rotisserie- St. Paul

777 Grand Ave, St Paul, MN 55105
Phone: 651-224-1302
Visit Website

About ten minutes to the west of downtown St. Paul is Brasa Premium Rotisserie. This casual spot is usually crowded because the food is so delicious—the interior features minimalistic surroundings like wood panels on the walls, black chairs, and concrete flooring. 

Brasa Premium Rotisserie focuses on slow-cooking their meals. The menu features plenty of southern and Creole comfort food. 

Most of the menu items are naturally gluten-free, but they list the gluten ones. I went with their rotisserie chicken plate.

It came with rotisserie chicken and their rustic style cheese grits and felt like eating a home-cooked meal. 


605 7th St W, St Paul, MN 55102
Phone: 651-340-9545
Visit Website

Pajarito is down the street from Mancini’s Char House, across from the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area.

This refined Mexican bistro features authentic Mexican decor and some modern touches. There are murals on some walls and a lively atmosphere that’s also comfortable. 

This restaurant serves refined Mexican cuisine. It has all your favorites, like tacos, fresh veggies, and wood-fired dishes. 

Their potato tacos were my favorite entree, but for an appetizer, their chips and salsa are the way to go. You can get three or six sample sizes of their salsa options. Don’t forget to give their margarita selection a look.

The Buttered Tin

237 7th St E, St Paul, MN 55101
Phone: 651-224-2300
Visit Website

You’ll find The Buttered Tin in the heart of downtown St. Paul, near Mears Park. You’ll find this restaurant inside the Sibley Park Apartment building. 

This is a classic breakfast and lunch spot. You’ll place your order at the counter, then take a seat at one of the tables inside or outside. The Buttered Tin is relaxed and low-key. 

This spot has breakfast, lunch, and a bakery for sweets and loaves of bread. They often have lunch specials that are worth looking into.

I was able to pop into The Buttered Tin for breakfast and loved their banana foster French toast. Their salads and sandwiches are fresh and filling if you’re stopping in for lunch. 

Revival St. Paul

525 Selby Ave, St Paul, MN 55102
Phone: 651-340-2355
Visit Website

Revival St. Paul is about six minutes from Irvine Park. This restaurant sits in a beautiful brick building and features warm fireplaces, minimalistic decor, and a great atmosphere that keeps bringing people back. From the moment you walk inside, you’ll feel welcomed and right at home. 

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If you’re searching restaurants in St. Paul that offer southern comfort food, Revival is the place to be. Their homemade biscuits are to die for, and their southern fried chicken is very popular. 

If you’re dining with friends, their pimento cheese platter is the perfect appetizer. I got a fried chicken sandwich with mac and cheese and butter beans. Everything hit the spot. 

W. A. Frost and Company

374 Selby Ave #1825, St Paul, MN 55102
Phone: 651-224-5715
Visit Website

Just down the street from Revival on Selby Avenue is W. A. Frost and Company. Residents of St. Paul and the surrounding areas love coming to this restaurant for special occasions, date nights, or whenever they’re craving an upscale meal. The building is historical and the interior features exposed brick and vintage surroundings. 

W. A. Frost and Company serve elegant New American cuisine. They’re open for brunch on the weekends and lunch and dinner service the rest of the week. 

Some popular dishes are their lamb burger, spinach and artichoke dip, and the flan. I loved the grilled octopus with blue cheese potato pave.

J. Selby’s

169 Victoria St, St Paul, MN 55104
Phone: 651-222-3263
Visit Website

Less than a mile from Great River Water Park on Victoria Street is J. Selby’s. This small restaurant has a modern aesthetic with minimalistic design and Earth tones throughout.

It’s a laid-back spot where you’ll place your order at the counter before sitting down somewhere in the restaurant. 

J. Selby’s is an entirely vegan cafe that serves all your favorite American dishes without any animal products. 

Even if you’re not a vegan, you’ll love the food here and how creative the chefs are. They have everything from wings, mac and cheese bites, biscuits and gravy, vegan burgers, and more. You have to try their take on a crispy chicken sandwich.

Moscow on the Hill

371 Selby Ave, St Paul, MN 55102
Phone: 651-291-1236
Visit Website

Moscow on the Hill is on Selby Avenue, only a few feet away from Vivie’s Park. The restaurant is laid-back yet sophisticated at the same time. 

The lighting is dim, and there’s plenty of indoor seating and a lovely patio for when the weather’s nice out. People love the atmosphere and vodka bar. 

