16 Best Sushi Spots in Las Vegas

delicious sushi rolls served on a plate at a restaurant in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, a city that thrives on the bold and the extravagant, rolls out the red carpet for sushi enthusiasts with the same fervor. The top sushi establishments in the city are culinary sanctuaries, where the artistry of Japanese cuisine merges harmoniously with the indulgent spirit of Sin City. In the neon glow, master sushi chefs, akin to the high rollers of the culinary world, work their magic with the freshest fish flown in from the world’s finest markets. From intimate spots where the sushi bar is a stage for artistry, to opulent eateries with rolls as daring as the city’s own bets, Vegas offers a sushi experience that’s both authentic and audacious. Get ready for a journey through an ocean of flavors where each bite is a gamble that always pays off.

1. Nobu

Multiple locations
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Nobu Las Vegas
Source: Instagram

Nobu is one of the best-regarded sushi restaurant chains in the world. A classy and glamorous experience awaits you at either Las Vegas destination (one at Caesars Palace and the other at the Virgin Hotel). The star here is the upclass sushi from the mind of master chef Nobu Matsuhisa. The toro tartare with caviar is a wonderful cold starter. Fatty, thick toro comes with a side of the best caviar available. I also enjoy the tenderloin miso ponzu. Steak is marinated in a wonderful blend of miso and ponzu then griddled to perfection. You have to try it!

2. Kabuto Edomae Sushi

5040 W Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89146
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Kabuto Edomae Sushi Las Vegas
Source: Instagram

Kabuto Edomae Sushi, located on West Spring Mountain Road, is slightly off the Strip, but the trip is worth it. Traditional preparations of sushi are served in a sleek and modern dining room. It’s a terrific atmosphere. Many of the fish and sake are imported directly from Japan, so it is an incredibly authentic experience. With that in mind, I recommend that you get one of the omakase meals. There are two options, each with multiple courses that progress you through the best of Japanese cuisine. Pair with sake for an experience that you’ll never forget.

3. Mizumi

3131 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109
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Mizumi Las Vegas
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Mizumi brings traditional Japanese elegance to the bustling metropolis of Las Vegas. Located at the Wynn, chef Min Kim prepares classic and contemporary sushi in a dining room that overlooks private gardens. It’s a scene that you won’t find anywhere else in Las Vegas. Business casual attire is required. All of the sashimi at Mizumi is excellent, but absolutely try out the seared Hokkaido scallops. Seared on the outside but tender in the middle, this comes with a yuzu honey dressing, cucumber, and manganji pepper. I also recommend the snow crab and cucumber salad. It’s incredibly light, refreshing, and delicious.

4. Soho Japanese Restaurant

7377 S Jones Blvd Ste 116, Las Vegas, NV 89139
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Soho Japanese Restaurant Las Vegas
Source: Instagram

Soho Japanese Restaurant is a contemporary Japanese kitchen located minutes off the Strip. Soho brings high-end sushi and Asian fusion cuisine that you might find in the expensive hotels to a much more neighborhood and comfortable level. The bluefin tuna otoro and foie gras is a must-try. The tuna is fatty and perfect, as is the foie gras. You might think it’s a little too rich, but the preparation and serving keep it just right. The cured Atlantic salmon with a poached quail egg and salmon roe is a wonderful twist on a classic and a fusion of several cuisines.

5. Morimoto

3799 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
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Morimoto Las Vegas
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Masaharu Morimoto is one of the most famous chefs in the world for any cuisine. For decades, he has been praised as a visionary in Japanese cuisine, and this restaurant at the MGM Grand is your opportunity to see his vision in a very swanky space. The Wagyu beef carpaccio is a raw preparation of the finest beef and served with yuzu soy, ginger, and sweet garlic. If raw beef isn’t quite your thing, try the sticky ribs. These are fried to crisp perfection before being coated in a tamarind glaze. They’re one of Morimoto’s best-known dishes in all his restaurants.

6. Sen of Japan

8480 W Desert Inn Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89117
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Sen of Japan Las Vegas
Source: Instagram

Sen of Japan is a casual sushi spot located at the Desert Inn. Don’t let the locale fool you, though. Sen serves up fresh sushi made by chef Nakano Hiromi, who branched out on his own after a time as head chef elsewhere in Las Vegas. The omakase menu is a special way to enjoy the best of Sen’s menu in either a six- or seven-course meal. Aside from that, try some of Sen’s special maki rolls. I like the more straightforward options like the spicy tuna and tuna roll. It has great flavors and a spectacular texture. Bon appetit!

7. Yui Edomae Sushi

3460 Arville St HS, Las Vegas, NV 89102
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Yui Edomae Sushi Las Vegas
Source: Instagram

Located on Arville Street, just a few blocks from The Rio is Yui Edomae Sushi. Yui Edomae focuses on high-end and sophisticated dishes steeped in Japanese tradition. The dining room is very basic and straightforward, allowing you to focus on the amazing umami flavors. Yui Edomae’s menu is made up of different kinds of omakase meals. All levels come with eight courses of different appetizers, soup, handrolls, and desserts. All are excellent, but for a treat, get the premium option which comes with wine and sake pairings. It’s some of the best sushi Las Vegas has to offer.

8. Sushisamba Las Vegas

3327 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
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Sushisamba Las Vegas Las Vegas
Source: Instagram

Sushisamba sits in the shopping complex of The Venetian hotel and is unique to others on this list. The reason for that is that, yes, they serve sushi, but the menu blends Japanese, Brazilian, and Peruvian flavors and ingredients that you won’t find anywhere else in the city. Check out the crispy taquitos. You won’t generally find those in sushi shops, but you will discover shared ingredients like yuzu, miso, and Wagyu beef. It’s an exciting mashup of cultures! Also, try any of the Samba rolls. They are traditional sushi handrolls with flavors that are anything but traditional.

