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Grand Rapids Brunch Guide: Where to Go This Weekend

Our favorite spots around the city to grab eggs benedict, mimosas, and more.

There’s nothing we love as humans more than a great spot for brunch. With all of the beautiful buildings that Grand Rapids offers, and the entertainment options (be sure to plan your trip around ArtFest!), you know that the city provides many quality brunch restaurants.

eggs benedict at grand rapids brunch spot

Whether you are looking for a good morning mimosa or the perfect eggs benedict, you will be guaranteed to find the ideal destination during your time in Beer City.

Known for many things, including furniture and the beautiful river that winds through it, the city of Grand Rapids has a lot going on for locals and tourists alike.

We have compiled the list below of the places for the best brunch in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for those looking for options. Continue reading to learn more!

Cherie Inn

969 Cherry St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506
Phone: 616-458-0588
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Do you want to be let in on a little secret? Cherie Inn is one of the best-hidden brunch spots in Grand Rapids.

Nestled within the business district, you’ll enjoy a peaceful experience while consuming the best European foods.

For those who are looking for eggs benedict, Cherie Inn has you covered with their version of this highly-rated menu option.

When you visit this brunch spot, you can also enjoy an authentic European breakfast. Consisting of two eggs, bacon, sausage, Verde sausage or ham, fruit, and toast, you will be completely full at the end of your meal. Full, but exceptionally satisfied.

Terra GR Restaurant

1429 Lake Dr. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506
Phone: 616-301-0998
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Terra brings wholesome and quality ingredients that are straight from local farms. The restaurant prides itself on being “born from the earth.”

You won’t find a more authentic recipe with more attention paid to preparing your meal than you will at Terra.

Besides that, the combinations of ingredients found in Terra’s menu are unrivaled. Their brunch menu boasts specialties like Shakshuka pizza, made with red pepper and tomato sauce and topped with a sunny egg, herbs, capers, and feta.

You can also get the fan-favorite Hair of the Dog Bowl, which includes biscuits and gravy as well as potatoes, jalapeno hot sauce, and eggs.

Anna’s House – East Beltline

2409 E Beltline Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546
Phone: 616-551-0434
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As part of a local Michigan chain, Anna’s House has a few different locations throughout the mitten state.

The Grand Rapids location is right off the popular and prominent Beltline Avenue, near M-37. Adults and kids love this restaurant for the various food options and fun kid’s menu.

There are many gems on the Anna’s House brunch menu. Not only can you get freshly squeezed juices, but their cinnamon rolls are the absolute best.

Another menu option that is frequently overlooked but shouldn’t be is the breakfast burrito. Adding a side of avocado guacamole will kick this hearty option up a notch and fill you up for the rest of the day.

Real Food Cafe

Multiple Locations
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In what is reminiscent of an old-fashioned diner, Real Food Cafe serves up all your favorite breakfast, brunch, and lunch menu options.

What guests love most is how extensive the menu is and how you can not only find the best breakfast foods, but you can also join for lunch and leave just as satisfied.

Another perk of Real Food Cafe is that you can find something on the menu for any hunger level. If you meet up with a friend for a visit, you can find plenty of snack-type options.

You are set there, too, if you are coming in for breakfast and are completely famished. Both the cinnamon roll pancakes and the lumberjack meal are huge hits within my social circle, and I’m sure they will be for yours too!

San Chez A Tapas Bistro

38 Fulton St W, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone: 616-774-8272
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When coming across San Chez’s name, you wouldn’t immediately think that brunch is included in their menu options.

However, the restaurant is one of the top choices in Grand Rapids for a mid-day meal. Located on West Fulton, you can find it within walking distance of the Grand Rapids Museum of Fine Art. Make a day of it by enjoying brunch and following it up with a museum visit!

When sitting down at San Chez, don’t hesitate to order their infamous breakfast hash, which includes asparagus and poblano peppers.

You can also add on the pepper steak for more protein and flavor. Take it from me; you will never complain about a lack of flavor at San Chez!