The restaurant serves authentic Russian cuisine and plenty of vodka cocktails, as the name may suggest.

If you’ve never been here before, their signature dumplings are some of the best items on the menu. My favorites here are their house-pickled veggies as a starter, and then their pork dumplings served with a mushroom and cheese sauce. 

Mucci’s St.Paul

786 Randolph Ave, St Paul, MN 55102
Phone: 651-330-2245
Visit Website

Ten minutes south of downtown St. Paul is Mucci’s, St. Paul. From the outside, Mucci’s looks unassuming.

When you walk inside, you’re in a very homey environment with dim lighting, cozy tables, and a bar. From some seats inside, you’ll be able to see into the kitchen as they prepare meals. 

Mucci’s serves Italian cuisine. The majority of the menu focuses on delicious pizza and pasta dishes.

I love ordering an appetizer before an entree to try more than one thing at a new restaurant. I started with their house meatballs, and then I went with their grilled ham and cheese pasta for my entree. Everything was fabulous. 

Waldmann Brewery

445 Smith Ave N, St Paul, MN 55102
Phone: 651-222-1857
Visit Website

You’ll find Waldmann Brewery within walking distance of High Bridge Park North. When you arrive at the brewery, it doesn’t look industrial-like like others. 

It looks like an old house with stonework on the front and yellow paneling on the sides. The inside resembles a home more than a brewery, but that’s what makes this place so charming. 

Waldmann Brewery serves the type of food you’d expect to see at a brewery. It’s a combination of American and German cuisine.

One of the best things to munch on while tasting their beer is their loaded pretzel. It’s a sizable German pretzel with cheeses, meats, and dipping sauces. Don’t forget to take a look at their beer list while you’re here. 

Young Joni

165 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413
Phone: 612-345-5719
Visit Website

Young Joni is an award-winning restaurant on 13th Avenue Northeast. From the outside, Young Joni doesn’t look like much.

When you walk inside, you feel like you’re in a speakeasy with vintage wallpaper, wood paneling, intimate lighting, and a small space. 

The food menu at Young Joni features a wide variety of options. There are many pizza recipes, salads, and other bar bites to choose from.

If you’re planning on heating here, I recommend trying their sweet and spicy pork spare ribs, the potato and leek pizza, and any of their fabulous cocktails.

Cafe Latte

850 Grand Ave, St Paul, MN 55105
Phone: 651-224-5687
Visit Website

In the Lexington-Hamline South neighborhood on Grand Avenue is Cafe Latte. The restaurant opened in 1984 and began as a small spot serving baked goods and food in a cafeteria-style setting.

The restaurant is modern while still resembling the cafeteria feel of helping yourself. It’s a very laid-back spot and perfect for lunch. 

Cafe Latte has everything from baked goods to salads to soups, to pizzas, and even wine. I love this eatery because you can get a little bit of everything you want. 

I tried their creamy butternut wild rice soup, the lemon broccoli crab salad, and shared a nacho chicken pizza with a friend. You can’t go wrong with these dishes or anything else on the menu. 

Matt’s Bar and Grill

3500 Cedar Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55407
Phone: 612-722-7072
Visit Website

Across the Mississippi River on Cedar Avenue is Matt’s Bar and Grill. This is a local landmark and has been beloved since opening in the 1950s.

It looks like your typical local dive bar, and it kind of is. It has delicious food, great drinks, and even better company. You’ll feel comfortable in this no-frills, cash-only restaurant. 

Matt’s is home to the original “Jucy Lucy” burger. If you’ve never had one and you like burgers, this is what you need to order. 

If the Jucy Lucy isn’t something you’re interested in, they have plenty of other burgers and a chicken sandwich to choose from. The Jucy Lucy is my favorite, though, because it’s loaded with cheese, onions, and pickles. 

Punch Pizza Grand Avenue

769 Grand Ave, St Paul, MN 55105
Phone: 651-602-6068
Visit Website

Punch Pizza is about one minute away from Julian H. Sleeper House. If you’re wondering where locals of St. Paul go for pizza any night of the week, this is it. 

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This is one of the most family-friendly restaurants in St. Paul and features counter-service pizzas in a warm and casual environment. The restaurant is very open, and you can see into the kitchen as you’re ordering. 

You’ll find a large pizza selection on the menu, as well as a handful of salads and appetizers. All their pies are made in a wood-fired oven, making them extra tasty.

