Top 8 Kitchen Knife Forums To Check Out

Ask for advice or learn more about knives on these knife forums.

Knives are a crucial tool in any kitchen, whether you own a restaurant or cook at home for the family. Knives meant especially for slicing, paring, or dicing food should be made of well-built material and be easy to clean and sharpen. However, finding the best ones for you can be difficult.

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Thankfully, there are a lot of online kitchen knife forums that can help you do just that and more.

Kitchen knife supporters, makers, and users have carved out internet communities dedicated to discussing everything about kitchen knives as well as selling and trading them.

Regardless of the type of kitchen knife you need, from paring knives to bread knives to steak knives, one of the forums on this list can help you find it and any other information you might need.

Kitchen Knife Forums 

Check out my list of the eight best kitchen knife forums on the internet right now.


Reddit is one of the most popular discussion websites in the world.

For kitchen knife users and fans, Reddit has multiple forums discussing the best kind of knives, how to take care of your knives, and where to buy quality kitchen knives. The kitchen knife club is one of those forums. 

The kitchen knife club is a Reddit community for people who love kitchen knives. Their forum is a place for users to discuss, ask questions, and learn about kitchen knives.

The kitchen knife club members also trade knife sharpening tips and show off their handmade kitchen knives.

Blade Forum 

Blade Forum is an internet discussion site that caters to blade enthusiasts and their various interests.

While Blade Forum also holds spaces for the axe, tomahawk, hatchet, and other types of blade enthusiasts, the website is predominantly known for its knife and blade discussions. 

Some of the threads on Blade Forum about knives include dialogues about knife safety, knife laws, kitchen cutlery and tools, and reviews of knives from users who have tested them.

If you’re looking for a place to share your kitchen knife review or find a new one to use, this is it. 

I recommend Blade Forum for knife embellishment ideas. 

Knife Dogs

Knife Dogs is an online community devoted to all things knives.

The forum includes threads about taking care of your kitchen knives but also includes knife sales, trades, and services, a knife picture gallery with an introduction to photography, and knife-making tips and tricks. 

I love how friendly and easy to use Knife Dogs is, and I suggest it to anyone who is a kitchen knife enthusiast, from beginners to experts.

The community on Knife dogs is welcoming, and it was easy to find threads about kitchen knives and maintenance. Notably, kitchen Corner is a thread where users share and discuss kitchen cutlery.

Kitchen Knife Forums

Kitchen Knife Forums, aka the sharpest place on earth, is a longstanding web forum for kitchen knife users and admirers.

The forum has some really large threads, but don’t let that fool you. The users on Kitchen Knife Forums are happy to help and accept anyone, from a newbie to an expert. 

I like Kitchen Knife Forums because of how simple it is to use, even though the site itself hosts over 25 topics and hundreds of thousands of members.

Threads on the site include kitchen knife knowledge, a thread for sharpening tips and tricks, and historical knives that users have found. 

Chinese Knives Forum

The Chinese Knives Forum is an internet association for users who appreciate knives from China.

While the forum may be smaller than others, its users are passionate about their knives, and each post has over 300 views, some up to 10,000. Some of the users on the site have been collecting Chinese knives for decades.  

The discussions I participated in about using fixed blade Chinese knives in the kitchen were very in-depth.

I like how straightforward the Chinese Knives Forum is, and the well-organized threads make finding what you’re looking for simple. The forum also has a buyers directory for users looking to purchase. 

The Knife Network

The Knife Network is a popular web forum for knife lovers and experts. It’s a huge site and can feel a little overwhelming at first.

The Knife Network has over 44,000 members and almost 60,000 threads, but don’t let that discourage you from checking it out. The community has everything from classifieds to knife makers forums and is accepting of beginners and adepts. 

When I made my own kitchen knives, The Knife Network was the site where I found the best information.

Expert knife makers with decades of experience regularly answer questions and hold events about knife-making and maintenance. 

EDC Forum

EDC (Everyday Carry) Forum is an online community of people who are dedicated to everyday preparedness.

While the forum covers a broad spectrum of items like first aid kits, handguns, and notebooks, one of the biggest threads on the site is committed to knives and knife safety. 

I found a surprising amount of discussions about kitchen knives on the EDC Forum.

From recommendations about which kitchen knives cut fish best to which kitchen knives are safest to take camping, the website includes a group of informative and curious kitchen knife lovers.

The website is perfect for beginners because it’s so effortless to use.

The Kitchen Knife Fora

The Kitchen Knife Fora is an online discussion group centered around kitchen knives.

The forum examines common topics like sharpening and kitchen knife gear, and it has space for vendors and tradesmen to exchange and buy knives from qualified knifemakers.

Several high-quality kitchen knifemakers participate in conversations in the vendor forums especially. 

In my opinion, the Kitchen Knife Fora is the best small forum out there for kitchen knife enthusiasts, makers and buyers.

Even though the web page only has 1,300 members so far, there are over 5,000 ongoing conversations on the site, and more are beginning every day.

Kitchen Knife Forums 

  1. Reddit
  2. Blade Forum 
  3. Knife Dogs
  4. Kitchen Knife Forum
  5. Chinese Knives Forum
  6. The Knife Network
  7. EDC Forum
  8. The Kitchen Knife Fora

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a restauranteur, a new cook, or just a lover of all things kitchen knives, after checking out some of the forums on this list, you’ll find like-minded people and be able to learn from some of the best in the business, all in one accessible place.

Any of these online communities will accept you as a beginner or a specialist. Don’t be afraid to jump into the discussion, and you might be surprised by what you learn. Kitchen knives are a crucial part of any kitchen, and whether you’re finding, fixing, or flaunting yours, there’s a place for you.

Have we missed out on any notable kitchen knife forums? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll make sure to check them out!

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