Wolfgang’s Restaurant

1530 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506
Phone: 616-454-5776
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Don’t be surprised if you find a line outside Wolfgang’s restaurant on a warm summer morning. Locals will wait for the one-of-a-kind brunch offerings that the eatery provides, and you should too!

Located on Wealthy Street in Eastown, it’s just down the street from Terra’s and close to many fun attractions – like Sticky Fingers Candy Shop!

If you are struggling to figure out which items to order on the menu, you can’t go wrong with Mo’s Sandwich or the Scram D’Ham.

Both are filling and tasteful with unique attributes. Mo’s Sandwich includes an over-hard egg and swiss cheese, in a twist from the ordinary breakfast sandwich.

Graydon’s Crossing

1223 Plainfield Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505
Phone: 616-726-8260
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As another surprise to the brunch world, Graydon’s Crossing, which typically operates as a pub, is also one of the city’s best options for brunch.

With its location in Creston Heights and near the river, Graydon’s Crossing’s exterior is painted in bright, graffiti-style artwork.

Inside, you can find up to 46 different beers on tap and plenty of English fares to eat. If you’re looking to try something new, don’t hesitate to order the Duck Flatbread.

I pushed the idea aside for far too long and shouldn’t have. Don’t make the same mistake that I did! Check out the Copyright Sandwich with rosemary potatoes, gouda, and chipotle aioli if that’s not up your alley.


1747 Plainfield Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505
Phone: 616-591-3149
Visit Website

Located not far from Graydon’s Crossing is Lucy’s. Offering a different style than its neighbor, Lucy’s is a quiet, down-to-earth eatery that gives you the feeling of home.

While their menu changes from time to time, all options are comfort food worthy. Another perk is the ability to order your brunch online.

I recently had the Strawberry Shortcake Flapjacks, and it was just like eating dessert! The pancakes were so thick and soft, with the perfect amount of fruit topping.

I also love to order the Cornbread Skillet to start my meal off on the right foot. You can’t go wrong with homemade cornbread!

That Early Bird

1445 Lake Dr. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506
Phone: 616-258-8350
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Have you ever tried breakfast nachos? Come on by That Early Bird, and you can pick just that from their unique brunch menu.

Located in the same neighborhood as Terra and Wolfgang’s, you’ll enjoy popular options like the Smoked Salmon Breakfast Sandwich, the aforementioned Breakfast Nachos Divorciados (with salsa, sunny eggs, protein of your choice, slaw, and queso), and overnight oats with horchata.

Early Bird has been in the neighborhood since 2016 and focuses on Mexican-style entrees with a wholesome foundation.

A place to come around for a cup of coffee and socialization, you’ll often find locals who find their way to Early Bird daily for the food and camaraderie.

The Winchester

648 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone: 616-451-4969
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Many come to “Grand Rapids Favorite American Pub” for dinner and drinks on the weekends or after a long workday.

But a visit should also take place during the brunch period, where The Winchester brings out all the stops to serve the best menu items for their guests.

While the brunch offerings aren’t extensive, they are high-quality and crave-able. I recommend to everyone that they try the Brekky Club on their first visit.

As a traditional club sandwich, The Winchester gives it a breakfast edge with the addition of an egg. Another top candidate is the pulled pork hash with a side of home fries.

Final Thoughts

Grand Rapids is known for many things, one of them being its top-notch establishments for brunch. You are only minutes away from high-quality brunch options, no matter where you find yourself in River City.

Is brunch not your thing? Grand Rapids has no shortage of eateries. Whether it’s Mexican, pizza, steak, or a really great cup of coffee, there are places that will meet your needs.

Did we miss a spot for the best brunch in Grand Rapids, Michigan? If so, leave us a comment so we can check it out!

Best Brunch in Grand Rapids

  1. Cherie Inn
  2. Terra GR Restaurant
  3. Anna’s House – East Beltline
  4. Real Food Cafe
  5. San Chez A Tapas Bistro
  6. Wolfgang’s Restaurant
  7. Graydon’s Crossing
  8. Lucy’s
  9. That Early Bird
  10. The Winchester
  11. Butcher’s Union

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