They have all your favorite classic recipes like cheese, pepperoni, and veggie. One of their popular specialty recipes is the Milanese. It has peppers, ham, basil, and gorgonzola cheese. 

Saint Dinette

261 5th St E, St Paul, MN 55101
Phone: 651-800-1415
Visit Website

Saint Dinette is within walking distance of CHS field and is on 5th Street East. The restaurant’s interior features high ceilings, a large and open dining space, and minimal greenery throughout to add that touch of color. While it’s reasonably upscale, it still feels casual.

This restaurant serves an elevated take on traditional American dishes. There are a handful of French-inspired dishes on the menu as well. 

If you want an appetizer, you can’t go wrong with a meat and cheese plate and a glass of wine. As for entrees, the duck and classic cheeseburger are worth it. 

El Burrito Mercado

175 Cesar Chavez St, St Paul, MN 55107
Phone: 651-227-2192
Visit Website

You’ll find El Burrito Mercado on Cesar Chavez Street in the Westside. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see a bright yellow/orange building with blue accents.

In addition to being a fantastic Mexican restaurant, this is also a grocery store and market. You can order food cafeteria-style. 

El Burrito Mercado serves traditional Mexican cuisine, including tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and more. I love their platter options because they come with rice and beans. 

I went with the tamale platter with two pork tamales, and I have no regrets. No matter what you order, you have to get a side of the rice and beans. 

Shamrock’s Bar and Grill

995 7th St W, St Paul, MN 55102
Phone: 651-228-9925
Visit Website

Shamrock’s Bar and Grill is located on 7th Street West, only a few minutes from the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area.

This Irish pub and restaurant are in a stone building, and on the inside, it resembles a classic Irish pub. There are dark wood features, Irish music, and a great atmosphere. 

When you look at the menu at Shamrock’s, you’ll find classic bar food and a few Irish dishes.

You’ll find chicken tenders, dozens of burgers, soups, salads, sandwiches, and large entrees. If you want soup, their Irish stew is the way to go. 

I loved Guy’s Big Bite burger. It’s a burger stuffed with pepper jack cheese and topped with bacon, short rib, and more cheese. 

Handsome Hog

173 Western Ave N, St Paul, MN 55102
Phone: 651-219-4013
Visit Website

You’ll find Handsome Hog on Western Avenue near Boyd Park. Handsome Hog is a trendy restaurant with modern decor and a fantastic basement with furniture and a very laid-back bar. While the interior looks trendy and more upscale, this spot still has a relaxed atmosphere. 

Handsome Hog’s menu is pig-centric and offers plenty of southern comfort food. Some delicious options on their menu are the pimento cheese dip, snapper and grits, sausage gravy poutine, and the bourbon-aged ribeye. I highly recommend trying their double bone pork chop with a side of braised greens. 

The Lexington

1096 Grand Ave, St Paul, MN 55105
Phone: 651-289-4990
Visit Website

The Lexington is on Grand Avenue, about three minutes from Macalester College. If you’re looking for a restaurant in St. Paul to celebrate something or impress a date, this is the place to be. The restaurant feels like your typical steakhouse with dim lighting, chandeliers, and intimate tables. 

The menu at The Lexington features classic steakhouse items like steaks, seafood, salads, and more. I learned when dining here that this spot is famous for its chicken pot pie. 

If you want to try something different, the filet mignon with a side of truffle gouda gnocchi is divine. I recommend looking at their cocktail menu to find something to enjoy with your meal. 

ROK Eatery + Bar

882 7th St W Suite 12, St Paul, MN 55102
Phone: 651-528-7273
Visit Website

Just outside the Schmidt Artist Lofts on 7th Street West is ROK Eatery + Bar. The restaurant is modern and trendy.

It features white walls, light wood furniture, and several plants throughout the restaurant to add to the ambiance. The food looks elegant and upscale, but the restaurant is laid-back. 

ROK Eatery + Bar focuses on serving food with locally sourced ingredients to ensure the freshest possible meal.

The menu has dishes with pork belly, chicken skewers, and more. The menu changes often to accommodate seasonal ingredients. I loved their potato dumplings stuffed with goat cheese. 

Bullvino’s Churrascaria

289 5th St E, St Paul, MN 55101
Phone: 651-493-3397
Visit Website

Across the street from CHS Field is Bullvino’s Churrascaria. This Brazilian steakhouse is what some may call industrial-chic.

