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Minneapolis Indian Restaurants You Need to Try

Although many people know Minneapolis for its thriving arts scene and placement on the Mississippi River, you can find plenty of places to eat in the City of Lakes.

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Many restaurants offer local Midwest specialties, while others offer dishes with more international flair.

Minneapolis’ Indian cuisine has plenty of unique spices that give each restaurant’s dishes a bold flavor kick that you shouldn’t miss out on if you’re interested in trying something new.

Don’t know where to treat your friends to dinner? I compiled a list of the best Indian restaurants in Minneapolis that you should consider visiting during your stay in the city.

Darbar India Grill & Bar

1221 W Lake St #106, Minneapolis, MN 55408
Phone: 612-822-3300
Visit Website

First up on my list of the best Indian restaurants in Minneapolis is Darbar India Grill & Bar, nestled within Uptown Row.

This eatery serves traditional Indian fare in a stylish, contemporary space for locals and tourists alike. They also offer catering services for any special occasion.

After starting with their Lamb Samosa or Chicken Tikka, consider sampling their Darbari Shrimp, Onion Naan, Beef Biryani, or Shrimp Jalfrezi with a side of raita or mango chutney.

Their menu also offers a wide selection of vegetarian-friendly dishes. If you’re in the mood for an authentic Indian dessert, try their Gulab Jamun or Mango Ice Cream.

Gorkha Palace

23 4th St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55414
Phone: 612-886-3451
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The next place I recommend on my list of the best Indian restaurants in Minneapolis is Gorkha Palace, located in the heart of the Northeast District by the Mississippi River.

This casual restaurant uses fresh, organic ingredients from local farms when preparing traditional dishes for the hungriest crowds.

Their best dishes are Organic Chicken Tikka Masala, Goan Shrimp Curry, Aaloo Bhindi, and Navratan Korma.

I prefer ordering these dishes with a side of papadum or organic brown rice. Don’t forget to pair your meal with a Masala Chai Tea, Mango Lassi, or Yunan White Jasmine Tea to enhance its subtle flavors.

India Palace Uptown

2546 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55405
Phone: 612-377-5000
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You can find India Palace Uptown in the heart of the Calhoun Isles neighborhood, east of the Lake of the Isles.

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This casual restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere for unwinding after a long week of sightseeing or work. Their culinary team prepares classic Indian dishes for anyone looking for a quick bite.

Their menu offers plenty of vegetarian options for anyone looking for something healthier to eat. I recommend starting with their Cheese Pakora and sampling their Mushroom Palak, Chicken Kashmiri, Shrimp Karara Balti, or Scallop Masala.

If you can’t handle your meal’s spiciness, order a Strawberry Frappe, Mango Milkshake, or Iced Tea to wash it down.

Dancing Ganesha

1100 Harmon Pl, Minneapolis, MN 55403
Phone: 612-338-1877
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Located minutes from Orpheum Theatre, Dancing Ganesha is another dining destination you should consider visiting if you’re interested in contemporary Indian cuisine.

It has a bright atmosphere that resonates with several families stopping by for dinner or their lunch buffet.

During my last few visits to Minneapolis, I ordered their Shrimp Vindaloo, Boti Kebab, Vegetable Nilgiri, and Lamb Tikka Masala.

If you’re feeling extra hungry, start with their Bombay Calamari or Chili Chicken. My favorite cocktails are their Pomegranate Martini and Sex on Bollywood Beach.

If you’re in the mood for dessert, ask for their Chocomosa, a chocolate-filled samosa garnished with cinnamon and clove.

Gandhi Mahal Restaurant

3025 E Franklin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406
Phone: 612-729-5222

Gandhi Mahal Restaurant is a cozy Indian restaurant overlooking the Mississippi River. I consider it a great place to try sustainable, seasonal Indian cuisine after a long day at Riverside Park.

It has a homey ambiance. The space also has live music throughout the week to help guests immerse themselves while eating.

This restaurant serves a wide selection of lunch and dinner entrees in a bowl. Consider ordering their Chicken Coconut Curry, Chana Masala, Veggie Biryani, or Spicy Chicken Vindaloo with onion chutney on the side.

Don’t forget to try their Mango Lassi if you prefer drinking something sweet and cold.

Jewel Of India

1427 S Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55454
Phone: 612-339-0002
Visit Website

If you’re traversing through the Bohemian Flats neighborhood, one of the best Indian restaurants in Minneapolis you should consider booking your next reservation at is Jewel Of India.

It has a warm and intimate atmosphere for indulging in traditional Indian delicacies by a decorative fireplace.

Don’t miss out on their Fish Tikka Masala, Mutton Curry, Tandoori Shrimp, or Malai Kofta. They also have a wide selection of vegetarian dishes if you prefer a greener meal.

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I prefer ordering these dishes with a refreshing Mango Milkshake, Spiced Indian Tea, or Strawberry Lassi to give it a subtle flavor kick. After that, consider finishing with their Kulfi Ice Cream.

Namaste Cafe

2512 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55405
Phone: 612-827-2496
Visit Website

One of the best Indian restaurants in Minneapolis with a warm, homey vibe is Namaste Cafe, about three minutes southeast of the Purcell-Cutts House.

This restaurant, stationed inside a renovated Victorian house, has a homey atmosphere with a warm aesthetic.

They also have a patio and porch overlooking a garden and fountain that emphasizes the space’s tranquility.

Consider starting with their Fiery Shrimp or Chiya Chili Potatoes. Then, order their Chana Chatpat, Slow-Cooked Bone-In Goat Curry, Hot and Tangy Lamb, or Coconut Spinach as your main course.

Don’t forget to browse their extensive chai tea list. My favorites are their Caramel Sea Salt, Vanilla Nutmeg, and Dark Chocolate Spearmint options.

Aroma Indian Cuisine

517 W 98th St, Bloomington, MN 55420
Phone: 952-479-7154
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Nestled within Oxboro Center, about 12 miles south of central Minneapolis, Aroma Indian Cuisine is an Indian restaurant with a casual and vibrant atmosphere.

This eatery specializes in crafting Northern Indian, Southern Indian, and Indo-Chinese dishes with a modern twist, prepared with the freshest spices and ingredients.

I recommend starting with their Chicken Lollipop or Fish Pakora and trying their Egg Biryani, Butter Chicken, Egg Fried Rice, or Goat Rogan Josh with mint chutney on the side.

Their tastiest beverages are their Manngo Dostani and Vanilla Wave shakes. If you have room for dessert, ask your server for their Kulfi Shabnami or Rasagulla.

Himalayan Restaurant

2910 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55406
Phone: 612-332-0880
Visit Website

Last but not least on this list of the best Indian restaurants in Minneapolis is Himalayan Restaurant, located within the Longfellow neighborhood.

It has a laid-back setting and serves a wide selection of Indian, Tibetan, and Nepalese delicacies by the riverside. I love stopping here for their daily lunch buffet.

Don’t miss out on their Chicken Tandoori, Shrimp Fried Rice, Bheda Ko Masu, or Chana Masala when stopping by for dinner.

They taste great with Aaloo-Achaar, brown rice, or plain yogurt on the side. Pair your meal with Himalaya Coffee to enhance it with the perfect blend of milk and Himalayan spices.

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