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19 Classic Mezcal Cocktails Worth Ordering 

Learn about the different types of Mezcal cocktails out there for you to make or try!

Smoky mezcal has taken the cocktail world by storm. However, this liquor traces its heritage to ancient origins.

Alcoholic cocktail with orange and mint

Traditional mezcal making involves only agave cactus leaves and water, dried by the sun and pulverized.

Experiment with mezcal by replacing tequila with this trendy liquor in your favorite fruity cocktails. Margaritas and palomas taste delicious when mixed with mezcal.

Or use your favorite mezcal to add a new twist on dark, moody mixed drinks like an Old-Fashioned.

This liquor imparts a strong, smoky flavor, so use it wisely. Use these 19 best mezcal cocktails as a guide to exploring this dynamic tequila relative.

Final Thoughts

Mezcal cocktails provide the best way to add an earthy background to many of your favorite fruity tequila cocktails.

Add mezcal to a classic negroni, or whip up something elaborate with a Cheermeister Punch. Mezcal adds a delicious flavor to serious and whimsical cocktails alike.

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