The restaurant’s decor is pretty casual, as is the atmosphere. Despite being a relaxed environment, the staff at this restaurant know how to make you feel like the most important person in the room. 

Bullvino’s Churrascaria has an extensive salad bar and varying meats they prepare on the grill. You’ll want to check out the salad bar to enjoy some light offerings in between sampling all the delicious meats here. 

The chicken legs, the lamb steak, and their homemade fried polenta are just some of the fantastic items on the menu.

Tongue in Cheek

989 Payne Ave, St Paul, MN 55130
Phone: 651-888-6148
Visit Website

Tongue in Cheek is on Payne Avenue in the Payne-Phalen neighborhood of St. Paul. The restaurant is in a brick building, but the first floor of the exterior features baby yellow and gray paint.

The inside is bright and has retro decor. My favorite part was the several unique mirrors hanging behind the bar. 

The cuisine at Tongue in Cheek is New American. They break their menu down by shareable plates, small bites, and larger entrees. 

In my opinion, the pork belly teaser is the best appetizer on the menu. As for their other dishes, the classic ramen, shrimp and grits, and bacon potato gnocchi are amazing.

Red Cow St. Paul

393 Selby Ave, St Paul, MN 55102
Phone: 651-789-0545
Visit Website

For those who can’t get the thought of a juicy hamburger out of their mind, Red Cow is where you should go.

You’ll find it on Selby Avenue near Nina’s Coffee Cafe. Red Cow is a laid-back establishment with two stories and outdoor seating. 

Red Cow is known for its burgers and sliders, but they have more on the menu too. They have salads, bowls, other sandwiches, desserts, and great drinks.

When I ate here, I knew I wanted to try one of their amazing burgers. I went with their patty melt and a side of their truffle fries. Those fries need to be on your list regardless of what you order.

Luci Ancora

2060 Randolph Ave, St Paul, MN 55105
Phone: 651-698-6889
Visit Website

Luci Ancora is outside of St. Catherine University on Randolph Avenue. This Italian restaurant has bright white walls, minimal decor, white tablecloths on the tables and is usually bustling.

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This is the kind of place you come for a meal that feels home-cooked when you don’t want to cook at home. 

The cuisine at Luci Ancora is authentic Italian with locally sourced ingredients. They also have a tasting menu you may want to look into. 

Their classic caesar salad was refreshing and a delicious way to wait for my entree. I ordered their seafood pasta that included lobster and scallops. 

The Best Steak House

860 University Ave W, St Paul, MN 55104
Phone: 651-228-0310
Visit Website

The Best Steak House is in between the East Midway and West Frogtown neighborhoods. The restaurant is in a bright red brick building and is pretty unassuming. 

The interior is old-school and looks more like a diner rather than a steakhouse, but don’t let that deter you. It’s been a local favorite since opening in 1986.  

The menu at The Best Steak House features steaks, chicken, pork, and other entrees that are served in large portions.

I asked the staff what a popular dish was here, and they said the t-bone steak and fried shrimp, so I ordered that. It also came with toast, a baked potato with butter, and a side salad. The best part was how affordable all this food was. 

Sakura Restaurant & Bar

350 St Peter St #195, St Paul, MN 55102
Phone: 651-224-0185
Visit Website

Sakura Restaurant and Bar is in downtown St. Paul near Rice Park. This is a stunning Japanese restaurant that has high ceilings, plants throughout the restaurants, and large windows that provide a lot of natural light. The atmosphere is relaxed yet refined. 

At Sakura, you can expect a wide variety of Japanese dishes. There are sushi rolls on the menu, bento boxes, rice and noodle dishes, and more. 

Edamame is a great appetizer. I love bento boxes because you get a sample of several things. Other entree options you should try are chicken katsu and beef teriyaki. 

The Gnome Craft Pub

498 Selby Ave, St Paul, MN 55102
Phone: 651-219-4233
Visit Website

You’ll find The Gnome Craft Pub on Selby Avenue near F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Birthplace. This restaurant is also a microbrewery.

You’ll notice everyone here is relaxed and looking to enjoy a great meal and beer. The interior is modern, and the natural light illuminates the space during the day.  

The Gnome Craft Pub features a selection of microbrews and a mixture of classic and New American dishes. 

People love their chicken wings, charcuterie boards, and their crusted beer can chicken. My favorite was their vegetable curry and their cheesy polenta side dish. Everything’s fantastic here, from the drinks to the food. 