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9. Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant & Lounge by Akira Back

Bellagio Hotel & Casino, 3600 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
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Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant & Lounge by Akira Back Las Vegas
Source: Instagram

Another great Las Vegas sushi option is Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant & Lounge at the Bellagio. Helmed by Michelin Star-winning chef Akira Beck, Yellowtail brings Korean flavors into traditional and modern Japanese dishes. Business casual attire is required, but that’s no problem when the dining room overlooks the Bellagio’s famous fountains. Tempura lobster is a fantastic warm appetizer for your table. Tempura frying leaves the lobster light and crunch. The serrano chili and sweet ponzu dipping sauce expertly bring out the sweet umami of the lobster. Follow that with a generously-sized yellowtail scallion roll with hamachi, and you’re guaranteed a great meal.

10. Kaiseki Yuzu

3900 Spring Mountain Rd #A5, Las Vegas, NV 89102
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Kaiseki Yuzu Las Vegas
Source: Instagram

Kaiseki is a traditional Japanese multi-course dinner, and one of the finest examples in Las Vegas is at Kaiseki Yuzu. Chef Azeuchi trained in kaiseki cuisine for 16 years and has even served the Japanese Crown Prince! Reservations are required several days in advance, so make sure you check ahead. The extra effort is well worth it, though. Kaiseki Yuzu’s menu changes seasonally, so you’re getting the freshest protein and vegetables to match the season. Each meal will have raw and cooked options, and all are expertly prepared and served. A sake pairing is also available to complete the experience.

11. Zuma Las Vegas

Level 3, Boulevard Tower 3708, S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
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Zuma Las Vegas
Source: Instagram

The Cosmopolitan is one of Las Vegas’ most trendy and sophisticated hotels, so it’s only fitting that they have one of the city’s most sophisticated restaurants as well. Zuma offers an upscale dining room but a more casual dining experience. So you can enjoy the sights and the flavors in a terrific setting. Zuma specializes in izakaya dining, which means plates are meant to be shared. Sushi and sashimi here are tasty, but I also recommend the black cod for a shared entree. This fish is marinated in miso and wrapped in a hoba leaf to impart taste and moisture.

12. Sushi Roku Las Vegas

3500 S Las Vegas Blvd Ste T-18, Las Vegas, NV 89109
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Sushi Roku Las Vegas
Source: Instagram

Sushi Roku Las Vegas offers excellent views of the Strip from its dining room in the shopping center at Caesars Palace. Sushi Roku’s menu trends are more contemporary, with Latin American and European flavors joining the usual Japanese fare. The sushi plate is an excellent starting point for newcomers. It comes with five different types of sushi plus a handroll. Add on other sushi and sashimi a la carte from there to complete your sampler! The brussels sprout chips are made with truffle oil. They’re a great starter and bring a lot of complex flavors a normal chip can’t provide.

13. KUMI Japanese Restaurant + Bar

3950 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119
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KUMI Japanese Restaurant + Bar Las Vegas
Source: Instagram

Our next stop is at the Mandalay Bay, where we’ll visit KUMI. KUMI has a menu of modern Japanese dishes with Korean influences. The dining room is high-end and beautiful, with a unique cherry blossom motif. Shared plates are the main attraction at KUMI, but the nigiri, sashimi, and sushi handrolls are also must-trys. I love to get the Anago, a salt-water eel, and pair it with the Tamago, a traditional sushi egg omelet. If you’re in the mood for an entree, the miso-glazed black cod is full of umami flavor and comes with delicious pickled sprouts.

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14. Sushi Kame

3616 W Spring Mountain Rd Ste 103, Las Vegas, NV 89102
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Sushi Kame Las Vegas
Source: Instagram

Sushi Kame is located just steps from the Strip across from Treasure Island, but the elegant, contemporary dining room feels like you’re in one of the classy hotels up the street. The focus here is omakase dining, so a chef-curated tasting menu of some of the best sushi and Japanese flavors around. The menu at Kame is special because it’s entirely around you. Upon seating, you’ll discuss your individual tastes and mood, and the chef crafts the meal to your preferences. The ingredients are all fresh, and the preparations are all excellent. The personalization of the meal makes Kame an amazing experience.

15. Sakana Sushi

3949 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Sakana Sushi Las Vegas
Source: Instagram

Sakana is located in the Maryland Crossing shopping center. It may have humble surroundings, but entering Sakana feels like you’re entering a local sushi spot in Japan. The menu has both classic Japanese cuisine as well as some modern takes on sushi and entrees. Sakana offers one of the best sushi buffet options in Las Vegas. You can pay a single fee for either lunch or dinner and then stuff yourself with everything available from fresh appetizers, nigiri, hand rolls, soup, and salad. It’s a great way to try a little bit of everything at Sakana without overcommitting to anything.

16. Sushi Hiroyoshi

5900 W Charleston Blvd #10, Las Vegas, NV 89146
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Sushi Hiroyoshi Las Vegas
Source: Instagram

Our final destination is in the Charleston area at Sushi Hiroyoshi. In contrast to many of Las Vegas’ sushi places, Sushi Hiroyoshi is a laid-back, casual eatery where you can see the chefs preparing your sushi right in front of you. It’s a great, no-frills kind of place. The chefs at Sushi Hiroyoshi are world-class, so do yourself a favor and start with some regular sushi and sashimi. Of course, selection depends on what’s fresh and available, but everything is perfectly cut, portioned, and seasoned. It’s simple and delicious, so the best of what Japanese cuisine has to offer.

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