Kincaid’s Fish, Chop & Steakhouse

380 St Peter St Suite 125, St Paul, MN 55102
Phone: 651-602-9000
Visit Website

Kincaid’s Fish, Chop, and Steakhouse is on St. Peter Street, across from Landmark Plaza. This is an upscale restaurant that has dark wood tones throughout the space. 

The bar area features brown marble tables and a bartop that are beautiful. The vibe is elegant, but not in a pretentious way. 

When you dine at Kincaid’s, you’ll find a menu filled with steak, seafood, and other entrees that are sure to satisfy you.

The New England clam chowder is rich and ideal for a starter on a cold day. Popular dishes are their prawn and scallop linguine, the herb-crusted prime rib, and the lobster mac and cheese. 

Herbie’s On The Park

317 Washington St, St Paul, MN 55102
Phone: 651-726-1700
Visit Website

Herbie’s On The Park is across the street from the Science Museum of Minnesota. This restaurant and bar are where people go to watch their favorite sports game or have a casual meal with friends. You can come as you are to this restaurant and be welcomed with open arms. 

Think elevated game-day eats when you think about what’s on the menu at Herbie’s. Things like chicken wings, flatbreads, burgers, and more fill the menu here. 

The chicken bacon swiss melt, Swedish meatballs, bacon, and blue cheese Brussel sprouts are some of my favorite things on their menu. 

La Grolla

452 Selby Ave, St Paul, MN 55102
Phone: 651-221-1061
Visit Website

Just a few feet away from The Gnome Craft Pub is La Grolla. This is a small eatery that has a classic ambiance. 

There are hardwood floors, minimal wall decor, and pleasant staff. The garden patio is my favorite part of this restaurant because it’s beautiful and great when it’s nice outside. 

La Grolla is a cozy Italian restaurant that serves all your favorite dishes. There are small plates, large pasta dishes, appetizers, and desserts here.

I highly recommend trying the penne alla vodka, lasagna della nonna, and the smoked salmon and brie sandwich.

Greek Kitchen

101 5th St E, St Paul, MN 55101
Phone: 651-528-6676
Visit Website

Greek Kitchen is on 5th Street East in downtown St. Paul. For Greek food, this is one of the best places in the city. 

The restaurant is casual, and you can pop in after exploring the city without feeling like you need to head to your hotel to change into something fancy. 

This restaurant has plenty of Greek meals on its menu and some American breakfast items. There are gyros, salads, side dishes, and boxed lunches that are a hit.

Their boxed lunches are my favorite because you get a gyro sandwich and your choice of rice, a salad, or French fries. 

Union Hmong Kitchen

520 N 4th St, Minneapolis, MN 55401
Phone: 612-259-8965
Visit Website

You’ll find Union Hmong Kitchen just north of downtown. It’s in the Graze Food Hall and is a restaurant that needs to be on your list of places to visit while in St. Paul.

Since it’s in the food hall, you’ll order your meal to take with you or sit down at one of the communal tables. 

Union Hmong Kitchen serves tasty Thai cuisine. There are snack-sized portions of things, noodles, and zoo siab meals, which I’m a big fan of. 

These meals include picking your main component and then a side dish, and it comes with sticky rice, veggies, and lettuce wraps. I loved the BBQ pork and potluck salad.

Pimento Jamaican Kitchen & Rum Bar

2524 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404
Phone: 612-345-5637
Visit Website

Pimento Jamaican Kitchen and Rum Bar are two minutes away from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. 

The restaurant is lively and colorful and has a counter for you to place your order at. The vibe is casual and friendly. If you’re unsure of what to order, the staff are more than happy to give you suggestions. 

Jamaican cuisine is the star at this restaurant, and if you want the full experience, you should order an entree.

All their entrees include coconut rice and beans, fried plantains, island slaw, and a sauce of your choice. I loved the slow-roasted jerk pork.


790 Grand Ave, St Paul, MN 55105
Phone: 651-478-1822
Visit Website

You’ll find Hyacinth on Grand Avenue next to Bruegger’s Bagels. This beautiful restaurant is small, intimate, and a great place to enjoy a meal. The atmosphere is cozy, and I love the royal blue accents throughout the space. 

Hyacinth serves a combination of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. I’m a huge fan of pasta dishes, so I was immediately drawn to that portion of the menu. 

I could eat their bucatini cacio e pepe every day. Other great options are their roasted risotto and squid ink pasta. 

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